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5 Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

5 Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

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Want to improve Google rankings? 5 Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

Every marketer wants to increase the visibility of their website, and for this, marketers look for shortcuts,

But SEO is a long-term process, how to improve the visibility of Google search rankings without violating the algorithm?


How long does it take to improve Google rankings?

If you want a ranking, then it depends on your own ability to optimize, SEO rankings do not come out of nowhere, every change SEO makes to a website can affect search results ranking, including skills, budget, competition level, and competitors of the website, etc.;

How long does it take to rank on Google?

In an interesting study conducted by Ahref, Google's ranking time depends on the following factors;

On average, most of the top 10 sites in search results are older than 2 years;

Only 22% of the top 10 pages in most search results are less than 1 year old;

Among all pages, the probability of a domain name within 1 year appearing in keyword search results is 6%;

How to Improve your Website ranking in Google?

It takes a lot of effort, skill, and luck to get to the top of the search results in less than 1 year, if you want to increase your website's sales and conversions on the first page of Google, you should Take these five steps:

1. Start with a sound foundation

Website structure and information architecture can affect an SEO activity, no matter what type of website it is, it should not prevent search crawlers from crawling (important pages), otherwise, the indexing and ranking of the website will be seriously affected. Responsive design is one of the ways to maintain the usability of the website. shortcut.

Fix Duplicate Content: The issue of duplicate content is directly related to technical issues, most common mistakes are multiple versions of the same page, Google understands that these multiple versions of the same site are different, but similar in content, and can seriously hinder rankings due to duplicate content.

2. Mobile optimization

This is the age of mobile-first indexing, and Google places great emphasis on sites that pass mobile-friendly tests, and to ensure a site’s ranking doesn’t drop, webmasters should make sure their site works well on mobile.

Tasks: It’s important to remember what users want to do on your site, the site should be made in a way that allows users to successfully complete tasks when multitasking, keep in mind the first three to five goals of the site, make sure they can Effortlessly be done by mobile sites.

Performance: What if it is difficult for visitors to access the services and products you offer on your website, or if the images used in your website make your website load slower? Google uses page speed as a mobile search ranking factor, and load time is a major factor in mobile rankings, so this factor should be given strong attention.

3. Optimize the speed

Whether it’s a desktop or mobile site, it’s imperative to monitor speed and stay mobile-first, always use the Google Page Speed ​​tool to ensure the best performance of your site. You can continue the optimization process by:

Image file size: Make sure to use editing tools in the images you choose before loading them on your website, image compression and optimization are very important in terms of website load time, make sure to confirm that the images you choose should fit in the reserved image space to be visible on your website for a clear and structured look.

Browser caching: When each page loads in a web browser, multiple resources are loaded, and the browser captures these resources and stores these resource files locally on the user's computer. This way, when the user navigates to a new page, the resource doesn't load again, the best way to use browser caching is to simply add to your web host/server .htaccess file, in the case of WordPress, you can use these plugins.

Script handling: If you're thinking of loading countless JS and CSS files to enhance your site, make sure you have extra enhancements as they may end up slowing down your site, you can also reduce files by removing comments to make Other things work fast if you can combine multiple scripts into one file then go ahead so your server will retrieve calls to the server to load all the scripts.

4. Handling Links

Internal and external links have a great impact on website ranking, and link processing includes the following aspects:

Fix broken links: There are many website owners in the habit of ignoring broken links, these broken links can significantly disrupt the user experience on the site, consider using a tool like the W3C Link Checker to run on your site Crawlers to easily find errors like 404.

5. On-page optimization

If you continue to use the Google Guide for SEO of your website, you can benefit from gaining knowledge about the best practices for promoting online content through Google. Doing the basics mentioned in the guide can make your website stand out among your competitors. Stand firm in the middle.

Some of these best practices:

  • Inform Google about the content of the page: Use structured data to inform Google about the subject of the page, use a schema format as it is considered ideal by Google, which contains recipes, businesses, products, authors, and more.
  • Make sure to create a unique and descriptive title: Make sure to create a title that is natural and descriptive compared to the set of keywords used, giving each page a unique title.
  • Create clickable descriptions: Descriptions may not have a direct impact on site rankings, but they can have a big impact on CTR and help drive traffic.

Conclusion: Tips to Improve Your Website Ranking

Always remember that Google can easily identify the techniques used to rank your site, and don't use cheating optimization techniques.


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