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How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. What is affiliate marketing? Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Tutorial.

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Today we talk about how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online, you should have heard of affiliate marketing tutorials

Step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners is a way of making money that can make you a lot of money, and it doesn't require you to spend a lot of time and effort. Promoting affiliate products is one of the most effective ways to monetize your blog. 

I am afraid that many bloggers have already begun to use this affiliate marketing for beginners step by step tutorials for making money to obtain a passive income, but there is some beginner's guide to affiliate marketing listed in this article that you have never thought of before

If you choose a more reliable affiliate marketing program for beginners and online promotion is better, you will find that you have opened up a long-term stable and relatively fixed income channel for yourself. 

Here, I will share some affiliate marketing guides to make money using affiliate marketing. Before getting into the main text, let’s first popularize what affiliate marketing is. 

Friendly reminder: If you want to create a very professional affiliate marketing website, including Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and other websites for product comparison, product customer evaluation, coupons, and other functions. 

We recommend that you directly link the Rehub theme to Content egg Plugins installed on your WordPress site. 


How to start affiliate marketing for Beginners step-by-step guide

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to monetize your blog. Some companies offer commissions to bloggers and other people engaged in online marketing in order to promote their products or services, increase sales, and accumulate popularity. 

Bloggers or those who are engaged in online marketing can earn a commission (understandably referred to as a referral fee) every time they help these companies sell goods or services.

Specifically, bloggers or people engaged in network marketing can choose their favorite products, and then use the corresponding recommendation links to promote the products on the Internet. Bloggers or others in online marketing can earn a commission when other people buy through referral links.

To put it bluntly, affiliate marketing is a 3-step strategy:
  1. Recommend goods or services to your fans and audiences;
  2. Fans of audiences click on their referral links and then purchase goods or services;
  3. Get a commission on your own sales;

Is it worth doing affiliate marketing?

Why start affiliate marketing? Let's take a look at several advantages of affiliate marketing, some of which are incomparable to other online earning methods.

Advantage 1: Monetize your blog from day one

A newly built blog does not have to wait until the website has a lot of fans and traffic to make money. Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online, and the referral link is naturally integrated with the content.

Advantage 2: You can make money even with a small number of fans

The model of making money by advertising must rely on huge traffic and many fans, but the online earning method of affiliate marketing does not have a high threshold for making money by advertising. 

All webmasters have to do is ensure that their articles are recommended to the right customer base and audience. That is to say, the referral link should be recommended to the precise audience.

Advantage 3: Make more money

How much affiliate marketing makes money depends on how many times others buy goods or services by clicking on the referral link, of course, this also includes the issue of unit price.

For example, the conversion rate of affiliate marketing is 2%, which means that for every 100 people you recommend to shop on someone else's website, only 2 people will make a deal in the end. 

This means that no matter the size of the website or the audience if the commission is $50 per transaction, you will only get $100 yourself.

Let's take a look at the income of webmasters who make money through advertising.

Google Adsense is the world's largest ad network platform, and the minimum pay-per-click price on it starts at $0.15. The amount of money you can make from Adsense ads depends on the size, traffic, and weight of your website.

For example, if the average pay-per-click revenue of an ad is $0.25, then you can only earn $25 when a visitor clicks on an ad 100 times; but for the same example, if you use affiliate marketing, you can earn at least $25. Earn $100. Without a doubt, we make more money with affiliate marketing.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Through the above content, you have learned what affiliate marketing is, what is affiliate marketing for a while, and what are the advantages of affiliate marketing. Next, let's get started with affiliate marketing.

Many network marketers usually do not plan, they generally register accounts on all affiliate marketing websites and apply for affiliate marketing programs. In this case, the goal is not clear.

We should spend a little more time and learn how to get started with affiliate marketing. The following painstaking translation will use 7 major sections to elaborate the introductory tutorial. Before starting to promote a single product, we should complete the following 4 steps.

Identify the niche areas of affiliate marketing

Identifying the subdivisions of affiliate marketing can help focus on a specific industry and make the website content highly vertical. At the same time, it is also conducive to targeted affiliate marketing.

For some people, choosing the right segment may be the hardest part. But here are a few tips for you to ask yourself these questions first:
  1. What am I interested in? Generally speaking, we already have a certain understanding of the industry and field of interest, so it is relatively targeted and relatively easy to create content.
  2. Is this topic big? Does this topic mean that you can publish 100 articles around this topic? If you can't, then you may have difficulty with SEO and maintaining authority.
  3. Is this segment saturated? Before you jump into a niche for affiliate marketing, you should see if the market in this area is very saturated. You can check with professionals in the field to see if the market is highly saturated. If there are more people working in this field, you may wish to consider other fields.
  4. Is there still money to be made in this field? Of course, money doesn't mean everything, but the ultimate goal of your website is to make a profit. If you are interested in several topics, and one of them is more profitable and the other is not, you may wish to choose this more profitable field.
Let's take the affiliate marketing of Amazon as an example to illustrate, log in to the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Center, enter the main interface, and then click the browse product below to enter the product category. Then, we can see all the product categories.

Then we slide the mouse and select the product category of mobile phones, and then we can see many mobile phones, with the words "Get Link" written on the back. Click here to get the recommended affiliate link. 

After getting the affiliate marketing referral link of the product, you can publish the content on some websites with high traffic and where you can add links. There are many such websites.

There are many websites that can publish recommended affiliate links, and this article cannot fully summarize them. Here are a few well-known sites:
  1. Medium
  2. WordPress
  3. Blogger
  4. Quora
  5. Tumblr
  6. Yahoo Answers
  7. Reddit
  8. Wikihow
However, we still recommend that you create your own website, because it is more convenient to operate and view affiliate marketing data on your own website.

Moreover, according to the blogger's own experience, the content you publish on these sites is not under your control, and these platforms will delete it if they say it. 

At that time, the content that you have worked so hard to create will be forcibly deleted. Also, don't you think that you create wedding dresses for others for free when you create on these platforms? 

Therefore, I recommend that you still create your own platform, and focus on your own platform. The content of articles on your own platform can still be published on these platforms at the same time, and the two will be correct at that time.

Build your own website

After completing the positioning of the subdivisions, you can build a website yourself. Of course, if you want to start affiliate marketing, you should have your own blog or other types of website. If you have your own blog or website, most businesses that do affiliate marketing will approve your application for affiliate marketing. 

In the subdivision field, if you have your own blog site or other types of websites, you will give a very professional impression invisibly. Moreover, these companies with their own affiliate marketing programs generally consider webmasters to be more credible.

In fact, there are many blogging platforms, which we have already mentioned before. Painful Guyi recommends using WordPress as a website-building platform. why? Because WordPress is not just because it doesn't pay, the key is that it gives webmasters full control over their content and settings.

To build our own blog site, in addition to choosing a website-building program like WordPress, we also need to register a domain name and rent a virtual host (click to view the top 10 best website hosting hosts).

The domain name refers to the link address (also called URL) of your blog sites, such as guoyuguang.com and baidu.com, and the virtual host (ie server) is the place where the blog content and files are stored online.

When visitors try to enter your website to view content through your website address (ie, domain name), they will be directed to your blog site on a web host.

If you want to build a global website, we recommend you to use Hostinger, Cloudways, and Chemicloud. If you are targeting both domestic and foreign groups, we recommend that you use Bluehost web hosting

Choosing the Right Affiliate Marketing Products

When it comes to affiliate marketing products, everyone has a different idea. A very successful entrepreneur who is also an affiliate marketer once said that she would not do affiliate marketing for those products unless she met privately with the producers. 

By meeting privately, you can indeed see from commodity producers whether their products are trustworthy.

The product selection for affiliate marketing generally has the following ways:
  1. Promote goods or services that you use and really like;
  2. Join the affiliate marketing network, such as Amazon and Alimama mentioned above, and you can find high-quality products in your own segment;
  3. It's best to market items that are refundable, and if your own customers buy something of poor quality or something they don't want, they can also return it to get their money back.
If you have a clear positioning of the types of products you want to promote, then you need to register as a member of affiliate marketing, find the corresponding products, and then copy the relevant referral links.

The right keywords can accurately attract fans

To get people to buy your recommended products, you must ensure that you can reach your own audience who are also willing to buy the products or services you recommend.

The question, however, is how do you know if your content is actually reaching the right audience, getting lots of traffic, and grabbing your audience's attention?

Of course, search engines such as Google and Bing are of course the most important way to attract traffic. If the content of the website includes some kind of test and comparison content, it will be more likely to drive the audience to buy your affiliate marketing products.

Generally speaking, there are 4 main categories of audience purposes:
  1. Navigation: Users generally search for a specific website, and they only want to browse the website content they are looking for.
  2. Informational: The user wants to find answers to some questions.
  3. Survey Category: Users search for relevant commodity and service information for purchase transactions.
  4. Transactional: The user is ready to buy or download a free item.
A person who does affiliate marketing absolutely wants to rank the content of the website that contains the corresponding keywords at the top of the search engines. 

Because potential buyers who are ready to buy products use survey keywords to search for relevant product and service information. These potential customers may compare different products, read reviews from other buyers, or recommendations from buyers, and then decide whether to buy.

In many survey keywords, we often see the following words:
  • best – best;
  • Product Reviews – review;
  • Product comparison – compare;
  • Alternative Commodities – Alternative;
If your own website ranks high for these keywords, website visitors will be willing to buy the products you recommend.

If you operate an English website, to see how visitors find your website through search engines, you need to check the reports in Google Analytics

The method is relatively simple, click to view in the order of traffic acquisition → Search Console → query.

Produce premium content to promote affiliate marketing merchandise

In order to obtain long-term and stable affiliate marketing income, webmasters need to continuously produce long-form content (such as tutorials), and then attach their referral links to the content. 

Why long-form content? Because according to Google's algorithm, the longer the content (more than 2000 words), the higher the ranking.

The blogger himself prefers this method, after all, high ranking can bring long-term income, and it is relatively stable.

There are also some affiliate marketing platforms and programs that require websites to have certain content, a certain amount of traffic, and a number of monthly views before they can apply for their affiliate marketing program. 

So before applying, we need to see if our site meets their criteria. That's not to say you have to create 100 blog posts before you can become their affiliate marketer, but you should have at least 5 high-quality content.

If your website is built on the WordPress platform, before you start monetizing affiliate marketing, bloggers recommend that you install the Pretty Links WordPress plugin, which is one of the best plugins for affiliate marketing.

Pretty Link is a plugin that can disguise your product and service referral links. Because many referral links are relatively long and ugly. 

For example, the product link you want to recommend is https://ccc.com/products/?product_id=123&affiliate_id. 

The Pretty Links plugin can shorten this referral link and make it more beautiful. If this website uses this plugin, you can change the referral link to https://www.answersrates.com/refer/xxx (where xxx is worth the product name).

In addition, this plugin can also manage all referral links. In addition, if the company where the product and service are located changes the affiliate marketing link address in the future, you do not need to go back and forth in the article in order to change the referral link. In the control panel of Pretty Links, you can directly replace the invalid referral link.

How to Earn More Affiliate Marketing Income

With the above content, you have learned how to start affiliate marketing to make money, let's learn how to recommend products on your blog to make more money.

Track clicks on referral links

In fact, almost every affiliate marketing program allows promoters to track links, and Google Analytics can also track the number of clicks on referral links. This way, promoters can compare the sales of different products and services they are promoting.

In fact, in addition to the Pretty Links plug-in mentioned above, there is also a paid plug-in that is also very eye-catching. 

The MonsterInsights WordPress plugin is the most popular Google Analytics plugin and includes many built-in features, such as the ability to download tracking data, track affiliate marketing links, backlink tracking, and many more features.

Tracking clicks on referral links can help:
  1. Find out which recommended items your followers are interested in;
  2. Use the recommended product with the highest sales volume;
  3. Find the most clicked pages
  4. Knowing the traffic of each recommended product from your Google Analytics account can help you negotiate higher compensation with the company where the product is located.
  5. Find the wrong referral link

Increase visitor stickiness with pop-up email subscription windows

70% of web visitors leave your website and never visit again. Pop-up email subscription windows can recommend products to visitors at the last minute they leave the site.

This pop-up email subscription window analyzes visitors' activity based on their mouse movements. You can use OptinMonster, the best popup tool, to create a popup email subscription window.

Drive traffic with Facebook ads

You can use Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site on social media. Although you spend money advertising on Facebook, you can still make a lot of money if the item you recommend has a higher unit price.

If you decide to advertise on Facebook, be sure to track and test. Try not to guess which item sells the most and gets the most clicks.

Write Affiliate Marketing Products into Emails

Another important way to increase affiliate marketing revenue is to include affiliate marketing products in your email content. There are 2 benefits to doing this.
  1. Automatic promotion. Platforms like Constant Contact can use tracking emails to continuously email visitors. It can really be said to be twice the result with half the effort.
  2. Branding. Pushing emails to website visitors is actually advertising and branding, but you must ensure that the content you push must be rich in value and high-quality content.
Often shouting the slogan "Go buy X product now" is often offensive. Therefore, we might as well use the form of soft articles to recommend products to other users under the premise of ensuring the quality of the content.

Create backlinks to articles

Creating backlinks to articles is the best way to increase traffic to your website. 

After the webmaster publishes content on a website with high authority, he can mention his original article, indicate the source of the article, and then create a backlink. This blogger has published this article on the top ten virtual hosts on many sites with relatively high authority.

The higher the information value of website content, the more sharing and forwarding it can get. 

The same goes for forum posts as well as the comments section. You can create backlinks to your site on other platforms as long as you feel it will help your site get traffic in the long term.

Become a premium player of recommended items

Some of the more successful affiliate marketers are successful because they are advanced players in the products they recommend, and they know exactly what they are recommending.

If you also want to increase your affiliate marketing revenue, consider producing content (such as videos) to demonstrate your skills in using your products (or proficiency in related services). Because you are telling others how powerful the recommended product or service is and how good the user experience is.

Epilogue: How to start affiliate marketing for beginners

Through the above content, you should already know how to start affiliate marketing and how to use affiliate marketing to continuously create passive income for yourself.

If you also want to attract more traffic to your website, you are welcome to read the content of the Blogging section.

If you think this article can help you, you must remember to pay attention to this blog, bookmark this website, and welcome to share, forward, and comment.


How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

There are two ways to start affiliate marketing - building your own website or joining an affiliate program. If you want to build your own website, you'll need a domain and hosting. 

You also need to choose what type of website (blog, product reviews, e-commerce), how it will be designed, and how it will operate. 

Joining an affiliate marketing program is a simpler way to get started but it may not produce as much success if you're just starting out. There are many programs available; some have more stringent requirements for rankings than others but still require the same amount of work on your part. 

Once you sign up with a company and create an account, you can start by browsing their products to see which ones might work for your site. For example, if you're creating a blog about fitness, one of the products you might feature would be protein powder. 

The company that offers the protein powder would pay you every time someone purchases it after clicking on the link from your website.

How much do beginner affiliate marketers make?

One of the most common questions beginners ask is how much money they can make by starting an affiliate marketing business. 

In truth, how much money someone can make in this industry will depend on several factors, including - Their experience level - Their marketing efforts - The time and effort they put into their business - How many hours they devote to a day - And their ability to market themselves

What are the best affiliate marketing opportunities for beginners?

Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginner marketers to get their feet wet and learn the ropes. With so many different affiliate programs out there, it's important to find one that fits your goals and interests. 

The best affiliate programs are those that offer a variety of products, have low minimums, and have easy-to-understand documentation. 

For example, Amazon has tons of products (many with high commission rates), all with clear documentation on how you can join them, which makes it an excellent affiliate program for beginners.

How do I become an affiliate with no money?

To become an affiliate, you don't need to spend any money on advertising. You simply need to find a company that offers affiliate marketing and sign up with them.

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