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Healthy Diet Food Business Plan for College Students

Healthy Diet Food Business Plan for College Students

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Today we are talking about Healthy Diet Food Business Plan for College Students. Time flies, time is slowly deducing, and we will usher in new joy and new harvest, please work hard together and write a plan. 

How should the plan be formulated? The following is the business plan of the diet plan carefully organized by the editor. 

You are welcome to learn from and refer to and hope to be helpful to you. So How do I start a healthy diet food business plan for college students? 


Healthy Diet Food Business Plan for College Students

Reason for starting the project: 

What has always been criticized in universities is the flood problem in the university cafeteria. The low quality of university food has become a recognized problem. 

It only meets the needs of the students, but the quality is far from meeting the requirements of the students. The dietary conditions of some universities are worrying, and there are even mass poisoning incidents in some university cafeterias.  

This plan is based on this point, in order to ensure the dietary safety of college students and improve the quality of college student's diets, the University Diet Alliance was established to provide college students with low-cost, safe, high-quality, and distinctive food, and at the same time to provide colleges and universities with a certain amount of food. Part-time work-study positions help poor students complete their studies better.  

Entrepreneurship settings:  

The University Catering Alliance is the headquarters. After the colleges and universities recruit college graduates through the assessment and sign a one-year work contract for training, they set up a college catering branch in the college where they are located.  

The University Diet Alliance has established vegetable planting bases, fruit planting bases, and livestock farms at appropriate locations in various places, and established distribution fleets to uniformly produce and distribute food materials such as vegetables and fruits for each university branch. 

And cooperate with agricultural research institutions to continuously improve the quality of raw materials and reduce costs through high technology.  

The headquarters of the University Catering Alliance has set up a management training department, and each college catering branch chooses to recruit senior non-postgraduate students as managers in their universities and sends them to the training department for training.  

The University Catering Alliance recruits chefs from chef training schools for proper training and then sends them to the catering divisions of colleges and universities to serve as chefs.  

The headquarters of the University Dietary Alliance will conduct random quality inspections in various colleges and universities to ensure the quality and quantity of services provided by the University Dietary Alliance.  

Startup details:  

  1. The scope of the University Diet Alliance is a special food, such as Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, etc., as well as local famous food, and conducts a survey on the source of students, and appropriately adjusts the combination of various cuisines and local famous food according to the geographical location of the university so that people from Students from different places can eat meals that suit their tastes.  
  2. The business philosophy of the University Diet Alliance is that everything is for college students to eat better.  
  3. The University Catering Alliance negotiates with colleges and universities on the condition of providing student aid positions and paying a certain canteen rent, paving the way for the development and growth of the University Catering Alliance. The food raw materials are produced and distributed uniformly by the University Catering Alliance to ensure the high quality and safety of food raw materials while reducing the cost of food raw materials.  
  4. The administrators recruited by the University Dietary Alliance are senior non-postgraduate students, so the college students who suffer from the low quality of the college diet supervise the work of the employees, and effectively ensure the safety and quality of the food provided by the University Dietary Alliance.  

Healthy Diet Food Business Plan    

1. Development prospects  

At present, e-commerce is developing rapidly. With the passage of time, the future of e-commerce will develop towards the situation of reorganization and integration and coordinated development online and offline. 

In all walks of life, the "monopoly" of e-commerce will be formed, and market segmentation in a small range will be more favorable. 

Faced with such a situation, we can develop a restaurant with an "online and offline" business model for college students' catering based on brick-and-mortar stores and assisted by network promotion. 

Compared with traditional catering, this increases the convenience of students' dining, saves time, and enables "catering integration". At the same time, it also increases the development of new marketing channels in the catering industry. 

College students are a group that advocates new types and uniqueness and is also a group with relatively scattered time. The development of the Internet, it can cater to their needs to a certain extent. It is undoubtedly a win-win for our store and target group.  

2. Introduction to the store 

The store is located in the center of the university gathering, and the main target customers are college students, teachers, and part-time workers. The operating area is about 80 square meters. It mainly provides lunch, dinner, and supper, as well as specialty cold drinks, and casual dining. 

For most students, mornings aren't "peak season" for dining, but lunch, dinner, and late-night snacks are the best choices. In addition to providing set menus, it also operates special stir-fries, dry pots, etc. 

The late-night snack, it can mainly focus on dry pots and skewered barbecues, and also provides drinks and so on. Instead of meals, they also provide a variety of cold drinks, such as juice, thin ice, ice porridge, shaved ice, iced bean soup, frozen coffee, fruit platters, etc. 

The decoration of this restaurant is natural, casual, and at the same time has a modern atmosphere. The walls are in light warm tones. The kitchen layout is reasonable and exquisite, and the lighting is good. The overall feel is between the nature of a home kitchen and a hotel kitchen.  

At the same time, develop its own catering website, which is classified into a stir-fry, dry pot, set meal, cold drink, preferential meal, branch campus, mood section, etc., while improving customer service, formulating preferential meal and delivery services. 

Independent modules are established with the campus as a unit, and forums or discussion areas and chat rooms are established by module partitioning with the dormitory unit as a unit. New information on dining is released in three time periods a day, and statistics on the mood section are made in a timely manner to improve services.  

3. Development strategy  

  1. Before the restaurant opens, it needs to be advertised, because the main customer group is students, and the speed and breadth of information transmission among students are very large, so there is no need to spend too much effort on publicity, just carry out leaflets Or simple advertisements in the form of multimedia (such as: audio) and so on.  
  2. In catering to students as the target group, quality and quantity are the keys to success in gaining customers. Therefore, in the business process, different practices can be adapted to make them taste different, in order to be different from competitors and to give customers more discounts to attract more customers. In addition, the restaurant also offers packages such as "couples" and "meetings with old friends", which will also become a major feature of the restaurant due to the lack of casual dining. At the same time, you can also set up a "mood wall" to encourage dining staff to write down their mood or suggestions for the store (this part of the content can be carried out online and offline at the same time).  
  3. Many students are accustomed to the three-point-one-line lifestyle. In many cases, in order to save time, they will choose the nearest dining place instead of going to a farther restaurant, so the geographical location choice will not be too far from the school gate. the distance. The restaurant will also launch a takeaway service at an appropriate time, and take corresponding measures according to different situations. For example: if there are more than three (including three) orders, they can be delivered to the door for free. If you order takeaway alone, you need to pay a certain delivery fee. This has another advantage. The fee will pull up the other two takeaways, which can also increase sales. This part can be done online to save time and money.  
  4. The restaurant uses stainless steel buffet plates, which are economical and environmentally friendly, and the waste cannot be dumped casually. You can contact the farmers and let them collect them regularly for free, so it can be mutually beneficial. Many restaurants are not in place in this regard, so a good dining environment can attract more customers.  
  5. Although the number of tourists will drop sharply during the summer vacation, there are still some students, nearby residents, and migrant workers. At that time, measures such as reducing the production volume and shifting the focus of services can be adopted to improve the business situation during the summer vacation. During the winter vacation, I considered studying for a month, which has reduced unnecessary costs.  
  6. The market economy is rapidly developing, changing, and dynamic. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the development of an enterprise from a long-term perspective and analyze it to make a long-term plan. After each stage, the overall situation of the operation should be summarized. And make a plan for the next step, such as a ladder-like development model. After the operation is stable, you can consider expanding the operation, adding other service items, and you can find new markets, doing chain operations, and slowly building your own brand. In short, you must take a long-term perspective.  

4. Restaurant management structure  

There are 1 store manager and cashier, 3 chefs, 5 waiters, and 2 website managers.
The business philosophy focuses on the following:  
  • Main cultural features: health care, humanistic care  
  • Main product features: Vegetarian stir-fry, dry pot, set meal with dietary health care function  
  • Main service features: membership tracking service  
  • Main environmental features: green dining environment with a traditional cultural atmosphere  

5. Market Analysis  

The diet of the canteen in the university has always been a problem. The low quality of the university's diet has become a recognized problem. It only meets the needs of the students, but the quality is far from meeting the requirements of the students. 

The dietary conditions of some universities are worrying, and there are even mass poisoning incidents in some university cafeterias.  

This plan is based on this point, in order to ensure the dietary safety of college students and improve the quality of college student's diet, the University Diet Alliance was established to provide college students with low-cost, safe, high-quality, and distinctive food, and at the same time to provide colleges and universities with a certain amount of food. Part-time work-study positions help poor students complete their studies better.  

  • Analysis of advantages: 

The operation of this restaurant solves the problems of single taste of school canteen meals, and there is no worry about the hygiene of mobile stalls, and it is as convenient and fast as canteens, saving time. In addition, the restaurant adopts a self-service selection method, which should be easily welcomed by customers and save some human resources. 

At the same time, meals also provide cold drinks, ice porridge, etc., and provide free tea. Simple and comfortable decoration will be a major feature of the restaurant. Students generally like to eat in restaurants with a clean and good service attitude, so satisfactory service will also be a major feature of our restaurant. 

In addition, the school cafeteria has a clear dining time limit, and there are few restaurants outside the school that sell breakfast, so the off-campus restaurant can easily capture this part of the market share lost due to time difference. The market share is generated by the potential customer base who will be dining in the period before and after. 

At the same time, we provide online ordering and ordering and provide customers with the latest product information in a timely manner.  

  • Disadvantage analysis

Due to its just beginning, the scale of fast-food restaurants is relatively small, such as human resources and service items for dining are relatively limited. The competition inside and outside the campus is also fierce, so there are still many disadvantages. 

On the other hand, because the school holidays are fixed, the number of tourists during the winter and summer vacations will plummet, and there will be fewer during the winter vacations than during the summer vacations, which will be a more difficult problem to solve.  

  • Opportunity analysis
It is understood that the market demand for our products exists and has certain competitiveness. And I am a student, a member of the largest customer group, so I can better understand what products and services customers need. From these aspects, I should have a good chance to squeeze into the catering market. 

At the same time, the development of online catering is relatively small, most of which are group purchase activities in the large catering industry, and the online ordering and partition management provided by us have independent characteristics.  

  • Threat analysis
There is a direct and inevitable connection between the service and product quality of the restaurant and the operating cost. In this case, the product price will not be lower than that of competitors. Although the overall price is not too high, in comparison, The customer's affordability has become a major test. 

Moreover, cost and profit are also directly linked, and the amount of profit is a major determinant of whether it can survive in the competition. Furthermore, online catering also brings major challenges, and how to guide customer groups to participate in it is a major problem.  

6. Promotion and Market Penetration  

  • Promotion strategy:  
Early-stage publicity: large-scale, high-intensity, and large-scale investment.  

  • Post-promotion
Attach importance to the management of existing customer relationships, so as to carry out word-of-mouth marketing. The planning and organization of regular specific activities, such as the evening party organized by the sponsoring school, can be used for publicity, and customers are reminded of their consumption awareness through activities. For holidays, carry out targeted promotion strategies such as sending flyers.  

7. Financial analysis  

  • Costs mainly include
staff wages, material procurement costs, site rental costs, taxes, water, electricity, and fuel costs, marketing expenses, and miscellaneous expenses.  

8. Marketing mix strategy  

  • Tangible marketing strategy
Since the economic strength of this restaurant is still weak, it will adopt a marketing strategy of avoiding the real and the false in the initial stage, avoiding a large number of hard advertising marketing, and adopting a set of effective "commitment marketing" for product promotion. 

Publicity to consumers through menus, leaflets, cultural brochures, promotional activities, etc., and advocate the business purpose and concept of "serving for you".  

  • Skilled marketing strategy
The persistence and planning will determine that the restaurant has inherent advantages in avoiding the defects of low customer loyalty in ordinary restaurants. 

In order to enable the restaurant to establish a sense of authority and trust in the minds of customers, the restaurant will establish a complete member information feedback system to realize the marketing commitment:  
  1. customer feedback form. In the service, the staff is strictly required to establish the concept of customer first and listen carefully to the opinions of customers.  
  2. Carry out customer satisfaction to the end. Establish the concept of "customers are satisfied only when they are satisfied", so as to think about customers all the time.  
  3. Establish a restaurant customer service questionnaire and track customers online.  
  4. Establish a digital marketing and blog marketing system. Timely and accurately understand group trends and recommend products, and do a good job in customer relationship management.  

9. Attach importance to a series of corporate public relations activities  

The restaurant will handle all aspects of the relationship through a series of public relations activities to provide a relaxed and favorable operating environment for the development of the restaurant.  
  1. Establish a cooperative relationship of unity and trust with employees.  
  2. Community relations.  
  3. Government relations.  

10. Give full play to the price advantage of the restaurant  

The target audience of this restaurant is mainly college students. Taking into account the price factors of catering products in the market, the price of this restaurant's products will be at the low and medium price of similar products. Occupy a certain market share, form economies of scale, and obtain high profits at a low cost. 

In terms of the product price and combination, we process and provide various meals according to the different consumption levels and needs of consumers. In the formulation of prices, we strictly calculate the utilization rate of raw materials, such as removing the roots of vegetables. 

How much, whether to peel, remove leaves, and finally the degree of processing in the kitchen, provide consumers with a standard of 6-100 dollars per serving of different meal combinations, and customers can choose different foods according to their actual conditions.  

11. Market risk  

The market is constantly changing, so we must take into account the risks of the market. 

There are the following risks:  
  1. Risks in the development stage of this project, the opening of similar restaurants that may appear in the market at the same time.  
  2. Risks in the production and operation stage of the project. The benefits after the project are put into production depend on the sales volume and other performance of its products in the market. For the project at this stage, the biggest source of market risk is the competition risk of the catering industry in the market. , if the project is put into operation with good benefits, it is likely to bring about the birth of a series of similar business projects, thus intensifying the competitive pressure on the project.  

12. Countermeasures  

  1. learn advanced production technology and experience, and develop their own special food.  
  2. Strict management, regular training of personnel, and establishment of customer service reports.  
  3. After entering the market, understand the food market cycle, do not stand still, and actively develop and update food.  
  4. Establish long-term and maintain long-term cooperative relations with raw material suppliers to ensure the supply of raw material resources. 
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