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How to Get More Free Traffic for Your Website

How to Get More Free Traffic for Your Website. 10 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website
How to Get More Free Traffic for Your Website. Generating website traffic for free is not only possible, but also sustainable, scalable, and therefore sensible. 

There are many ways, tactics, and means to drive healthy regular traffic to a website, and if you keep working hard online, it will eventually develop into a source of traffic. 

The best traffic is from search engines. This type of traffic is best when users stumble across your site while browsing the web because such users are most likely to click on your site's ads. Therefore, you want search engines to bring you traffic. 

In order to get search engines to bring you traffic, you have to understand something before becoming internet marketing. 

Search engine traffic is not easy to get, it takes a lot of time and patience to generate search engine traffic. You have to optimize your website for this. 

But here we talk about how to get free traffic to your website

There are several ways to get traffic for free to your website 

Make a mobile page for the website. If technical support is available, this website is worth doing. You only need to target the current popular mobile phones systems such as Apple iOS and Android. 

You must know that the user group using such mobile phones is very large. They also like to use mobile phones to surf the Internet and make a mobile phone page for the website. , can also significantly increase website traffic.

Don't forget to post an announcement on the homepage of your website to inform users of your website's mobile landing page, and do proper promotion of your mobile landing page.

Although the method of robbing a building in a well-known forum is old-fashioned, it is very practical. 

Through the activity of robbing a building, it can not only attract user traffic but also be very helpful for the promotion of products on the website. Of course, this is not a completely free promotion method, you need to come up with some gifts.

The practice of listing domain names on major domain name exchanges is very obscene, but it is indeed a huge help for website traffic. Now many webmasters are doing "rice" reselling business, and they have been active in On the major domain name exchanges, 

those who want to buy domain names will observe the situation of each domain name, and they will also enter these websites to see the current operating conditions of these websites, whether there is any gray industry, etc., which increases invisibly. traffic to the website.

It's just that the quality of the traffic from this method is not very high, and most of them may not be potential customers of our website, but this is definitely real traffic, which is helpful for the website's keyword ranking.

Post extremely controversial topics on the website. You can post some very absurd views, preferably against the ideas of most people. 

Such an article often attracts a lot of people's clicks, although most people do not agree with us. point of view, but they will definitely pay a certain amount of traffic for it.

In this article, we will introduce 10 of the most effective ways to generate website traffic for free

Get Traffic to Your Website for Free by following these 10 Steps.

10 Free Ways to Get More Free Traffic for Your Website

1. Participate in social discussion forums

Just like going to an offline event to meet new people and build relationships, socializing online is also important. 

Participate in many conversations by participating in social discussion forums online! Participate by asking high-quality questions, giving insightful answers, and connecting with people online. Doing so will spark the curiosity of those involved in the interaction, who will want to visit the profile and learn more. 

Make sure there is a clear way to direct them to the website from their social profiles so they know where to go to learn more. 

Forums such as Quora, Reddit, and Whirlpool are recommended. In addition to this, request to join some discussion groups on social media. Just make sure to stick to their social etiquette and stay an active member of the group!

2. Create valuable content

Content is a great way to attract and convert website traffic. The recipe for success in content marketing is actually quite simple: create valuable content + do SEO optimization (search engine optimization) = to generate high-quality organic website traffic.

Great content marketing is also a sustainable, low-cost marketing strategy in the long run. The reason is that people will always search for things online, and if the content provides them with value, Google will reward them by boosting their search engine rankings. That's why it's an absolute must to create content that's truly insightful, educational, and entertaining to the audience. 

By involving employees in the content creation process, high-quality content can be created so that engaging content that is ready to publish is continually created. Another key to successful content marketing is writing punchy headlines for your content to grab your audience’s attention right away. When people search for information online, they naturally tend to click on article topics that catch their eye and promise to bring them value.

Worth noting: A great title can increase click-through rates and drive more traffic to your website.

3. Use a self-publishing platform

Build expertise in your field by self-publishing books on online public platforms, or articles on Medium, LinkedIn, or WordPress, which will gain exposure to a large audience who frequently visit these platforms, books, and articles are not the only content Format. 

There are options to publish presentations or PDF slideshows on some platforms, which can also generate a lot of website traffic, or publish videos. So, think about what type of content you want to create, and where you want to publish it, and get on the road to self-publishing success as quickly as possible.

4. Advertising

There are many opportunities to advertise online for free. This could be through newsletters, media platforms, or any other marketing channel that allows free advertising. You need to create comprehensive "free listings" on these channels to showcase yourself. 

It’s a great way to get started on an advertising platform, free listings bring traffic and then upgrade to a paid version. So if you get a call from the Yellow Pages asking to create a free listing, don't ignore them! It can prove to be quite beneficial.

5. Blog

Blogs can generate a lot of website traffic if partnered with the right blogger. Need to identify the right blog whose audience might be interested in their value proposition, then contact their editor to publish the article. 

Approach blog editors with established audiences and propose to them to create content that will bring great value to readers. 

In exchange, you can ask for attribution and ask for a link to your own website. Start a successful strategic partnership with hosted bloggers who allow free guest posts and value contributions. It's a surefire way to generate a lot of traffic to your website, so don't miss out!

6. Ask others to blog

You can invite people to write articles for your site, just as you would contact editors of other blogs yourself. If you can attract great people, writers, or influencers to create content for your blog, you might win a row! People follow influencers and want to hear great voices. "Content Credibility" can be established by working with content creators with a social following, or anyone who has the ability to create truly high-quality content for bloggers. 

This is the intangible value that content creates and will keep people coming back to the site to consume more content! Give people a solid reason to visit your site and you'll have tons of free traffic in no time. It's that simple. With so much blog-related content, how do create a more valuable blog?

7. Interview with influencers

Another great tip for driving a lot of free traffic to your website is to interview influencers and post the interviews on your website. Influencers are people with a lot of social following, and by interviewing them and sharing interviews, you can attract more website visitors. 

The point here is to ask the influencer to share the interview on social channels after completing the interview. Provides a great traffic boost to the website due to the leverage of the influencer's audience. Interviewing influencers is also building a strong social network and creating "diffusion" around the content posted. 

A piece of content shared by an influencer is like a marketing content asset, finding out how it is constantly being shared by people in the influencer’s network can spur tons of free website traffic. The challenge with this technique is convincing influencers to give interviews. This can be time-consuming and often takes months to get them to agree. Never give up, because even a single influencer interview can lead to a much-needed website traffic boost.

8. Email marketing

Publishing content on your blog and interviewing influencers will drive a lot of traffic to your website. An important action step is to have email capture popups or forms that ask website visitors to leave their email addresses. Doing so will collect the email addresses of a lot of website visitors who want to be heard. These people are fans, want to be part of the journey, are brand advocates, and are likely future customers. 

Therefore, maintaining positive relationships that nurture them over the long term is the key to marketing success. These people may not always have time to visit the site, so it's important to email them whenever an article is posted, or anything that might be of interest to them. 

Automate your email marketing by using email marketing software to send emails to subscribers when an article is published, and track subscribers in case they don't open the email. Include a link in these emails for subscribers to click, which directs them to the relevant part of the site. It's important to include clear "marketing content" in your emails so subscribers know what to expect from them.

9. Webinar

If real-time interaction with the audience is desired, webinars can provide the benefit of connecting with customers and can create informational value for the audience to select seminar topics of interest to the audience. If you do products such as US hosting and independent servers, you can set up a seminar on the analysis of independent servers or US hosting products, and share some practical skills to increase the registration rate.

The tricky part of a webinar is marketing it and then getting people to attend. Therefore, it is necessary to start disseminating the message of the workshop a few days before it takes place. If you can, allow time before the workshop to send 2-3 reminders via email and text so registrants don’t miss out. It is recommended to create solid value in webinars. 

A lot of seminars are about giving people general information and letting them down. Use workshops as a medium to really get to know your customers and allow them to interact, in a different and authentic way. At the end of the workshop, give participants clear and specific guidance on what to do next.

10. Analyze the source of the current traffic

In order to bring quality traffic to a website, one needs to analyze what is useful, and one of the ways is through Google Analytics. This is a great way to see where all your current traffic is coming from and learn more about what makes up your traffic, where it's coming from, and why. Google Analytics shows the channels that send traffic to your website, the sources of traffic, referral sources, and more. 

It is also possible to understand where users are, what time of day they are, and what device they are using to access the website, which is useful for making informed marketing decisions to drive traffic to your website. You can double down on what works and eliminate what doesn't to save time. Focus only on those channels that are most effective and provide the highest returns.

Google Analytics isn't the only tool that can help understand website traffic. You can also use tools like Google to understand which parts of the website users spend the most time on. It can record users' behaviors when browsing the website. Gain a deeper understanding of what your website visitors like and don't like, so you can optimize accordingly. 

Employ this agile marketing idea by testing your efforts and getting smarter at generating free website traffic. If you are not familiar with Google, Baidu, and other statistical tools, you can pay attention to how to install statistical tools for your website.

Conclusion for free traffic to your website

Implementing the above techniques through a systematic plan will, over time, be able to drive a lot of free traffic to your website. Remember, building free traffic is a marathon, not a sprint race, so be patient until you start seeing real results!

In fact, there are many channels for establishing free traffic, such as a large number of external links, friendly links, and new media of soft articles. But no matter which way it is, Bluehost US host companies suggest that they should pay attention to the presentation of content, and more users still pay more attention to the value of the content written.