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What should a good SEO strategy look like?

What should a good SEO strategy look like?

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When talking about a good SEO strategy, it is necessary to give a definition of the term "Search Engine Optimization", which can be defined as the combination of different techniques that seek to index quickly and efficiently, when a query for a particular phrase is made in a certain search engine, the site will appear on the first page of search results.

When applying this series of techniques, it is necessary to understand the architecture or design of the web page, coding, and keywords suitable for the content of the page, these measures only have an impact on organic results, Google has a search engine bidding system by paying a fee to display ads when users search, SEO strategies only apply to get free organic search traffic.

There are endless techniques that can help you improve your website's ranking position, but it doesn't guarantee that your website will appear in the top position overnight, you have to be patient. 


So what should a long-term effective SEO strategy look like?

  1. Optimizing for Mobile Search: In 2019, most internet users search via mobile phones or smart devices, Google conducted several surveys, focused on consumer needs, and realized that 70% of its traffic comes from mobile phones, which is why It is necessary to optimize your web pages to make the site mobile friendly.
  2. Quality content: Quality content is the foundation of website optimization, and it is one of the valuable clues that Google gives a website more weight. Please remember that Google analyzes more than a hundred clues when providing location or relevance for a page. You must Make sure the content is really good.
  3. Use optimized keywords: Search engines analyze keywords in depth because search crawlers can use keywords to understand what a page is about and who your service or information is aimed at, also remember that overusing these keywords will See as cheating and will result in a negative impact on your site’s ranking or ranking, focus on long tail keywords so that Google will give you more relevance as they will see your site focus on a niche or a specific topic.
  4. Social network: When you want to optimize your page, social media plays a very important role, most people have profiles or accounts on different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, that exist in social networks, and you'll attract a larger audience.
  5. Create high-quality links: Incoming links have always played an important role in website ranking factors, and if you’ve been in SEO for years, you should know that the more links linking to your site, the more relevant or authoritative a page will be, but it depends on the quality and relevance of the link, a technique known as "link building".
  6. Meta tags: Meta tags are tags that search engines use as a reference when analyzing web pages, such as your title must contain keywords because it is automatically considered a meta tag, must be less than 58 characters, and a meta description, not Should be longer than 114 characters, usually when you make a query, search engines display the page title followed by a short description.


There are a lot of SEO strategies you can apply to your website, and while we've mentioned some of them, it doesn't mean that these are the ultimate value factors that Google currently uses.

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