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Difference Between Roku and Boxee

Difference Between Roku and Boxee
Today we talk about the Difference Between Roku and Boxee


Roku vs Boxee

If you're looking for a web-enabled media streaming device to add to your home theater, you're likely to choose between 2 devices - Roku and Boxee. Both devices are used for streaming on TVs and share many common features. 

The Roku is the relatively cheap and simple device of the two, and the Boxee offers more advanced features. Let's see how these two devices differ.

With Boxee, personal media content can be streamed on your TV or home theater. We all have tons of photos, music, and home videos to stream right away on Boxee. 

On the Roku, on the other hand, this cannot be done. You need to use some hacking skills and use several third-party apps to do this. The remote on the Boxee comes with a keyboard, which is useful considering this is a streaming box.

Using a virtual keyboard to find individual letters on a device is too cumbersome, and this type of device requires a lot of typing, which is very difficult unless you use a keyboard. 

For example, if you're logging into a service or searching for your favorite movie on Netflix, you can't type a URL on a virtual keyboard without losing your hair! Boxee has a web browser that Roku doesn't have.

With Boxee, you can bookmark web videos to watch later, which is available under the "Watch Later" tab on your browser. Boxee also comes with an iPad app, which isn't available if you're using a Roku. 

If you're using an Apple device, you might enjoy using AirPlay to stream video from your device to your streaming box. Boxee makes this easy. This feature is not depicted on the Roku model. Boxee has one more major feature, but Roku has it.

Roku comes with a remote that also has a built-in gyroscopic accelerometer that you can use for gaming. Additionally, Roku offers games like Angry Birds. Killing a piggy on a big-screen HDTV is actually pretty fun. 

To get the most out of this remote, Roku plans to bring more games to the platform. When you're comparing Roku and Boxee, it's best to remember that setting up a Roku is easier than setting up a Boxee. 

Also, the Roku is almost half the price of the Boxee. So if you're not a tech-savvy power user, Roku might be just what you're looking for!

Key differences between Roku and Boxee:

  • Boxee lets you stream personal media content, but Roku doesn't.
  • The remote on the Boxee has a keyboard, but the Roku doesn't.
  • Boxee has a different web browser than Roku.
  • Roku doesn't allow bookmarking videos on the web for viewing, but Boxee does.
  • Boxee allows transferring video files from Apple devices to Boxee, but Roku does not.
  • Live TV can be watched on Boxee, not on Roku.

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