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About Me
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What is the best advice for young people to start a business?

What is the best advice for young people to start a business? In 2022, some advice for young people to start a business.

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Do young people choose to start a business or to work part-time? 

Hear my 35 pieces of best advice for young people to start a business in 2022.

I think this is also a common question for many other young people who want to start a business, so I want to answer this question systematically and give some reference to others who have the same problem.

First of all, you have to understand one thing: starting a business is a high failure rate thing, are you really ready?

There are different opinions on whether young people should start their own businesses or not. People who fail to start a business tell you that if you don’t have 90% certainty, don’t start a business easily.

Those who fail to start a business are a good example. People who succeed at starting a business tell you that you still have to have a dream, in case it comes true! 

Working is a habit, and starting a business is also a habit
For me personally, it’s definitely cool to go out and do something by myself, and it’s always fun to start a business, it’s addicting. It seems that the early stage of starting a business is very painful, but it can exercise your patience, execution, and spleen.

The biggest advantage is that it can exercise your ability to earn thousands or even tens of thousands a day. But the early pain is: sometimes you have no income for a few months, but after half a year, the income starts to double continuously.

As long as you lay down the foundation, all income in the future will be yours, but working for others has nothing to do with you.

Remember: starting a business is inherently risky, and it takes money or time.

The courageous people have more opportunities, including you who are making money online now, but only when you see him making money, you can't see the experience of failure in the early days.

This society is essentially a competitive society, and no one should pity anyone.

In the Internet age, the original talent system and corporate governance mechanism are incapable of attracting and retaining talents, selecting operators, and motivating operators. , to achieve "sharing, co-creation, and sharing " for capital and talents, and jointly promote the innovation and development of enterprises. The partnership system also reduces the risk of starting a business and is also a good choice for young people to start a business.

However, Sun Tzu's 'The art of war' has a saying that "plan and then act", you must plan and deploy anything. Even if you choose to become a business partner and start your own entrepreneurial era, you can't blindly follow other people's suggestions with passion, or subjective judgment.

If you really still want to start a business and have the ambition to change the world, then I have the following suggestions for you. If you can do in-depth research and adequate preparation, you might as well give it a try.

Find the right direction to start a business.

In 2022, Some Advice for Young People to Start a Business


Making money is copying, copying is making money

In the early days of starting a business, don’t always think about innovation. In the industry of your choice, who makes money, who copies. Whoever made the result, who copied it. Make money as soon as possible, keep yourself alive, and think about innovation.

Do projects with thresholds

Regardless of any project, the higher the threshold, the higher the success rate, the lower the threshold, the more people participating in the game, and the lower the success rate.

After the selling point is locked, the price will die. 

Don’t change it casually. If you shout every day, everyone will think the price is high at first, but after you shout for a long time, everyone will get used to it and pay the bill. Think about the price is not the truth?

Lock a selling point and do not change it.

A student is flirting with girls. He has held this selling point for 13 years, and now his annual net profit is around 10 million. If he changed the runway in the middle, it is hard to say whether he could make so much money.

People with vertical selling points and vertical traffic channels are all very powerful people, and it is difficult to think of people who know a little about everything.

Break up

If I do an addition system, 90% of people can easily beat me. If I do a subtraction system, there may be fewer people who can crush me! There are only 16 hours a day, 100% busy digging six or seven wells at the same time. I only dig one well, 3 meters a day, usually 100% water in 3 to 5 days...

If you want to do things, you must study people thoroughly

Human greed, laziness, and pretense are deeply rooted in human genes. To make money is to satisfy the humanity of customers, and money will naturally come in to satisfy their humanity.

Habitual gratitude

I have met more noble people. Sometimes I will answer a few questions from fans. Some people will say thank you, some people will say nothing, and some people will say oh, huh, I'm a little unhappy. Are you saying that next time he asks me a question I will answer him? We make others unhappy, and when it comes to helping, we will only get perfunctory answers from others (it has long been blocked by others in my heart)

Not all colleagues can copy and imitate. 

Some people are the product of the times, not the product of hard work.

Don't pretend to be B when you make money

In 2017, I made more than 300,000 dollars. When I got home, I put on a B. My uncle was sitting in the living room and asked me to take him. Two classmates came to my house. Saying that my child's phone is broken, I insisted on sending one. My niece came to my house, took my two tablets, and didn't let go of anything. Those days,

All kinds of troubles have come, and my heart is too tired. Since then, I have become a silent dog. When I came home in 18 years, I said that I had lost everything and owed a lot. I have never met with me again. The speaker, the acquaintance, the acquaintance, Mare Goby.

Study hard

Serious research has a certain universality, and you must also study hard to make money. If you dig deep enough, you will become a savvy brother. Funds, teams, qualifications, and connections are not a problem. Success comes naturally.

First and last

For many links, don’t want to achieve 100 points as soon as they come up, but 60 points are almost the same, and they will be polished and gradually optimized later. For example, if you are hesitant to do event promotions, do a small test first, and then slowly optimize it later.

More exposure 

The more you release your own value, the more your own value is released, and the customer will pay for it. To release value is to send videos, send audio, and send articles. The more exposure you have, the more people will pay attention to you, the more people will pay the bills, and the traffic will be raised.

You can start a business without money. 

There are many light projects that don’t cost you to choose from, but you don’t know or have not studied them.

Don't think from the customer's point of view 100%. 

If you think from the customer's point of view 100%, the loss of customers will be very serious. Because even if you achieve 100 points, the customer will be dissatisfied.

Development of society 

Only differentiation can promote the development of society. We do exactly the same thing as everyone else. How can we excel?

People are all products of the environment. 

Basically, what kind of person you are in what kind of environment you are in. What kind of person do you want to be, pay attention to what kind of scenery and live in what kind of environment. You don't have to struggle to find the nobles and the environment. The randomness of the nobles is too strong, and the environment is fixed and generally unchanged.

Only do what you are best at  

If you have done what you are best at, you have surpassed many people. Don't think about being an all-rounder. You can subcontract out other things that you are not good at. Making money is when your advantage becomes longer, and the longer it becomes, the more money you make. Looping only one action is the most profitable. Everything will be equal to nothing, only the same, to be the ultimate, equal to everything.

Learning in practice, not learning to do it again. 

There are many things, if you want to learn, you will never understand for the rest of your life. If you get used to it, you can get through everything.

Don't think about eating a big fat man in one bite  

start earning from small money. To be honest, I found that many people are unwilling to make small money, but cannot make big money. In fact, people who really make money start with small money. When you can easily make small money, big money will come naturally.

Make performance 

There are many ways to make performance soar in the short term, but they cannot solve substantive problems. Because it is too intense, it must not be able to connect to the subsequent rhythm. Do business with patience, and in the details, the water will flow. Sometimes the ones that need to be cut off are the ones that make the most money, and the ones we think have a market. Everything can only be verified, not planned.

Not be confused 

If you don't make a project very strong, very good, and it is full, don't start the next one. Always maintain a sense of crisis, not be confused by money, not be confused by identity, not a fluke, not arrogant. Stay away from applause and praise, stick to dry things, and pour cold water on yourself.

Doing the Internet is exponential growth. 

It is possible that there will be nothing in three or five years, but once it is cracked by 1%, it almost means that it has been cracked by 100%. You thought you were going to become an expert, but maybe one day you will become an Internet celebrity, you will break away from the original track, run wild, and your income will skyrocket.

Things are far more difficult than imagined  

so always be prepared for long-term battles. In addition, don’t take shortcuts, don’t give up if you don’t do it a hundred times, and fight to the death with the mentality that you must succeed. People with firm hearts will not be knocked down by the words of others.

To make money, sometimes it is constantly divided, not earned. 

I met a teacher who only gave lectures and didn't care about promotion.
He said that he cooperated with the promoters: 
  1. Give him 200 dollars per day; 
  2. Give him 30% of his daily income, choose 1 from 2, this student chose 20% of his daily income is given to him. 
Now the student has a daily income of more than 8,000 dollars, and the teacher has a daily income of more than 2,000 dollars. When the teacher's daily income reached 2,000, he took the initiative to say to the promotion staff: Just give me 500 a day. 

Because the teacher who lectures knows that there are many teachers who want to cooperate with the promotion staff, and if they do not reduce the cost of ownership, they will be filtered out. Unfortunately, there are too few people with this awareness.

Those who do not know how to operate, simply fight alone  

They will never be able to make a lot of money. Those who have traffic will live, and those who have no traffic will die. People with traffic can completely change the technical teacher at any time.

I will never forget what I have experienced in my life. 

Experience and comparison are the best teachers. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, don't be afraid to fail. I haven't seen a successful person who has made no mistakes and has not experienced failure.

Where did your first pot of gold come from 

just dig a deep well there, don't change your mind. Human energy is limited, a gun can only hit one hole.

Start businesses on the Internet 

People with a low tolerance for information are not suitable for working on the Internet, nor are they suitable for making money on the Internet. In the era of information fragmentation, the species that can adapt will win.

Some people feel that they are broken after adding 2 groups, but some people can chat like a duck in more than a dozen groups, and they can also brush a circle of friends, by the way, collect money, read an official account, and send a Douyin.

Can't sit still, can't stand it, the Internet is a game machine to you, not a cash machine. If you don't believe me, look at those young people who start their own businesses on the Internet.

I feel particularly deep this year. 

There are repurchases. The end of the year with high customer orders is very good. Customer orders are low, and sales by volume have declined. The cost is huge, but it is hard. We must adhere to light assets, not everything can be touched. The leftover is king, the invisible champion does not care what sales are the first, profit is king.

What is imitation? What is original? 

It doesn't make much sense to mess with this. In fact, many things have existed for a long time, but different people used different words to say it. The difference is who really understands it, does it, and makes money.

Million-level, relying on hard copying. 

No matter what you sell, as long as it is a business that can be repurchased and fissioned, it is enough, but if it reaches the level of tens of millions without a backend, it will not work. It must be cyclical consumption and truly valuable. Anyone who relies on the front-end to make money is not as good as a year, and it is both hard and tiring.

Grasp the first principle. 

If you are a self-media, you should do the content well and send value to those who follow you. When you sell products, make good products and services to ensure that every product is stable in the hands of customers.

If you do business on social media  

you must learn to acquire customers from the platform, import social media, import the community, and go around. If there is no traffic coming in, it will be those people who will enter the bottleneck sooner or later. Some methods, because new people come and you find it works.

Selling goods 

The cheaper, the more calculated, the more expensive, the more you convince yourself, this is human nature. Selling cheap things must be more calculated than consumers, selling expensive things, as long as you find the core reason for value and keep spreading it is enough. People who know the goods will convince themselves.

Survive first 

In the matter of making money, don't despise the means, but it must be legal. There is no such thing as wise and despicable, only the long-term saying, a cat that can catch a mouse is a good cat. At least if you have food to eat, when you don't even have to eat, you have to be ruthless, let yourself survive first, and then consider development.

The first level, the bottom mind is called: I have pain.

The second layer, the poor thinking is called: I have a dream.

The third layer, middle-class thinking is called: I have a goal.

The fourth level, the thinking of the rich is called: I have a method.

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