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8 Business Plan Examples for College Students Entrepreneurship

8 Business Plan Examples For College Students Entrepreneurship College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Plan Example

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Today we will talk about College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Plan Example

In today's dynamic and increasingly open world, in many cases, we will come into contact with business plans, which can help entrepreneurs to unite people's hearts and manage them effectively. 

So do you really know how to make a business plan? The following is a business plan for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship projects business plan example (selected 8) that I have compiled for you, hoping to help everyone.

Table of Contents

College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 1

1. Activity background:
  With the expansion of enrollment in colleges and universities across the country and the economic development in recent years, the employment situation of college graduates has become increasingly severe, and the pressure of employment competition has increased. 

College students' self-employment is not a new topic, but college students' self-employment is still a new concept. For a long time, after graduation, college students are often only used to passively seeking jobs and rarely think of taking the initiative to start a business. 

Many graduates will only consider starting a business after they can’t find a satisfactory job, which has led to the formation of the concept of “starting a business without a job”. know.

  In order to encourage college students to start their own businesses, governments from all walks of life have successively issued a series of policies to support college students' self-employment, which has almost lowered the industry threshold to the lowest level in history. 

Colleges and universities are also actively integrating the resources of internal departments, providing graduates with various forms of entrepreneurship education with rich content, and providing greater support for students who start their own businesses in terms of policies, funds, and projects. 

Under the severe economic situation, college students' self-employment is undoubtedly to win the initiative for their own employment.

2. Purpose of the activity:
This theme salon aims to cultivate the innovative and entrepreneurial awareness of the students in our class who are determined to forge ahead and make progress. 

By holding a salon, we can ignite the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship among students in our class; enhance students' innovation and entrepreneurial passion, and fighting spirit, so that they can truly embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship.

3. Salon theme:
  Entrepreneurship lights up the road of life
4. Salon opening time and place:
  A classroom on November 22, xx
5. The person in charge of the salon and the main participants;
  •   Organizer: Business School Marketing 091 Class League Branch
  •   Participants: All the students of the Marketing 091 class
  •   Arrangement of the venue: all class cadres
6. Salon content:
  • Entrepreneurship Learning
  Innovation and entrepreneurship are the hope of the nation's take-off. By learning the moving experiences, moving spirits, and lofty ideas of successful people, we can stimulate our own awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to the development of society and the future of our country.
  • Scenario interaction
  Put the innovation and entrepreneurial experience learned on the stage to share, let everyand one have new progress, be a bold, careful and prepared college student, the link is a digestive process, let each member of the class lead. 

In order to gain self-acceptance and appreciation, learn to integrate useful innovation and entrepreneurship information, and enhance self-confidence in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Talk about the feeling of entering the university and the knowledge of entrepreneurship;
  • Communicate the behavior of entrepreneurs and the experience or perception of dealing with others;
  • Communicate with each other the successful innovations that you know, the innovations of entrepreneurs, the way of doing business, the process, and the touching and valuable spirit.
7. Salon Process
  • Pre-planning and preparation - the class committee conducts questions and answers about entrepreneurship knowledge for each student and understands
  • Entrance - orderly entry under the background music of the theme song "On the Road"
  • Guest speeches;
  • Watch the entrepreneurship education video (about 45 minutes);
  • Student interaction - talk about the advantages and disadvantages of college students' entrepreneurship;
  • Entertainment performances;
  • Summary speech - The cadres of the Student Union of the Youth League Branch will briefly summarize and comment on this salon;
  • Exit
8. the expected effect:
  The rich and colorful cultural and sports activities not only enrich the cultural life of the students but also cultivate the sentiments of the students and improve the quality of the students. 

Actively organize students to participate in activities, so that students can enjoy and benefit from them so that students can have a real understanding and understanding of entrepreneurship in the entrepreneurship salon. 

Let freshmen set themselves a good position in the university, determine their goals, know that they must use ideals, beliefs, enthusiasm, unity, and hard work, keep pace with the times, be brave in innovation, dare to start a business, and move towards higher and farther goals.

College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 2 

1. Project Background
  Flowers in different poses and expressions speak a thousand words, and every sentence speaks of "beautiful", especially now. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous improvement of the quality of life and the pursuit of life. 

Flowers have become an indispensable embellishment in people's lives! Flower consumption has become more and more prosperous in recent years. 

In addition to the pretty appearance of flowers, which makes people pleasing to the eyes and beautifies homes, it can also develop people's imagination. Make people more subtle and tasteful when communicating with each other.

  In this way, we set up an online campus flower shop with flower delivery as the market entry point, taking into account the long-term market share of the website and the short-term return on capital to seize the market, to meet the theme of individual consumption, and use flowers as a pilot to drive other products. University of Geosciences "Blue Bird Flower Shop" brand advantage of the market. is very feasible.

2. the company's project strategy
  Provide a clear, effective company mission, smooth sales channels, provide products and services as the fundamental, and promote the great development of the flower market. 

Our bluebird will be a lovely messenger, sending wishes and happiness to thousands of households. Create the best living environment for human beings.
3. Business environment and customer analysis  
  • Industry analysis
"University of Geosciences Blue Bird Flower Shop" website is a vertical website launched by college students for 6.5 million college students, so the target consumers are college students. In addition to the main station of the Wuhan University of Geosciences, this website has branch stations in various universities in Hubei. 

Therefore, the tentative target consumer group focuses on university students in Hubei, and will gradually expand the market in the future. Taking the China University of Geosciences as an example, various types of There are nearly 20,000 students in the school, and there are nearly 200,000 target consumers invested in 8 schools. 

The latest statistics show that there are about 6.5 million college students in the country. After the fact that they will still be loyal customers of the website, the capacity of the target market will be considerable
  • Analysis of survey results
The company conducts customer analysis focusing on college students in Wuhan, mainly by means of a questionnaire survey (see Appendix 1 for the questionnaire form) and individual interviews. A total of 50 questionnaires were sent out this time, and 37 were returned. 

Due to the limited time, the number of questionnaires is not large, but it still reflects the consumer psychology and needs of consumers to a certain extent:
  1. There is obvious curiosity, there is convergence in innovation, and the purchase behavior is generated by listening to the introduction of classmates or friends;
  2. The purchase behavior is basically emotional, but due to the influence of its own economic income, its purchase behavior is also rational and generally chooses varieties with lower prices but stronger romantic colors;
  3. College students do not have a fixed purchasing pattern, and their purchasing behavior is often arbitrary;
  4. Strong ability to accept and absorb new things, pursue fashion, and advocate individuality ;
  5. The factors that affect the purchase of products are price, variety, packaging, service, etc.;
  6. The purchase behavior is highly festive, generally concentrated around Teachers' Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and friends' birthdays.
  • Target customer analysis
  • 1. College students
College students generally do not ask about the price, but from the perspective of online orders, they focus on the mid-range price. In terms of order quantity, they tend to express their feelings, such as most orders 1 (you are my only), 3 (I love you), 19 (love is long and long), 21 (favorite), and so on, Flowers are often ordered by class size on Teacher's Day. 

Packaging generally tends to require gentrification and has a tendency to develop in the direction of personalization. The quality requirements of flowers are relatively strict, such as wilting is not allowed.
  • 2. Marketing strategy analysis  
  • Brand strategy
  From the very beginning of website construction, we attach great importance to branding. On the brand packaging, based on detailed market research and bold predictions, the artists adopt a design scheme that combines dynamic and static pages. The visual image and text fonts are carefully planned and strive to be unique and innovative.
  • Price Strategy
  Jade Bird Online Flower Shop strives to be perfect in terms of raw materials, packaging, services, etc., and strives to give customers maximum enjoyment and psychological satisfaction. Take both the price route and the quality route to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.
  • Promotion strategy
  1. publicity strategy: Use the school radio station, newspaper column, and publicity column for free publicity. In addition, use the information flow advantage of the website to publicize and highlight the image, establish good relations with major newspapers, local radio and TV stations, and adopt a mutually beneficial and win-win strategic model.
  2. service aspects: The service of the online flower shop must be first-class. For the delivery team, as long as there is an order, it must be delivered on time and on time according to the order requirements, and it is a smiling service.

  In terms of after-sales service, the customer service department is responsible for taking the following methods:
  1. Call thank you or send e-mail for friendship reminder service, and send e-cards when customers are on major festivals
  2. Unconditionally accept customer returns, and centrally accept customer complaints
  3. Set up a consumer survey form, with gifts, and grasp the first-hand information on consumer needs
  4. Customers who order for the first time will receive a vase with flowers and enjoy preferential prices. After becoming a member, they will enjoy the member price.
  5. Irregularly hold member salons online or offline to exchange information, communicate feelings, and answer the questions that customers are most interested in.
  6. Establish a customer database file. When customers repeat orders, they only need to enter their names, and other information of customers will be automatically transferred into the system.
  • Channel Construction
  For now, online florists mainly establish business relationships with first-tier wholesalers. When choosing a wholesaler, it is generally necessary to examine its business performance, reputation, cooperation attitude, and timely supply. 

Usually sign a cooperation agreement with wholesalers to reach an agreement on issues such as price and product quality

  • 3. Implementation of an online flower shop strategy
  • The selection of the market scope. During the investment period, only the West Campus of the China University of Geosciences, where the website is located, is selected as the pilot market. The market capacity of this area is more than 3,000 people, which is more representative. The pilot period is one and a half months. After the success of this model, it will be promoted in the substations in the form of asp. It will start trial operation at the other 7 sub-stations that have been built, and then expand to the rest of the market after 3 to 6 months of operation.
  • Focus on publicizing customers. The publicity objects are mainly students in school. They are interested in fashion and are often easy to lead the trend. For engineering students with strong logical thinking, we use the early audience to spread to achieve the effect of publicity.
  • On-site promotions choose September 8th and September 9th each year as the key promotion dates. Before that, the flyers will be distributed to the student dormitories. 

Promotional content includes:
  • Hang uniform colored banners, located on the main road of the campus, the number is 3-5, hang with the title of the "Blue Bird Flower Shop" website and "Campus Flower Shop Grand Launch".
  • Set up a propaganda stand at a high traffic location on campus, such as the entrance of the dormitory and the cafeteria, and place 3-5 microcomputers, which can be checked and ordered online; a propaganda board is placed to introduce the contents of the flower shop in detail, and physical flowers are placed. On the day of the promotion, the delivery gift will be delivered on the spot.
  • Ask the school radio station to broadcast the publicity materials prepared by the "Blue Bird Flower Shop" publicity department, once in the morning, at noon, and in the evening, for several consecutive days.
  • In order to create an atmosphere, two young ladies were arranged to wear ribbons with the website of "Blue Bird Flower Shop" to explain and organize a lottery activity. The winners can order flowers below 20 dollars on the spot and pay by the website.
  • On the day of publicity, please report on the site from school-related media, such as Wuhan Evening News, local TV stations, etc.
4. Marketing effect prediction and analysis
  • Turnover income: According to the survey and analysis, we can predict that during the major holidays, the daily sales will be more than 1,000 dollars.
  • Payment method: According to relevant materials, online payment will reach 20%. 
  • How to order: For e-mail orders, directly enter the campus flower shop on the website of "Blue Bird Flower Shop" to order, and order by telephone. In addition, we focus on launching SMS ordering, which is popular with students
  • Customer characteristics: Young, 100% young people, mainly malea  students; theya  have high reputation, high cultural quality, and no bad debts
  • Consumption characteristics: Flowers under $60 are the most popular
  • Information infrastructure: The company's website mainly exists in the form of a virtual host, so the company does not need to have information hardware facilities for the time being. For the development of information software and the construction of the website, the company will jointly complete it through the internal members who have better computers and recruit members with expertise in this area. Although the B2C website can achieve zero inventory in theory, it is very difficult to achieve this in reality.

5. Estimated operating costs
  • Principles: Use every penny on the edge and give full play to the value of every penny
  • Initial investment

College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 3

1. Project introduction:
  Establishment of community fruit supermarkets: Establish fruit supermarkets in communities where the number of residents in the community reaches 3,000 families (3 persons per family).

2. Market analysis
  fruit market is huge. Compared with the per capita annual consumption of 85 kilograms of fruit in foreign countries, the domestic per capita consumption is only half of that. 

According to the survey of most families, 80% of 3-member families consume more than 80 dollars of fruit per month. 10% of households consume fruit between 50-80 dollars. Only 10% of households consume fruit below 50 dollars.

  With the improvement of residents' income levels, the consumption demand for fruit is increasing. At present, the average annual per capita consumption of fruit in my country is about 45kg, which is still far from the requirements of the health standard (70kg), and the gap is larger than that of the average annual consumption of fruits in developed countries (80kg). 

If the future population growth factor is taken into account and calculated according to health standards, the national fruit consumption will reach 115.5 million tons, which is 70% higher than the total national fruit production in 20xx

3. Reasons for selection
  • The needs of the industry: lacks major fruit sellers.
  • Entrepreneurs' needs: The entry threshold is low, and the business can be operated with a small investment.
  • Policy support: March 22, 20xx (Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission): 79 commercial projects to encourage and support development, including supermarkets, convenience stores, community breakfast stores, food stores, and daily necessities stores Wait. Restricted commercial projects are: outside the commercial centers above the regional level and the planned characteristic commercial streets (districts), the new large and medium-sized retail and commercial facilities with a business area of more than 5,000 square meters are restricted; Large department stores and large comprehensive supermarkets above meters; large warehouse-style shopping malls, large professional supermarkets, and various large wholesale markets with a limited business area of more than 10,000 square meters.
  • New sales opportunities: Only fruit chain stores are still blank. In other industries, chain stores are in a state of low-profit competition.
  • Novel sales method: open self-selection.
  • Various service items: provide automatic juicing service. Provide combination packaging boxes, and introduce the characteristics of various fruits and the people who are suitable for consumption in the store to guide healthy consumption.
  • The purchase status of fruit and the psychology of consumers: busy time, no extra time to buy fruit. Supermarkets and wholesale markets do not buy a lot of fruit because they mainly buy other products.
  • Huge market: The state plans to make per capita fruit consumption reach 40 kilograms in 20xx. 48kg in 20xx. 53 kg in 2030. That is to say, by 2030, fruit consumption must increase by 25 million kilograms. The market is huge. 40% of the current market.
4. special services:
  • Give customers a brand-new, assured, quality-assured and cheap place to consume
  More customers choose to go to the supermarket to buy fruit. Apart from seeing fruit for sale when buying other products, the biggest reason left is that the fruit in the supermarket is good in terms of product appearance, product quality, and weight. Reassure consumers. And the open self-selection method allows customers to have more choices. 

For our fruit supermarket, unified decoration, unified store layout, unified procurement, unified distribution, and all products are sold after cleaning, waxing, grading, and packaging, which can completely give customers the above psychological satisfaction.

  • A unique guide to consumption
  Today's customers buy fruit completely based on their own tastes and preferences to choose fruit for consumption, ignoring the characteristics of the fruit itself and the people who are suitable for consumption. 

Through the investigation of many consumers, it is found that almost no one can tell the characteristics of pineapple and the people who are suitable for eating, what fruit should be eaten by patients with liver disease and stomach disease, and which fruit should not be eaten. 

This shows that everyone is consuming fruit blindly. Without any common sense of fruit consumption, there will be a misunderstanding that the good intentions of sending bananas to diabetic patients are doing the wrong thing. 

As a fruit retailer, our responsibility is to teach everyone how to consume and eat fruit reasonably. In this regard, I will put up posters of the characteristics of each fruit and the people who are suitable for consumption, as well as the identification method of good and bad grades, to guide everyone to consume healthily.

  • Provide a variety of services to target different consumer groups
  Fruit consumers are generally divided into two types: eating for themselves and giving gifts. According to the psychological and packaging needs of the gift-giving crowd, we will specially design some foldable or combined packaging combinations of different capacities (3G, 5G), etc., and provide them to consumers for a fee. 

In other words, customers can mix and buy fruits at will. After purchasing, if you need a packaging box, you only need to pay a certain packaging fee, you can get the packaging box in the store (which can be divided into birthday, visiting patients, visiting relatives, etc.), and you can get a greeting card. 

In this way, consumers can understand consumption and avoid expensive gift-packed fruits purchased at tourist merchants or other merchants, and the quality can be guaranteed.

  • Dig deep into the characteristics of fruits and other needs of consumers
  As people's incomes increase, more consumers are drinking fresh juices. In response to the needs of consumers, each fruit chain store will have free juicers for customers to use. 

After purchasing the fruit, customers can use the water source to wash the fruit for free and use the juicer for free to squeeze the fruit into juice. If customers bring their own containers, we will not charge any fees. 

If customers want to bring juice to their home, company, or drink on the road, we will provide a set of containers (including plastic cups, straws, honey, sugar, etc., and package them for customers) for a fee, so that customers can take the fresh juice. 

Take the squeezed juice to drink anywhere. In terms of hygiene, every time a customer uses the juicer, we will sterilize the machine and put it in the disinfection cabinet to ensure hygiene.

College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 5

In order to promote the construction of campus innovation and entrepreneurship culture in our school, create a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, further guide college students to learn entrepreneurial knowledge, establish entrepreneurial awareness, cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and improve entrepreneurial ability, and select college students' entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects, and build undergraduate entrepreneurial training. 

And the entrepreneurial practice platform, the first college student entrepreneurial plan design competition of the School of Management is specially held. 

The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
1. The purpose of the competition
  Stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, popularize entrepreneurial knowledge, improve entrepreneurial ability, select entrepreneurial talents, select entrepreneurial projects, and cultivate entrepreneurial teams.
2. Participants
  All current students of the School of Management
3. Competition requirements  
  • Participate as a team or individually. Contestants design a product or service with good market prospects and complete a complete, specific, in-depth, and feasible business plan around this product or service.  
  • The number of team members is no more than 3 people, and it can be composed of inter-professionals.  
  • The business plan should be based on specific products or services, analyze the competitive environment and market opportunities of the entrepreneurial project, determine a clear target market, design specific and feasible strategies for marketing, operation, management, and finance, and explain the process of starting a business, the needs Resource and risk management measures.  
  • Entries must have a title page, indicating the name of the entrepreneurial project, the name of the person in charge of the entrepreneurial team, class, department, contact number, e-mail, and other information. The format of the business plan is not limited, and it is saved as a word document. 

The requirements of the work include the following contents, which can be adjusted and played freely:
  • Overview. Including the introduction of the company and its products or services, market overview, business strategy, production and sales management plan, and financial forecast; pointing out the formation process of new ideas and the prospect of enterprise development goals; introducing the particularity and advantages of the entrepreneurial team, etc. It is required to be concise, to the point, and have distinct characteristics.
  • Products or services. Explain how to meet the needs of key users; introduce the entry strategy and market development strategy; point out whether the current technical level of the product or service is in a leading position, whether it can meet the needs of the market, and whether it can achieve industrialization.
  • Market. Introduce market capacity and trends, market competition, market trends and potential, segment target market and customer description, and estimate market share and sales.
  • Competition. Explain the company's business purpose, market positioning, overall strategy, stage goals, etc. At the same time, there must be an analysis of existing and potential competitors, the competition of substitutes, and the analysis of the original competition in the industry. Summarize the company's competitive advantages and study the options to beat the competition, and conduct a proper analysis of the main competitors and market drivers.
  • Marketing. Explain how to maintain and increase market share, grasp the overall progress of the enterprise, make arrangements for important events such as revenue, break-even point, cash flow, market share, product development, major partners, and financing, and build a smooth and reasonable marketing channel and corresponding novel and attractive promotion methods.
  • Operation. Explain operational arrangements, human resources arrangements, etc. It is required to be based on products or services, with the production process as the main line, and strive to describe accurately, reasonably, and with strong operability.
  • ORGANIZATION. Introduce the educational and work background, experience, ability, and expertise of each member of the management team. Set up marketing, finance, administration, production, and technical teams. Clarify the management division of labor and complementarity among members and the company's organizational structure.
  • Finance. Account for operating income and expenses, cash flow, profitability and persistence, and fixed and variable costs.
  • Expression. It is required to be concise, clear, focused, and well-organized; the use of professional language should be accurate and appropriate; relevant data science, integrity, and detail.
4. the competition process planning
  • Before 16:00 pm on March 29, xx, send the business plan to the team as a unit. The file name is named "business plan - person in charge".
  • The organizing committee will invite teacher representatives and experts of entrepreneurship courses to review, and the first, second, and third prizes will be awarded.
5. Award setting
  • 5 first prizes, 10-second prizes, and 20 third prizes will be awarded honorary certificates and corresponding prizes. And corresponding bonus points will be given in the annual scholarship development evaluation.
  • All winners will be given priority to pass the review in the xx year xx engineering college student innovation and entrepreneurship competition.
  • For the outstanding entrepreneurial projects selected in the competition, if the entrepreneurial projects have good market operability and development prospects, the college will provide financial and technical support to support them in entrepreneurial practice.


College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 6

1. Entrepreneurial background
  • The changes of the times have endowed our contemporary college students with different meanings, as well as different lives and thoughts, different pursuits, and different ways of enjoying life. The price of sanitary napkins is also on the rise. I often hear roommates in the dormitory shouting: My aunt can't be hurt, and the price of sanitary napkins is also increasing. Or sometimes forget to bring sanitary napkins, not ready. Of course, I am a girl too.
  • The economic foundation determines the superstructure. The economic improvement of today's society has promoted the improvement of our quality of life, and the requirements for life are different. Female friends have higher quality requirements for sanitary napkins, which also provides opportunities for manufacturers of counterfeit products. We must resist this phenomenon, not only for our own sake but also for everyone's health.
2. Purpose of entrepreneurship
  • As we all know, on the university campus, ability is far more important than knowledge, which requires a platform for us to continuously learn, exercise, show ourselves, and increase our ability. The larger clubs and student unions on campus have little room for improvement as students who are about to graduate, so we need to start our own businesses to pave the way for ourselves.
  • Let the girls use new ones every time, no need to store them, no one-time bulk purchase. Don't be afraid to come and hurt your aunt, our price is the lowest, the quality is the best, we can respond to your needs, and service is the first!
  • I am a particularly poor student. Part-time work-study is something that many of our college students want to do. On the one hand, it can reduce the burden on parents, and on the other hand, it can also prove to others that they are independent and grow up.
  • Provide work-study jobs for poor students. This makes us only through our own efforts to open another channel of work-study, in order to truly achieve self-reliance and self-improvement!
3. Market forecast
  The current status of my country's sanitary napkin industry: my country introduced the first sanitary napkin production line in 1980, and now there are more than 300 enterprises and more than 1,000 production lines, and the types of products have also diversified. 

If there are 4 girls in each dormitory, there are 24 dormitories on one floor, there are 96 people on one floor, there are 6 floors in one building, and there are 576 people in one dormitory building. 

Under normal circumstances, each student needs to use about 20 pieces of sanitary napkins and 30 pieces of pads per month, for 12 months in a year. The size of this market is conceivable. 

In the current sanitary napkin market, there are famous brands such as Sophie, and ABC, as well as economical brands. It is predicted that the market capacity of sanitary napkins is quite large, and there are 20-30 brands in the market, so I want to open up a world of my own in this market.
4. Service introduction
  Serve everyone. Register the brand of sanitary napkins and menstrual holidays that each female student likes to use. We will send a reminder a few days in advance (in the form of in-person visits or telephone greetings) to ask whether you need sanitary napkins and whether students with dysmenorrhea need brown sugar or Pharmacy. 

Door-to-door delivery, no need for students to run errands to the supermarket to buy them. We have many brands of sanitary napkins, which are suitable for everyone's needs, and our prices will be cheaper than those in supermarkets. 

With humanized service, we will provide warm reminders. Let girls use new ones every time, no need to store, no one-time bulk purchase. Set up home delivery, low price, best quality, responsive, service first.
5. Operating projects
  • Various brands of sanitary napkins at different price points
  • Brown sugar (conducive to relieving dysmenorrhea, easy to drink during holidays)
  • Medications to relieve dysmenorrhea
  • Nursing products
6. Marketing strategy
  • In terms of manpower: responsible for publicity, the school arranges delivery personnel, each dormitory building arranges delivery personnel, is responsible for questionnaires, inquiries, and condolences, and records the dates of each student’s regular holidays.
  • Publicity: During the opening period, on the basis of funds allowed, a large number of leaflets and questionnaires can be distributed to attract the attention of the masses first, and publicity is carried out in the dormitory, website publicity, and phone short message publicity;
  • Operation: direct purchase by manufacturers, low price, small profits but quick turnover, fixed physical stores.
  • Strategically: website promotion, group buying, Taobao store, low price, small profits but quick turnover, high-quality service, door-to-door delivery, gift packaging, holiday necessities (brown sugar, medicine, nursing products).
7. Operating principles
  • The principle of authenticity: direct purchase from the manufacturer to ensure genuine products and no falsification.
  • The principle of mutual benefit: On the basis of sincerity, we should achieve equality and mutual benefit for both customers.
  • The principle of high-quality service: ensure the high-quality and patient service provided to the seekers, make warm reminders in advance and truly deliver to the door.

College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 7

1. Summary
  A very concise summary of the plan and business model, introducing your business project, usually around 500 words. The summary of the plan covers the main points of the plan so that the reader can review the plan and make judgments in the shortest possible time. 

The plan summary mainly includes the following contents: company introduction, managers and their organization, main products, and business scope, market overview, marketing strategy, sales plan, production management plan, financial plan, capital demand status, etc.

  The abstract should be as concise and vivid as possible. In particular, explain the differences between your own business and the market factors that make your business successful.
2. Company description
  • The purpose of the company
  • The name of the company, the structure of the company
  • Company business strategy
  • Here, in the most concise way, describe your products and services; what kind of difficulties you plan to solve; how you plan to solve them; whether your company is the most suitable candidate.
  • The purpose of this section is not to describe the entire plan, nor to provide another overview, but to give an introduction to your company, so the focus is on your company philosophy and how to formulate your company's strategic goals.
  • Relative value-added describes what new value your product provides to consumers
  • Company facilities need to describe the planned company equipment in detail. Our company's production equipment and workshops are mainly concentrated in xxx
  Establish development and production equipment, and strive to improve production and research capabilities in order to meet the increasing customer demand. Increase the sales of our company's products and services through large-scale promotions.

  Increase distribution channels, retail outlets, regional sales, and sales companies using electrified direct-mail classification. Hire new staff to support sustainable development under the new market plan.

  Improve research and development capabilities, create new products that lead the trend, and improve competitiveness.
3. Products and Services
  Product introduction should include the following contents: product concept, performance, and characteristics; main product introduction; product market competitiveness; product research and development process; new product development plan and cost analysis; product market prospect forecast; product brand and patents, etc.

  In the product (service) introduction part, the entrepreneur should make a detailed description of the product (service), and the description should be accurate and easy to understand so that investors who are not professionals can understand it. Typically, product presentations are accompanied by prototypes, photos, or other presentations.
4. Personnel and Organizational Structure
  In the production activities of enterprises, there are human resource management, technology management, financial management, operation management, product management, and so on. Human resource management is an important part of it.

  Because society has developed to this day, people have become the most precious resource, which is determined by people's initiative and creativity. In order to manage such resources, enterprises must follow scientific principles and methods.

  In the business plan, it is necessary to clarify the key management personnel, introduce their abilities, their duties and responsibilities in the enterprise, and their detailed past experiences and backgrounds. In addition, in this part of the business plan, a brief introduction to the company's structure should also be made, 

including the company's organizational chart; the functions and responsibilities of each department; the heads and key members of each department; the company's remuneration system; the company's list of shareholders, including options, percentages, and privileges; members of the company's board of directors; background information on each director.

  Experience and past success speak louder than a degree. If you are going to reserve a particularly important position for an inexperienced person, you must give a good reason.
5. Market Analysis
  Briefly describe what industry, market, and complimentary area your company is in. What are the characteristics of the market? How does your analysis differ from market research agencies and investment analysis? Analyze if there is a nascent market and how you will develop this nascent market.
  • A. Market description: We plan or are competing in xx industries. The value of this market is about xxX, and we believe that the main development trend of the entire industry will be (environment-oriented, miniaturization, high-quality, and value-oriented). Market research indicates (citing the source) that the market will (shrink in development) to xx by 20xx. During this period, the segments we are aiming for are expected to (growing, shrinking, not developing). The main force to change this situation is that (for example, the price reduction of computers, the booming development of the home appliance business, etc.) the biggest development of this industry will reach xxX. Your company may uniquely combine your products and services with the current business of a company of the same level as xx company. And today's companies like xx are facing difficulties such as escalating labor costs.
  • B. Target market: We define the target market as X, Y, or Z. Now, this market is shared by a competitor. Our products have the following advantages: high added value, excellent performance, high taste, and outstanding personality for the enterprise's tailoring.
  • C. Target consumer group: What factors drive people to buy your product, and where are your technology and your product attractive to users? Why do people choose your product service company?
  • D. Sales Strategy Our marketing department plans to use different channels to sell our products. Why we choose these channels
  • E. Characteristics of consumer groups

We chose these channels because:
  • Consumption characteristics caused by seasonal changes; 
  • Effective use of funds can make use of the sales channels of existing products in the market.
  For each distribution channel, determine a five-year target sales volume and other assumptions. The assumptions made for each channel can be the following.
6. Competitive Analysis
  Please tell us the important competitors by product, price, market share, region, marketing approach, management approach, characteristics, and financial strength.
  • A. Competition description
  • B. Competitive Strategy Market Entry Barriers
  Research the main barriers to entry into your market segment and barriers to competitors imitating you here.
7. Marketing strategy and sales
  • A. Marketing plan: Describe what the business you wish to conduct is like. and the market segment you wish to enter. Distribution channels used, such as retail, direct sales to commercial establishments, OEM, electronic media, etc. Also, describe the market share you hope to achieve.
  • B. Sales strategy: Describe your strategy for making sales. Including how to promote the product: through advertising, e-mail, radio, or television advertising.
  • C. Distribution channels and partners 
  • D. Pricing strategy 
  • E. Market communication
  Your purpose is to strengthen, promote and support your product to better meet consumer needs hot spots. The only principle is to find all possible favorable ways to ditch.
8. Financial Analysis
  Summary of financial data.
9. Risk and Risk Management
  • What fundamental risks does your company have in terms of market, competition, and technology?
  • How are you prepared to deal with these risks?
  • In your opinion, what additional opportunities does your company have?
  • How to expand on your capital base?
  • How did your five-year plan perform under best and worst-case scenarios?
10. Appendix
If you have the following materials, please list
  •   A. Company background and structure
  •   B. Team personnel resume
  •   C. Company promotional materials
  •   D. related vocabulary
11. Summary recommendations

College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Business Plan 8

1. Project Summary
  Do you not want to eat those dishes that taste the same every day in the cafeteria?

  Don't you ever want to go out to restaurants to eat those delicious but unsafe meals?

  Do you want to experience the mysterious feeling of cooking with your classmates?

  The college kitchen is very much to your taste, freeing you from boredom.

  As long as the students buy their favorite dishes, there are complete kitchen facilities and dining equipment. All kitchen equipment and dining room equipment like home are readily available, creating free space. This is an unprecedented, single-structured space. 

Yes, it is a shop that focuses on renting out kitchen stoves. It has a distinct structure. A kitchen with four stoves and a dining room form a unit. A store can be composed of more or fewer units, and each stove can be used by several groups of customers in turn at a certain dining time. 

The cost of college students' kitchens is relatively low, only xx-2500 dollars per unit per year, which can be recovered in one semester, and the income in the second half of the year can be used to expand equipment and facilities.

  Because this project is specially designed for the food and entertainment of college students, and many students are surveyed, they are looking forward to the opening of the college kitchen, they are very willing to try it, and they say that they will invite friends or roommates every once in a while. Cook together. So its appeal is infinite. The annual freshmen add a new source of customers to the college kitchen, so it will be enduring.

  It can be large or small, with promising prospects and low cost. It may not be imitated at any time, so we must strictly manage various work, improve its taste, constantly innovate from the original basis, and constantly reflect and reform students to improve our competitiveness.

  Its management model is very simple, divided into internal and external management. The external management is mainly for publicity and reasonable arrangements for large and medium-scale rentals; the internal management is mainly to create a free and clean atmosphere for the kitchen of college students.

  Come to the college kitchen and enjoy the joy of cooking with friends!
2. Company Profile
  • Nature
College Student Kitchen is a service project that rents out kitchens for all college students.

  • Equipment and facilities
The college students' kitchen exists in the form of a unit system, and a unit has a kitchen and a dining room. There are four stoves, four sets of cooking utensils and gas stoves in a kitchen, a chopping board, multiple sets of cutting tools, and a cabinet, which is fully equipped with bowls, oil, salt, and other seasonings, equipped with taps, and multiple baskets, buckets, and other washing tools, and several range hoods; there are five or six large and small tables in the restaurant, electric fans, water dispensers, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, rice cookers, and hot rice is always provided.

  • Project service content
College students only need to bring their favorite dishes to the college students’ kitchen and pay a certain rent according to the time or scale to cook on the designated stove. There are four stoves in the kitchen, which can cook at the same time. 

During lunch or dinner time, one stove can allow several groups of students to cook continuously. In the kitchen of such a unit: about 28 (4 stoves xx group/stove) groups can be cooked between lunchtime (11:00-2:00). Students can eat here before leaving, or take them out to eat at their own convenience.

  Our college kitchen is also equipped with a large refrigerator. If a frequent visitor has unfinished dishes or leftovers that need to be stored, we will store them for them, just seal them and put them in a closed basket, then write Put your name or other marks on it and put it in the refrigerator. 

However, considering the electricity consumption and the space of the refrigerator, if the storage time exceeds one day, a deposit of 2 dollars per day will be paid.
  • Project purpose
The college student kitchen was created because our group deeply learned that many college students complained that the food in the cafeteria was the same every day, the taste was unpalatable, and there was no new idea. Too much oil and the price is not low. 

In the case of only two choices, there is nothing but complaining, so we thought of the college student kitchen, a kitchen that not only suits the tastes of college students but also exercises the ability of college students to do it by themselves.

  • Interior decoration of college students' kitchens
students can create and design, and the core of the design is freedom, comfort, and green environmental protection. 

Mainly embodies simplicity and beauty. Some creative designs such as flowers and plants are grown by college students, handmade clip art, and waste utilization can all be used to decorate college students' kitchens.
3. Organizational personnel management system
  • We divide customers into large, medium, and small scales. Large-scale (20-40 people): For example, for a class reunion, or a classmate's birthday, it is necessary to rent a unit in the college kitchen, which needs to be booked in advance. On request or by appointment of a chef to help, or someone to take care of the chores. Medium-sized (10-20 people): For example, a dormitory gathering, or a small celebration, also needs to be reserved in advance, and there is no chef. Small scale (1-10 people): Arrange the cooking stove at any time.
  • In the college students' kitchen, only a middle-aged female employee is required to clean and tidy the college students' kitchen, and the safety of the liquefied gas stove is always checked during the college students' cooking.
  • Other management personnel: the person in charge of publicity, the person in charge of kitchenware and tableware, the person in charge of financial management, the person in charge of customer reservations, and the cashier on duty can all be assumed by students.
  • If there is a large party or dinner, you can make a reservation in advance with the person in charge of customer reservations, he/she can make arrangements in advance, medium-sized (10-20 people) can also be arranged by the person in charge of reservations, small-scale customer groups, press First come first to use the cooktop.
  • The financial manager is responsible for clearing the weekly water and electricity bills, gas stoves, and hiring staff costs and the total revenue of the "college student kitchen", and adjusts the price appropriately. Large and medium-sized customer groups have fixed booking prices, according to the number of times the kitchen is booked. to determine the rent for a small group of customers coming to cook next week.
  • Government approval: The college student kitchen must obtain a business license, and the main problem is hygiene and safety. Because we employ personnel to clean the college students' kitchens, inspect and teach students the use of liquefied gas and other dangerous equipment at all times, and are equipped with fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment in the college students' kitchens. Safety and hygiene are the core management issues of college students' kitchens, so if they can obtain government approvals, if students start their own businesses, they can apply for funds and approvals from the school.
4. Market
  • Marketing
  • a. Publicity
  We will publicize it through flyers, posters, school forums, QQ groups for college students, and relationships among college students. We will invite some good friends from various departments to come together to experience the freedom, happiness, and satisfaction in our "College Kitchen" for free, and ask them to do word of mouth for our "College Kitchen".

  • b. Customer source
  Since our "college kitchen" is designed for the pleasure of eating and experiencing, college students will have various reasons to like our "college kitchen".
  1. Show off your cooking skills in front of your classmates.
  2. Invite your good friends to cook a delicious meal for yourself in the "College Student Kitchen".
  3. Some two or three male and female dormitories can have a culinary friendship here, and those who do not know how to cook can learn by the way.
  4. There are classmates from other places, let him/her fry their hometown dishes and try them.
  5. I am not satisfied with the restaurants outside or in the cafeteria, and it is not easy to do it myself.
  In a relaxed and free environment like the college kitchen, in a kitchen that can be accessed like a home. We not only had a meal, but more importantly, in the process, we experienced the joy of doing it ourselves. The joy of working together, this is really the kitchen of the college students. 

So with so much to gain, there will be a steady stream of customers from our college kitchen. Every year, there will be new students coming, and there will be a continuous stream of students who come to try new things.

  • c. Since the college students' kitchen is for college students 
catering and entertainment, it can expand the matching profit service, rent barbecue tools, and sell barbecue ingredients. Selling dry vegetables that are easy to store, such as beverages, beer, and dry vegetables. It can also be paired with a free service that provides books on how to cook and books on nutrition.
  • Market prospects
  Now it seems that there is no shop with the same structure and form as our "college student kitchen" to rent out kitchens to college students. So our "College Kitchen" is unique. College students all want to experience social reality, experience the joy of doing things themselves, and also want to experience fresh activists. 

Therefore, the prospect of our "college student kitchen" is broad, and what a broad chain space it will be for so many colleges and universities (undergraduate, junior college, and vocational schools) across the country. 

It also attaches importance to the attention and credibility of the "college student kitchen" among students to develop other services horizontally, so as to achieve a horizontal chain of college students' kitchens.

  • Strategic goals
  1. The short-term strategic goal is to build a student kitchen around different colleges and universities in different places. Seriously organize the internal structure, provide students with a convenient, comfortable, free, affordable, clean space for eating and entertainment, use freedom and cleanliness to win the comfort of college students' cooking and dining, and make them feel that they will come again when they come, and come again. I want to come every day. In half a semester, the publicity of the nearby schools is well known, and a reputation has been built. During this period, the profit is 15%.
  2. Short-term strategic goals: On the basis of good reputation, reputation, and attention, more cities and more colleges and universities can develop "college students' kitchens", and they can also develop horizontally, so that "college students' kitchens" can become a brand and develop other Serving the industry of college students.
V. Investment Analysis
  • Fixed cost 2500-3200 dollars/unit
  • Variable cost (rent, water, electricity, oil, grain) 3000-7000/unit. per year
  • Gas is 600 dollars/month. The unit employs 900/month. Unit
  • Annual total income xx-6000 dollars/month. Units vary
  Because of its instability, it is difficult to estimate the standard value of profit. It is estimated that there will be half a year to recover the cost and half a year to make a profit. The investment can be in the form of a joint venture or by one person. The annual cost of a "college kitchen" is about 20,000-25,000/unit. Therefore, the prospect of college students' investment profits is objective.
6. SWTO analysis of college students' kitchen
  • strength
  1. There is no store with a single and unique structure like a college student's kitchen, so there is less competition in the same industry.
  2. Randomness, it has more choices than canteen meals and obeys customers' own preferences. It's more hygienic, more affordable than restaurants, and reassuringly freer than anywhere else.
  3. Good flexibility, adapt to the off-season and peak season of customer source. The "College Student Kitchen" has a simple structure. The stoves are movable, the tables and chairs are also movable, and they are based on units (one kitchen, one dining room). Variable costs (electricity, water, rent...)
  4. Good adaptability, and ability to face the hot and cold conditions in different periods. The final exam of the current period is approaching, and the students are busy reviewing their homework all day to face the end of the period. At this time, the "college kitchen" may be obviously deserted, which is, with a certain degree of credibility and attention, and close to the school, we can hire a part-time chef. Provide catering services within a short period of time without becoming deserted or incurring losses during the period.
  • wealth: Because it is a service project, it is not stable.
  opportunity: All the students enter the "college student kitchen" with a novel mood, enjoy the "college student kitchen" with a relaxed attitude, and have great opportunities to develop vertically and horizontally.

  threaten: Because college students have low cost and novel forms, imitators will follow, which will become a powerful competitive force in the future. Therefore, strict work management arrangements and continuous innovation and reform are very important.

  From a comprehensive swot analysis, the "college student kitchen" should be clean and free. The organizers do a good job in various management tasks with a rigorous attitude. Take honesty as the foundation, and let the students trust. 

On this basis, always maintain the idea of innovation and reform to operate it flexibly. to exist and develop for a long time.
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