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55 Most Successful Small Business Ideas

What are some most successful small business ideas suitable for beginners? 55 Most Successful Small Business Ideas
What are some most successful small business ideas suitable for beginners? 

A good idea to start a business at a low cost? Friends who do business know that when they do business, they often choose projects with low cost, small wind direction, low investment, and high efficiency. 

So, are there any businesses that meet these characteristics? The following editor will introduce good ideas for low-cost business ideas. These good ideas will definitely make you make money! If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look.

In life, we may often hear such questions: I have no money/no experience, can I start a business? At this time, there are always many people full of "positive energy" who will say "Of course". 

However, if you have no money or experience, what else can you use to start a business? I believe everyone has a point in their hearts, so how should we look at this issue? 

If you want to start a business, you need to consider at least the following aspects:
  1. Consider a suitable entrepreneurial project. For example, do you want to work in the catering industry, clothing industry, Internet industry, education industry, or other industries; whether to start a business in the form of a franchise or to operate independently; whether to operate an online store or a physical store. At the same time, you should also consider whether the entrepreneurial project you choose has development prospects and whether it can be profitable.
  2. Consider whether you are qualified. For example, if you want to work in the catering industry, do you have the experience and necessary knowledge in this area?
  3. Consider the issue of start-up capital. Any start-up is inseparable from the start-up capital, whether you have prepared sufficient capital. In addition, any business has the possibility of failure, whether you are ready to lose money.
Now many factories along the coast have been closed due to poor efficiency, and with the development of science and technology, part-time jobs are becoming less and less popular. 

Besides, working for a lifetime is not an option. Now the state is paying more and more attention to rural areas and encouraging the majority of migrant workers who return to their hometowns to start businesses. 

Today, the editor will share with you 55 good low-cost business ideas, with low cost, quick results, booming business, and an annual income of at least 200,000. 

With the rapid development of the times and the economy, talent is abundant, and outstanding talents from all walks of life are in fierce competition. It is not easy to survive in this prosperous society, but the ways to make money have also increased. 

All kinds of ways to make money, and as long as you have the heart, all roads lead to Rome, the latest low-cost entrepreneurial methods, if you have the heart to make a lot of money, but do not have enough capital, you may wish to take a look!

What are the good things to look for in a low-cost business, and what are the entrepreneurial ideas worth starting a business. The following is the recommendation of low-cost entrepreneurial ideas shared by this blog, let's take a look! 

55 Most Successful Small Business Ideas

A good idea for small businesses: preschool education training 

low-cost research, and development to form high profits

According to industry insiders, the biggest cost of the preschool education training business is the research and development of courses. 

The investment in a complete set of courses is too large, and many preschool education training institutions have adopted the "imitation" method to directly apply some successful courses, which makes The cost of training institutions has dropped significantly. 

Therefore, under the same charging standard, institutions that adopt imitation methods can earn more than 150% from the book. In addition, according to industry sources, this kind of imitation has become a common practice in the industry, and it has even become a clear rule. 

Some institutions do not hesitate to send people to study undercover in order to obtain courses from well-known institutions.

In addition, many parents do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to train their children in training institutions for the future of their children, which also creates objective conditions for businesses to make profits.

Small Business Ideas: Temporary childcare 

This entrepreneurial project is suitable for women in the age group of 25-55 years old, with an education level above high school. 

The initial investment is only about 5000 dollars, which is used for renting 50-80 square meters of houses along the street and simple decoration, adding children's toys, children's books, small tables, chairs, etc. 

What industry has development prospects? In addition, an early childhood education professional shall be hired to implement children's games, observe children's behavior, and provide advice to parents. 

Investing in industries with small profits and large profits can open up daycare, full care, and other businesses according to the actual situation.


Small Business Ideas: Personalized small gifts

In today's life, people are more and more fond of personalized items, especially photos that are worth taking in daily life. There are too many saved and there is nowhere to save them. 

Therefore, in life, many people want to keep their memorable photos forever, and often hear friends' parents say that they regret that their children's original photos were not saved and lost the meaning of life. Now there is a personalized customization industry, you can save the photos in your mobile phone like a book, which solves these problems. 

If you don’t understand anything, you can look at Meixuan Li Jiqing online. In the future, more and more people will pay attention to the souvenirs of life. Therefore, it is also a good thing for entrepreneurs to run a small business in their spare time. The market is blank, the investment is small, the operation is simple, and the annual income easily exceeds 200,000

Workplace life is changing, and only working for yourself is the long-term solution. Personalized small gifts are in line with people's life hobbies. More and more people choose the photobook industry, which can not only leave a legacy for their own life Beautiful memories, and at the same time, 

you can use the usual trivial time to increase your own living income. To put it bluntly, doing a good job is better than doing a part-time job, and doing a bad job can be regarded as a small business in my spare time.

Small Business Ideas: A street snack bar


Street food shops are becoming more and more popular now, especially these young people, they like to eat street food very much. 

Because those big hotels only sell packaging and various decorations, the taste cannot be compared with these street snacks at all. 

The most authentic food culture in a region is street food. And it doesn't take a lot of money to open a street food restaurant. 

You can just use a trolley, then get a gas tank, and have all kinds of tableware. You don't even need to pay rent. I believe the business must be very hot.

Great idea for a small business startup: Green Food & Organic vegetable cultivation 


The 21st century is a green century. As the concept of green consumption is increasingly accepted by consumers, the consumption of green food in my country is growing rapidly, and the market share of organic agricultural products in the international market is also gradually expanding, providing opportunities for the development of green food in my country. 

The development of green food is not only conducive to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable agricultural development, but also conducive to increasing farmers' income, improving the economic benefits of enterprises, and expanding the export of agricultural products to earn foreign exchange. This is work that benefits the country and the people. 

We are grass-roots people, returning to our hometown to start a business. It is possible to open a vegetable planting base, because the organic green vegetables on the market are very scarce, and it is a very potential market. 

If you run this organic vegetable planting base well, it will definitely be very profitable, allowing you to earn at least 200,000 within a year, which is much better than working outside. You have to believe in your choice, and it will definitely pay off in the end.

Small Business Ideas: Open a specialty milk tea shop 


In recent years, the beverage market has developed rapidly, and various milk tea shops have sprung up, which is a rookie in the catering industry. Judging from the current situation, there are all kinds of specialty beverage shops in the streets and alleys, and beverages have gradually become the first choice for people's daily leisure beverages. 

None of this reveals the potential development trend of beverages in the future. As we all know, the main consumers of milk tea shops are young people, so the address selection should be chosen in places with many young people.

Great Ideas for a small business Startup: Nail Beauty

After formal training, ordinary people can master this technology in only half a month, and the tuition fee is only about 400 dollars. 

Coupled with the start-up capital you have prepared, a manicure center including dry and cracked hand care, nail color stickers, color spray, hand-painted patterns, and other business projects can be successfully built. 
  1. The initial one-time investment in equipment (phototherapy device, dryer, small hand basin, etc.) is about 150 dollars; 
  2. Monthly expenses: more than 150 dollars for manicure materials; 
  3. Shop rent: ranging from several thousand dollars to two thousand dollars;
  4. Labor: Generally, the commission is flexibly based on performance; 
  5. Monthly income: Net income generally exceeds 1500 dollars. 

Small business idea recommendation: Wedding Company

  The prospect of starting a wedding company is very optimistic. Whether it is rich or not, if it is not because of the hateful worldly customs, they are willing to be well-mannered and organized, so that they can save money and finish the wedding without being discussed by others. 

The establishment of such a wedding company can be said to cater to the current situation: choose an advantageous geographical location, preferably a political, cultural, and economic dense area; a beautifully designed, luxurious wedding hall with complete service facilities; design a wedding that is suitable for contemporary young people to accept. 

Carry out procedures, service items, and economic standards; recruit and train shrewd and capable Mr. and Mrs. Manners. The various services carried out by the wedding company are rough as follows: camera and photo services; catering, tobacco and alcohol services; guest accommodation services and pick-up services; bride and groom honeymoon travel services. 

The business model can take the following steps: carry out the necessary advertising, make this cause popular among the people, and form a fashion or trend; establish certain cooperative relations with the marriage agency and the department that handles marriage registration, 

so as to obtain information and issue invitations; grooms The bride fills out and signs the business application as a cooperation agreement between the two parties; chooses the auditorium and wedding ceremony; takes wedding photos, and makes up before the wedding.

Small business idea recommendation: Green dry cleaners have a lot of "money"

  The new generation of green dry cleaners has completely solved the problems of large investments and the limited popularity of dry cleaners. The chemical content of the detergent formulated by the green process is lower than that of ordinary washing powder, which does not cause any damage to the clothes and is also harmless to the human body. 

It is a green environmental protection process that benefits the country and the people. Green dry cleaners only need 500 dollars for a high-quality ironing machine and 150 dollars for an ordinary washing machine. Washing raw materials can be purchased in local stores for 50 dollars. 

The formula is simple and easy to learn, and it can be operated with a good proportion. When operating, just soak the clothes in the washing liquid prepared by the green dry cleaning process, press the gentle setting of the washing machine, and the washing can be completed in a few minutes. 

The cost of washing a set of clothes is only about .50 dollars, and the fee is 2 dollars. The cost of refurbishing and cleaning a leather coat is .50 dollars, and the cost is 10-15 dollars. 

The daily income is more than 50 pieces, plus various difficult clothes. after deducting industrial and commercial, tax, water, electricity, rent, and other expenses, the annual profit can reach more than 15000 dollars.

Small business idea recommendation: Anime game accessories store

  The business idea is mainly engaged in the sale of game cards and game accessories, animation character models, game strategy guidebooks, and other animation game-related products; it provides game console modification and upgrade services. 

Before opening a store, it is necessary to understand the market conditions, that is, the most popular animation games and game console models, and then carry out product analysis and positioning. 

The address is suitable for choosing around the school. The initial investment is mainly for rent, decoration, purchase of equipment, staff wages, and other expenses, 4500-8000 dollars can be opened for business.

Recommended small business startup ideas: puzzle shop

  In view of the fact that many people are pursuing a leisurely way that has both individuality and fun, it is possible to open a small puzzle shop that can not only entertain consumers but also decorate their homes and give gifts to relatives and friends. 

In a large shopping mall, renting a space of more than 10 square meters, plus decoration, staff wages, goods costs, etc., the initial investment is about 8000 dollars. 

It is worth noting that when purchasing goods, we should pay attention to the control of quantity, choose multiple varieties, and purchase less quantity of each variety, and we must open up the consumption level to meet the requirements of customers at different levels.

Recommended small business ideas: Yoga, and beauty leads to wealth  

  1. Preliminary investment: 45000 dollars; 
  2. Investment form: joining as a sole proprietorship; 
  3. Store area: about 20 square meters; 
  4. Store rent: generally 600-700 dollars/month; 
  5. Investment location: noble 
  6. Consumer groups: young people who pursue individuality and nature, mainly men; 
  7. Investment return period: more than 1 year. 

Recommended small business ideas 6: Convenience stores, benefit the people and themselves

  Sales of various daily necessities, hot and cold beverages, and food; sales of lottery tickets, concerts, and tourist tickets; sales of newspapers and magazines; film production and printing on behalf of others; establishment of public telephones; sales of stamps; telephone home delivery; Medical medicine box; hot water supply, microwave heating; rain gear sales, etc., these are the service contents of convenience stores. The location of a convenience store is very important. 

In addition to the community, near hospitals, vegetable farms, schools, and the corners of major traffic roads with a lot of people are good places to open convenience stores. But you have to pay attention to the convenience store near the supermarket is better less. 

The storefront of the convenience store is only 20-80 square meters, and the annual rent is about 1300 dollars; the purchase of various goods is about 3-4000 dollars; in addition, 2-3 shop assistants are equipped for delivery. The total investment is about 6500 dollars. 

Among them, complete goods and thoughtful service are the keys. Convenience stores adopt the principle of small profits but quick turnover to gain market share with accurate, in-place, fast, proactive, and effective services. Calculated according to the ratio of investment and income, the annual gross income is roughly 3000-4000 dollars.

Small business idea recommendation: Anti-theft, industry supreme

  The appearance of the X smart anti-theft mobile phone case is exactly the same as that of the ordinary mobile phone case. Before the phone is stolen, it will automatically alarm, remind the host and the surrounding people, and scare away the thieves. 

Functions include sound, vibration, alternating sound and vibration alarm, simultaneous alarm, music alarm, etc. The styles are casual, sharp, rounded, oiled, and folded. 

They are divided into two categories: pure leather series and imitation leather series, with more than 100 kinds of high, medium, and low grades. As soon as the product came out, it immediately detonated the small commodity market, and the anti-theft mobile phone case was sold well all over the country.

Small business idea recommendation: Men's beauty salon, you will never regret falling in love with you 

  1. The storefront should highlight its own characteristics; 
  2. The positioning of the service object; 
  3. The service should reflect the specialization; 
  4. The membership-based business model can be used; 8000 dollars to open for business. Generally speaking, the cost can be recovered in about 3 months. 

Three pieces of advice for beauty salon operators: 
  1. Don't wait for the rabbit; 
  2. Don't use the beautician as a gun; 
  3. It is better to save money than to make money.

Small business idea recommendation: Recycling computers, this is how rich people are made

  Whenever a new computer comes out, there is always a batch of old computers that are obsolete. First, pick out those machines that still have useful value, put them on the market again after discounting or donate them to charities; second, dismantle those machines that cannot be sold again in the second-hand market, and sell cardboard, plastic, and glass. 

To scrap collection stations, sell non-precious metals to metal recyclers, Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc., will be shipped to precious metal refineries, and circuits can also be disassembled and useful chips attached Label for resale.

  Many projects that are suitable for investment now actually require a large investment. If you are starting a business for the first time, we do not recommend you to choose. 

Recommend small business ideas: Bamboo charcoal products, bamboo industry new language

  Bamboo charcoal is a natural environmentally friendly health care product. It has developed more than 100 kinds of products by using its super adsorption, which releases infrared rays, and negative ions. Bamboo charcoal is called "black diamond" in Japan. 

Using bamboo charcoal as fuel, the fragrance it emits can make the room fragrant and smell refreshing. Bamboo charcoal is not only easy to burn, but also saves the amount of use. In addition to being used as fuel, bamboo charcoal can also be widely used in food cooking, baking, storage, and preservation. 

When cooking rice, a piece of bamboo charcoal is placed to protect its nutrients from loss, and the rice is more fragrant and delicious. 

Putting bamboo charcoal in the refrigerator can remove peculiar smell, prevent food from spoiling, and prolong the preservation period of food; when frying food, adding a little bamboo charcoal can not only save oil but also keep the oil quality unchanged; using it to cook food can make food Quick and soft.

Soaking tap water with bamboo charcoal can remove the smell of bleaching powder and various harmful impurities in the water, and the dirt in the water is not easy to adhere to sanitary ware; put bamboo charcoal in the bathroom or wardrobe to remove peculiar smell and prevent the clothes from being moldy; put it in a fish tank, can make the water cleaner and fish less susceptible to germs. 

Due to its wide range of uses and diverse functions, bamboo charcoal is more and more popular with consumers from all over the world. In such a broad market, it is advisable to open a bamboo charcoal products store. 

The investment in opening such a bamboo charcoal product store is not large, mainly including store rent, decoration costs, employee wages, and working capital. The store only needs a dozen square meters and one employee. 

The total investment is about 8000 dollars. The profit rate of bamboo charcoal products is 50%, and the average daily turnover is about 100 dollars. The gross profit for half a year can exceed 15000 dollars, and the whole year's investment can be recovered, with a net profit of nearly 3000 dollars.

A good idea for a small business: flower and soil monopoly

The location of the flower and soil processing factory is just one line away, with a site of 100-200 square meters. It is necessary to hire a flower soil expert to formulate various flower soils containing organic or inorganic fertilizers with different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium according to the characteristics of various flowers to meet the needs of various flower growers. 

A worker buys a tricycle, with an average of 2-4 cubic meters of flower soil per production, and about 10,000 cubic meters of flower soil can be sold in a year. According to the current market of about 30 dollars per cubic meter of flower soil, the annual sales volume is about 30000 dollars. 

Excluding the rent, fertilizer, water, electricity, wages, and other expenses, the annual net profit is 60,000-15000 dollars, and the market prospect is extremely attractive. . You can also sell some flowers and trees while selling flowers soil.

A good idea for a small business startup: garbage disposal

As early as 2000, one of my friend's Province established a comprehensive waste treatment plant through personal investment. After three years, he recovered all the investment. 

Now, this person's garbage disposal plant can not only digest 100 tons of garbage generated every day in the city but also produce organic compound fertilizers and recycled plastic bags, with an annual net profit of 350000 dollars. 

Profits mainly come from three aspects
  1. the sale of classified trash bins; 
  2. engineering costs; 
  3. a certain value created by recyclables.

A good idea for a small business: waste plastic recycled pellets

To establish a recycled plastic granule factory, the investment scale can be any size. It can start from one production line or purchase multiple sets of equipment for large-scale production at the same time. 
  1. Taking a production line as an example, the workshop is about 30 square meters, requiring water and electricity, and the material yard is about 30 square meters; 
  2. A production line only needs 2-4 workers; 
  3. The construction period only takes 5-7 days; 
  4. The working capital of a product should not be less than 800 dollars, and the working capital should be appropriately increased for large-scale production.

Recommended small business Startup Ideas: Software Development

  It is not necessary to have a lot of capital to engage in software, the key is to have talents and brains in this area. He independently completed the development of a power system management software and a foreign company's warehouse management software, earning nearly one million in banknotes for the company, and he also received a share of 15000 dollars to engage in software development. As long as he can do a good project, his economic strength will be reduced. can grow at a geometric rate.

Recommended small business idea: Open a hair salon

  Although the countryside is not what it used to be, there is still a blank in rural hairdressing and beauty, and it has great market potential. Young men and women can learn the skills of beauty and hairdressing, and open their stores in the towns and villages. 

15000 dollars is enough for tuition and the purchase of hairdressing and beauty equipment. If managed properly, the monthly profit should be more than 300 dollars.

Recommended small business idea: Planting honeysuckle, a medicinal capital tree

  This variety is a new variety of honeysuckle bred based on the fine line naturally produced in the large-leaf woody honeysuckle, crossed with the fine line of honeysuckle in the south, and then vegetatively propagated, purified, and rejuvenated. 

It has the advantages of neat flower buds and a high yield. As a precious medicinal resource, honeysuckle is in huge demand in domestic and international markets, and its price is rising year by year. Planted in the same year and bloomed in the same year, the current market price of the drug is 120-30 dollars per kilogram. 

The planting efficiency is high, 667 square meters can produce 180-260 kilograms of dried flowers and can also produce 30,000 kilograms of branches and leaves. 

The branches and leaves are good to feed cattle, sheep, and pigs. The output value of 667 square meters can reach 1500 dollars. The row spacing is 1.5 meters × 2 meters and 220 plants are planted in 667 square meters. What is the most profitable planting in rural areas at present? 

The price of seedlings is 2 dollars per plant, and the postage starts with 30 plants; 1.5 dollars per plant for more than 50 plants, 1 dollar per plant for more than 1000 plants, and .50 dollars per plant for more than 10,000 plants.

Recommended small business idea: handmade embroidery shop

  In recent years, retro fashion has become popular, clothing is very popular, and embroidery has also become a fashion hotspot. You can rent a 20-square-meter facade and open a handmade embroidery shop. The rent and decoration costs are controlled by 5000 dollars, and the start-up capital is about 6500 dollars. 

The colors of the embroidery should be rich, and trees, flowers, characters, and animals will be welcomed; in addition, the quality of after-sales service should be improved, and customers should be told how to maintain the embroidery and how to choose the embroidery that suits them and try to repair them for free.

Recommended small business Startup Ideas: Chocolate Workshop

  Chocolate is a favorite of many, it's creamy and nutritious. Now some savvy merchants have started a business of hand-made chocolate. Small money is a good project, providing customers with raw materials and tools, what kind of chocolate they want to eat, and customers can make them themselves.

  The process of making chocolate is not complicated. Just melt the raw chocolate, pour it into a special mold, let it dry for a few minutes, and then buckle it out. There are two fire eyes under the small operating table, which are specially used for heating raw materials.

  It doesn't matter if you don't have art skills, just pour chocolate juice into the mold, the chocolate is dry, and all kinds of cute and interesting chocolates are made. Simplicity and convenience have become major features of the chocolate shop. In addition, chocolate symbolizes sweet love, so it is deeply loved by young people.

Recommended small business idea: Natural fertilizer industry

  Natural fertilizer is a general term for farm organic fertilizers. In addition to improving the quality of natural fertilizers, it is also necessary to "green" the market demand, which is the basic requirement of the market for agricultural products. 

On the other hand, the natural fertilizer industry is also the ultimate destination of urban waste, and the production of natural fertilizer can be completely artificial, industrialized, and industrialized.

Self-made small business idea: Specialized store for agricultural materials

  In a village or township with a large population, rent a store along the street and open an agricultural materials store to sell seeds, pesticides, agricultural film, and other production materials. 

The investment cost is about 1500 dollars. Since the commodity is necessary for farmers' production and is used in large quantities, it is a good investment project. If your own funds are not enough, you can consider joint ventures with large stores in the county or provincial capital to obtain monopoly profits.

Self-made small business startup idea: Corporate advertising

  Successful advertising slogans are concise and lively, with rich connotations, which can not only reflect the corporate image but also show the charm of the product, often killing two birds with one stone. 

Therefore, the design and creation of advertising slogans must be conceived in all directions and from multiple perspectives, and we must fully understand the nature of the enterprise, and the performance of products, and conduct comprehensive processing of literature, poetry, and music art in order to create a good advertising slogan. 

Advertising slogan operators generally create two types of advertising slogans: corporate advertising slogans, which specifically establish a corporate image; product advertising slogans, which specifically establish the image of brand-name products. 

As for advertising slogans that promote both companies and products, it is very difficult to create, so the price should be many times higher than the other two types, generally not less than 15000 dollars.

A good idea for a small business: make money as a freelancer.

  There are two ways to make money online as a freelancer, one is to undertake tasks to make money, and the other is to make money as a marketing partner. 

Taking on tasks and making money requires real skills. How to start a business without opening a store You need to have expertise in design, programming, planning, etc.

Great idea for a small business  startup: Build your own personal website

  Building a personal website of your own, for many people, not only can you pass the addiction of being a webmaster, but you can also make money by placing advertisements after the website has a certain amount of traffic. This is a job opportunity for many people to earn income in their spare time. 

How to start a business and make a personal website without opening a store is indeed very profitable. many people are also dreaming of being a personal webmasters. 

But the author does not agree with friends who do not have any Internet experience to build personal websites. If you want to learn about developing a website then check out our blogging category.

A good idea for a small business: apply to be a moderator and earn some pocket money

  Applying to be a moderator means going to some big forums to apply for moderator. How to start a business without opening a store? The treatment of moderators is relatively stable but not high, and the treatment paid to moderators by different websites is also different. 

To be a moderator, you must first be interested, and you must have a fixed time every day to manage the forum. For friends who have a lot of time, you may wish to apply for a moderator to do it, not only to satisfy the vanity of being a moderator but also to get a little material gain.

Self-made small business idea: Book and news store

  With the gradual enhancement of farmers' awareness of promoting agriculture through science and technology and the concept of the rule of law, as well as the gradual development of rural spiritual civilization, many young farmers are no longer satisfied with the life of working at sunrise and resting at sunset. 

They are eager to improve their cultural literacy and knowledge of science and technology law, and their demand for books, especially newspapers and books of science and technology law, will increase. 

If we can open a book and newspaper kiosk in a village with a large population and convenient transportation that involves culture, policies and regulations, technology, and business, farmers can freely borrow or buy books and newspapers, and the business will be good.

Small business Start-up idea from scratch: Translation company

  The influx of foreign businessmen not only requires foreign businessmen to communicate with us but also domestic enterprises and individuals are in urgent need of various translators to facilitate business negotiation and foreign transactions. 

Some small and medium-sized enterprises lack foreign language talents, and some enterprises doing international trade cannot do without the assistance of foreign language talents. 

However, the object of their cooperation or business is not limited to one country, and they need more than one foreign language talent. These companies and individuals either do not have enough strength, or there is no need for more than one foreign language talent. 

These enterprises and individuals either do not have enough strength, or there is no need to hire various foreign language talents for a long time. It is more affordable and convenient to find professional translators temporarily with business, all of which provide a broad market prospect for the establishment of translation companies.

Small business Startup Ideas: Optical Stores

  Optical shops are recommended every year, and I believe next year will be no exception. This traditional profiteering industry has always attracted thousands of entrepreneurs with its easy operation, high profits, and sustainable development. 

However, it has not yet reached the level of market saturation, and there are still many market gaps. For example, many secondary cities, new communities, and commercial areas have not yet settled in optical shops.

Small business Startup Ideas: Personal Financial Planners

  In the past, we used to say seven things about opening the door: chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea. Today's savvy Cantonese people have a new way of saying: open the door for eight things, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea plus financial management. 

This also shows that people are paying more and more attention to financial management - having money can only prove that you have financial resources, it does not necessarily mean that you will carry out financial planning, without insurance planning, a serious illness may make people bankrupt; Blindly speculating in stocks.

However, these plans to prevent risks and increase returns cannot be done by anyone, so private financial planners came into being in this situation. In a private financial planner, financial management is no longer simply saving money but extends to comprehensive financial planning in the fields of investment income, tax arrangements, retirement protection, children's education, loan design, etc.

Small business idea: "repair" old toys into a new business

  Many young parents have such experiences: electric toys bought for their children after spending tens or even hundreds of dollars are broken by their children within a few days of playing. I couldn't find a suitable repair shop on the Internet, and the toy became a "chicken rib". 

If you can open a toy repair shop in a densely populated community or next to a kindergarten, the business must be good. In addition to repairing toys, you can also expand your business and do a toy disinfection business, and you will also have a good income.

Small business ideas: franchise stores

  Instructions: Various shops from burgers to signage, tools, and tips: Depends on the industry.

  Hidden costs: There may be some legal fees to pay when researching contracts

Small business Startup Ideas: Consignment (Retail)

  Description: Buy used clothing and other products, wash them, and then arrange and display them in a fun and attractive way for resale.

  Charges: Depends on the item. Professional tools: retail space, shelving, display cases, credit card transaction equipment, cash registers. May also need a website.

Small Business Startup Ideas: Reselling Waste Paper

  Many of you have been shopping, and people often come to distribute flyers to promote products. In fact, this thing is money! Why? You don’t know, in fact, some printed ones are very expensive, there are some brochures that are more expensive to sell real estate for publicity, but many people don't read them carefully when they get them in their hands, and they may fall off easily. The quantity, sold at a low price to the boss who issued this item, also saved a lot of money for them.

  Of course, this thing also requires your own eyesight, learn more about the price of different printing quality and different paper, otherwise, people will only get 8 points for a piece, and if you sell it for 1 cent, it will be strange if people don't scold you.

  If you are worried about your face, you can get suitable clothes and hang an armband. People think it is environmental protection and volunteer activities.

  Don't underestimate the income of this thing. The first person to do this has already opened a company and hired a few people to recycle this thing and then sell it. All comrades who have good physical strength and can put down their faces may wish to try it out.

Small Business Ideas: pet care center

  During the long Spring Festival holiday, travel has naturally become the first choice for many people's Spring Festival leisure, and what about the dogs and cats at home? Look for "pet care". 

Therefore, pet care centers, or providing foster care services on the basis of pet stores, have become another business opportunity for the Spring Festival. It is understood that the economic income of pet care is good. 

The fostering fee for pet cats is about 5 dollars per day, and for pet dogs is about 8 dollars per day. The fees for famous pets or larger pets are even more expensive.

  Business tips: To operate a pet boarding business, the operator must have a suitable place for business and a certain amount of capital, understand the habits of different pets, and prepare sufficient food and toys. It is recommended to provide pet grooming, pet training, pet medical care, and other services while providing foster care services.

Small Business Ideas: Nursing home for the elderly

  Starting a nursing home according to the geographical conditions and natural resources is also a way to make money, especially for the retired elderly, the market potential is huge, and at the same time, it can properly take care of other patients. 

First of all, there is a problem we mentioned above, that is, the payment of medical expenses; secondly, a disadvantage of personal investment is that it takes a lot of trouble to find a place for medical treatment. The solution to this problem usually takes a joint venture with the state. way; again, the choice of the spa venue. 

Generally speaking, most of the people who want to live in nursing homes are the urban elderly; finally, there is another element, that is, complete medical care, rehabilitation facilities, and medical staff with emergency capabilities.

Small Business Ideas: Integrate resources to make money.

  In the off-season of tourism, there are many hotels with a good environment and the business is very poor. Then you can find a hotel and discuss cooperation with the boss. You can help the boss to bring a lot of customers for meals and accommodation and only need to provide a conference venue for free.

  Then find an insurance company, because many insurance companies are always holding training conferences or activities such as outdoor training camps, and they also need to lease training venues for a long time. 

You can sell the conference venues from the hotel at a lower price than For the training company, of course, the premise is that the training company must have more than 2 or 3 days of training, and the number of people must be more than 80-100! 

Not only can it save money for the insurance company (as long as the training is to eat if it is a few days of training May have to stay), and can help the hotel to bring customers!

  If you think this is incomprehensible, then I will give the simplest example! There are many restaurants in every city, so does every restaurant have a need to buy food? And what does a restaurant need? Is it just cheap?

  You can find the owners of various restaurants and purchase the vegetables they want to buy in a centralized and unified manner. Everyone knows that when buying vegetables, the larger the quantity, the lower the price. Can you buy the same quality at a lower price? vegetable. 

After taking the order from the restaurant, you can go to the wholesaler in the vegetable market, you can get the goods at a lower price, and then send the goods to various restaurants. You only earn one price difference, you don't have any risk! 

And it is how much you need to order as much as you need, restaurants can buy the food you need at a lower price, wholesalers can also sell a lot of goods, and you can also earn the difference!

Small Business Startup Ideas: Start a Gift Box Business

  Come over to exchange gifts between relatives and friends, and you can definitely make money doing the gift box business. To do this business, you must first go to the market to find out who buys gifts and what gifts? 

Who buys the most gifts and so on. For example, friends of inpatients want to buy some flowers for the patients, wishing them a speedy recovery; at weddings, relatives and friends send gifts to the bride and groom, wishing the two newlyweds love and love, and grow old together. What is a good small business for the new year?

  What kind of small business do you want to do during the New Year? In the gift box business, you have to consider how the planned gift box can meet the needs of customers and obtain reasonable profits. Here, the rationality of the gift box is the most critical. There are different pricing plans for gift boxes of the same nature, which need to be carefully planned.

Great Ideas for Small Business: Online Education

  The development of the Internet has also triggered a revolution in the field of education, and distance education has been valued by schools; it has also aroused the interest of students. This is the virtual university that is now in the ascendant. 

With the help of the Internet, you can get a college degree without going to school and sitting in front of your computer at home, thanks to the advent of e-books and online classrooms.

  Networking and education are also a boon for vocational education. Most adults have to go to work during the day, and if they go to participate in activities such as amateur training at night, it will be a test of their physical strength and will. But with the Internet, it becomes very easy to receive training. You can also choose which famous professors to train you. 

The online school does not need a large school building, and naturally, it does not need a large school building. As long as you build your own website on the Internet, hire some famous professors and experts to teach in your online school, and then get the approval of the relevant business and education departments, you can start a business. The huge potential of online education is waiting for those who have The favor of visionaries!

Good ideas for starting a Small Business: Divorce companies

  In recent years, a divorce company specializing in marriage assessments has emerged, offering services to couples who are divorcing. The company's main business is to conduct marital assessments for couples who are preparing for divorce, provide legal counseling, and also provide a psychological diagnosis for people who have just divorced.

Good ideas for starting a Small Business: pet funeral

  There is a "funeral home" that provides funeral services for pets. The first is to collect pet photos, toys, and other relics at the door, transport the pet's body back to the store, and make up for it with a professional beautician. 

Then the mourning hall was arranged, and the coffin-in-coffin ceremony was held. Finally, they are transported out for burial. This service is popular with some pet lovers.

Great ideas for starting a Small Business: voice beauty

  Traditional image beauty has become less and less able to meet the needs of modern people's lives, and improving the voice is becoming the pursuit of people to reshape their images. 

Voice beauty, which is currently emerging in some places, is mainly for professionals to teach people how to control and care for their voices. Such as when and how to deal with intonation, where should pay attention to changes in mouth shape, and so on. Among the customers who do voice beauty, there are generally presenters, students, teachers, and public relations receptionists.

Good ideas for starting a Small Business: soy milk business opportunities

  Modern people have higher and higher requirements for health, and the benefits of soy milk need not be repeated. In particular, freshly ground soy milk is loved by people. 

Freshly ground soy milk is not as complicated as everyone thinks. No matter what flavor, there are only differences in the proportion of heat and raw materials, so it is very easy to master.

  Opening a Soymilk store does not require a high booth size. If you have more money, you can open a special soymilk store and sell it early. You can also develop different flavors of soymilk by yourself. 

If funds are in short supply, you can open a soymilk workshop at home and deliver the prepared soymilk to other breakfast shops, or open a soymilk stall where white-collar workers and students go to school. To do this you just need to buy a few simple devices.

Good ideas for starting a Small Business: wind-carved hard material store

  Stele and stone graphic engraving products, such as plane relief murals, road monuments, monuments, tombstones, plaques, etc., are widely used in architectural decoration, commercial store signs, former forests, cemeteries, and municipal construction. 

For thousands of years, the original stone carving products have been loved by the public, but because of the manual operation of hammers and chisels, the processing time is long, and 20 small-scale entrepreneurial projects that do not require academic qualifications are recommended! 

The labor intensity is high, the skill requirements are high, and it is far It is unable to meet the many demands of today's engraving products, such as large volume, high speed, high quality, fine pictures and texts, and specifications.

  The numerical control, computer, and laser engraving units developed in recent years make engraving because of its high investment (as few as 1500 dollars, as many as 15000 dollars), large volume (only fixed operation), limited material size, and great technical difficulty (You must know the computer to become fast) and many other factors.

Good ideas for starting a Small Business: plant bonsai shop

  At present, vanilla bonsai is a promising industry, and it is still a very scarce commodity in the flower market. With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of health care, the market for vanilla bonsai will become larger and larger. This natural green and pollution-free fragrance satisfies people's return to nature. 

Vanilla bonsai can be divided into three categories: the first category of smelling fragrance: Chinese vanilla, perfume grass, vanilla, etc.; the second category of smelling fragrance and regulating qi: lavender, chamomile, etc.; the third category of sterilization and insect repellent: mosquito Pure vanilla, lemon balm, fenugreek, etc.

Good ideas for Small Business startups: mobile phone startups

Internet + Online has become an extremely low-cost and super-convenient entrepreneurship platform. Especially now that it is so convenient to surf the Internet on mobile phones, the coverage of Wi-Fi has also sunk in rural areas. Many people use mobile platforms to start their own businesses. 

If you are a mobile phone controller, the mobile phone business is a very suitable choice for you, you can make money by playing with mobile phones.

Internet + Private customization

Mobile client custom photo book. A photo book is to turn the photos on your mobile phone, such as baby photos, lover's photos, family photos, friends' wedding photos, art photos, portrait photos, life photos, etc. into a book, to keep you and your family like a magazine Every moment, a trend that never fades.

1. The market competition for new projects is small: everything is sold on the market, such as facial masks, skin care products, personal care products, adult products, and health care products, but there is no such product as a photo book, so in this micro-business bursting, all are in When working on the same product, the advantages of joining a photo book agency will come out immediately. With new projects and new products, there are fewer competitors and fewer peers, so your chances will naturally be great.

3. Easy to use and simple to operate: As a photo book agent, it is really the easiest one for so many projects of micro-businesses. The photos are submitted to the manufacturer, and the rest is done by the manufacturer. You only need to be responsible for publicizing and receiving orders.

4. There are many repeat customers and small profits but quick turnover: a photo book of 38 also includes free shipping. The price is really close to the people, and everyone can afford it. Many customers find it very interesting after buying one and then adding several more copies. The photo book is given to the elders and relatives of the baby as a souvenir, and some customers think that the photo book is good after purchasing and then turn to an agent. 

Therefore, whether it is retail or agency, it is easy to do, and earning rice is not a problem. No matter what industry you are in, you want to increase your income, or you want to have a part-time job, you can be a photo book agent. You only need to invest 15 dollars, the price of a pack of cigarettes and lipstick, and you can start a new way to make money. 

You will receive an Unexpected effect! The photo book agent can be a lifetime agent for only 25 dollars. The most important thing is that the agent does not need to deliver the goods by himself, so there is no need to stock up the stock. Worry, save the time of packing and shipping.

The era of customization has arrived. The market is new, the market is blank, the investment is small, there is no risk, it is liked by men, women, and children, there are many repeat customers, small profits but quick turnover, no need to purchase, stock up, ship, make it with pictures, place orders by mobile phone, easy to operate, no matter you are Mom, office worker, student, as long as you have messenger. 

This is the hottest and most popular industry right now! Because of its small investment, low threshold, high return, and free time! If you want to join, you can make money without leaving home. In the era of the Internet +, business opportunities are here, and it depends on how you grasp them. With the progress of social development, if you seize the appropriate opportunity, you will be able to get rich and meet the increasing needs of people.

Small Business Ideas: phone cleaning shop

Don't underestimate the film business. Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming more and more expensive, and people are more and more caring for mobile phones. Film and repair are already popular industries. 

The cheapest film is 1.5 dollars, but the cost is only a few hairs. Not only that, in the future development, everyone should pay more attention to the maintenance of mobile phones, so mobile phone cleaning shops will be a new development industry, opening a shop is not only simple but also very profitable, cleaning a mobile phone costs only 2 to 3 Dime, very suitable for young people to do.

Small Business Ideas: recycling computer

Whenever a new computer comes out, there is always a batch of old computers that are obsolete. First, pick out those machines that still have value, put them on the market again after discounting or donate them to charities; second, dismantle those machines that cannot be sold again in the second-hand market, and sell cardboard, plastic, and glass. 

To scrap collection stations, sell non-precious metals to metal recyclers, Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc., will be shipped to precious metal refineries, and circuits can also be disassembled and useful chips attached Label for resale.

Small Business Ideas: Energy-saving products

Negative ion energy-saving lamps not only save energy but also effectively dissolve second-hand smoke in the air; urinals that do not need to be flushed; vegetable washing machines that can recycle water; steam car washing machines that use 70% less water... a researcher of the Institute, said that since 2010, the demand for energy saving in household life has grown rapidly, the development group has increased, and the variety of market-oriented products has increased significantly. 

Coupled with rising prices, people's awareness of financial savings has been enhanced, which has provided conditions for the popularization of household energy-saving products. You can invest in energy-saving product supermarkets, which mainly sell products related to life. Currently, such supermarkets are very popular in cities. 

Small Business Ideas: Digital marketing services

If you have experience in the marketing field, a solo digital marketing agency is a low-cost business idea you can get up and running in no time. If you don't have a background in marketing but are interested in the field, you can take affordable online courses to develop your skills. 

One of the best yet most challenging things about marketing is that it is always evolving. Therefore, if you have a knack for storytelling and learning, a digital marketing firm is a business you can start quickly and cheaply.