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​50 Innovative Business Ideas for College Students

​50 Innovative Business Ideas for College Students. Top 50 Business Ideas and Startup Opportunities for College Students in 2022.
50 Innovative Business Ideas for College Students 

When college students start a business, how should they choose the type of business? How do college students do business? 

Let’s learn the types of college students’ entrepreneurial enterprises brought to you by Answer Rates.com, let’s take a look!

Types of Business Ideas for College Students_How to Start a Business for college students?

How College Students Choose Different Types of Business.

  In today's society, the difficulty in finding employment for college students has become a trend. If employment is difficult, more graduates will naturally embark on the road of self-employment. Self-employment by oneself or by cooperating with others, giving oneself a job opportunity, and creating jobs for society at the same time. 

But entrepreneurship is not so simple. College students are insufficient in terms of capital and experience, which requires college students to fully master relevant entrepreneurial knowledge, including company systems, business forms, etc. These aspects must be taken into account.

  Then let's talk about how to choose different types of enterprises when college students start their own businesses. At present, there are many forms of social enterprises, such as limited liability companies, partnership companies, one-person limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, joint-stock limited companies, private enterprises, joint-stock cooperative enterprises, and so on. 

However, according to the actual situation of college students, partnership companies, one-person limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, and limited liability companies are more suitable for college students who are starting their own businesses. The following is an analysis of these types of enterprises.

  • Partnership. 
A partnership is a form of direct union of private companies. The owners are jointly responsible for the combined company property. At the same time, the investor shall bear unlimited joint and several liabilities. Unlimited liability of a partner means that the scope of a partner's liability is not limited to the amount of his capital contribution or his share of the partnership property, but to his entire personal property. 

A partnership enterprise does not have the status of a legal person and is a natural person enterprise; the establishment and internal management of the partnership enterprise are based on the partnership agreement; the partners are jointly and severally liable for the debts of the partnership enterprise; Share risks and have a strong human nature.

  Partners are in the same boat through thick and thin, sharing weal and woe. Therefore, the risks and responsibilities of a partnership are more dispersed than those of a sole proprietorship. Partnerships have limited funding sources and corporate credit capabilities, and cannot issue stocks and bonds, which makes it impossible for partnerships to be too large in scale. 

The responsibility of the partners is much greater than that of the shareholders of the company. The joint liability between the partners makes the partners responsible for the business behavior of their partners, which increases the risk to the partners. 

Due to the strong personal nature of the partnership, the bankruptcy, death, or withdrawal of any partner may lead to the dissolution of the partnership, so its duration cannot be very long.

  • One-person limited liability company. 
A one-person limited liability company is a limited liability company in which one shareholder holds the entire capital contribution of the company. The minimum registered capital of a one-person limited liability company is (+ / -) 15000 dollars and the shareholders shall pay the capital contribution stipulated in the company's articles of association in full at one time. 

In addition, if a shareholder of a one-person limited liability company cannot prove that the company's property is independent of the shareholder's own property, he shall be jointly and severally liable for the company's debts. 

The establishment of a one-person limited liability company is very difficult or even impossible for a college student, especially a college student who has just graduated. The first is that its minimum registration limit is 15000 dollars, and it needs to be paid in full at one time.

  If you add other expenses when the company was established, it is a huge expenditure for college students who have just graduated, and it is impossible to achieve. Even if it is realized, other problems such as capital turnover may follow, which is inevitable It will bring great difficulties to the future development of the company. 

Of course, in addition, a one-person liability company requires the sole shareholder to bear joint and several liabilities for its debts. If the company falls into a crisis before it starts, it will undoubtedly be the worst blow for college students who have just started a business and have no capital. 

Therefore, it is not recommended for college students to start a business through a one-person limited liability company from the beginning. unless there is financial support from the family.

  • Personal-owned enterprises. 
A sole proprietorship refers to a for-profit economic organization invested by a natural person and all assets are owned by the investor. Investors in a sole proprietorship shall bear unlimited liability for the debts of the sole proprietorship. 

A sole proprietorship can only be established by a natural person. Sole proprietorships are unincorporated organizations and do not have legal personalities. Investors in a sole proprietorship have unlimited liability for the debts of the business. For sole proprietorships, there is no minimum registered capital requirement by law.

  Therefore, according to the above conditions, it can be known that a sole proprietorship is a favorable condition in terms of capital and does not need to pay corporate income tax. Therefore, college students can set up a sole proprietorship according to their economic ability. 

It is relatively easy to start a sole proprietorship, but for a company that has just started, further consideration is required for future development, because experiencing problems such as funds may cause various difficulties in the future. 

The unlimited joint liability of sole proprietorship is a risk for college students, so when considering the establishment of a sole proprietorship, a series of problems brought by unlimited liability should also be taken into account.

  • limited liability company
A limited liability company refers to an economic organization in which two or more and less than fifty shareholders jointly contribute capital, each shareholder assumes limited liability to the company with its subscribed capital contribution, and the company assumes responsibility for its debts with all its assets. Limited liability companies include wholly state-owned companies and other limited liability companies. 

The establishment of a limited liability company must meet the following conditions: shareholders meet the quorum, that is, more than 2 but less than 50; shareholders' capital contribution reaches the minimum legal capital limit, that is, generally 4000 dollars, except for the initial capital contribution, the rest of the shareholders are established by the company. 

It must be paid in full within 2 years from the date of payment, and some companies need to set the minimum limit separately; shareholders jointly formulate the company's articles of association; have a company name, establish an organizational structure that meets the requirements of a limited liability company; have a company domicile.

  The conditions of a generally limited company are still more suitable for newly graduated college students to start their own business. First of all, the minimum registration limit of this kind of company is within the economic scope of the newly graduated college students’ entrepreneurial group, and college students’ entrepreneurship is generally based on group entrepreneurship. Business is also more favorable. 

At the same time, the shareholders who registered the company together have limited liability to the company with their subscribed capital contributions, so some shareholders with a small share may not be so active in the company's operation, on the contrary, shareholders with a larger share It has a relatively large enthusiasm for the operation of the company, so it may cause differences in the contribution and enthusiasm of different people to the company, which is not conducive to the development of the company. 

The general investment of college student groups may be more evenly appropriate because they are just starting out, which can mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. Therefore, this form of enterprise is quite suitable for college students to start their own businesses.

  Usually, the establishment conditions, tax burdens, and risks faced by different organizational forms are different. Although college students often invite several friends to participate in entrepreneurship, or even take the lead alone, because college students do not have any business experience and can attract limited capital in the early stage of entrepreneurship, for a small-scale enterprise, the partnership system maybe is a more suitable form of organization. 

When partners deal with internal affairs, whether it is decision-making or communication, they are simpler and faster than the company system. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the form of business organization reasonably and reduce the tax cost of starting a business.

When college students start a business 

if they want to run a small business and do not want to take too much risk, it is suitable for the organizational form of sole proprietorship or partnership; if the scale is large, the management level is high, and the operating risk is high, it is suitable for the organizational form of a limited liability company. 

If the scale of capital is not very large, it is more cost-effective to establish a partnership company first, and then turn it into a limited liability company after the operation reaches a certain scale and the market expands, and then choose an opportunity to develop into a joint-stock company. 

However, when college students are just starting a business, it is better to start with a partnership.

What are the Business Ideas of college students?

  The entrepreneurial project refers to the specific implementation and operation of the entrepreneur in order to achieve business purposes. Entrepreneurship projects can be classified into a wide range of categories, such as catering, services, and retail according to the industry. 

According to their nature, they can be divided into Internet entrepreneurial projects and physical entrepreneurial projects. Let's take a look at the entrepreneurial projects or ideas of college students.

There are many entrepreneurial projects that college students can choose from. If we choose the right project, we will be more than 50% successful. The next step is to test the operational capabilities of your project. 

I will also combine my many years of entrepreneurial experience. College students to start a business. I think you should have the following points, maybe right.

It will help you to start a business.

Top 50 Business Ideas and Startup Opportunities for College Students

1. Business ideas for college students: used clothing remanufacturing shop

This project breaks the traditional service scope of changing from big to small, from fat to thin and filling holes. It mainly provides customers with creative designs of repurposed garments and also provides remodeled accessories, such as ribbons, beads, zippers, etc. 

Clothes that do not fit or are outdated can be remodeled, or discarded clothes can be transformed into other items, such as doll toys, pillow backs, home accessories, etc. 

The store should be small but not large, and the investment cost is not high, but there are certain requirements for the creative design ability and craftsmanship of the store owner.

2. Entrepreneurial ideas for college students: Open a cross-stitch shop

Cross stitch originated in Europe and was first popular in the palace, and later introduced to the people. You don't like only girls who are gentle and virtuous. Many fashionable cool girls also sit in the store and experience another "cool" brought by various colors of silk threads with their fingers painted. 

In addition, cross stitch You can also match the T-shirt cross-stitch work with a suitable frame to make a decorative painting. 

The equipment of the cross stitch shop is not complicated:
  1. A black and white copier; 
  2. An inkjet color copier (or a computer flatbed scanner); 
  3. A standard embroidery display box (which can be used as a storage space, beautiful and easy to manage). 
The embroidery cloth of cross stitch is also very important, generally square grid, pure cotton texture. The large sorting box can hold more than 100 winding boards, and the small sorting box is easy to carry and can store 20-25 winding boards. 

The cross-stitch special winding board can wind threads of different colors in different categories. In contrast to the pattern and symbol marks or the thread number of the embroidery thread, a thread number label can be attached to the winding board for easy management.

3. Business ideas for college students: opening a home appliance embroidery boutique

DIY electric embroidery has the most popular cartoon characters, exquisite flowers, English letters, irregular patterns, etc. When making them, you only need to put characters, exquisite flowers, English letters, irregular patterns, etc. on them, put them anywhere on the clothes, and press them with an electric iron at a temperature of 120 ° C ~ 150 ° C for 45 ~ 60 seconds. 

On clothes, it is like embroidering a beautiful pattern, and it is not afraid of washing. More importantly, the price of electricity is cheap, only 3 to 5 dollars per month, which is acceptable to most teenagers and can also be ironed on school bags, wallets, cloth bags, hats, cloth shoes, pillowcases, bedsheets, and other products. 

The electric embroidery market is very wide and basically risk-free, suitable for anyone to invest and start a business. Since electric embroidery is a relatively new shop opening project, free hot stamping services can be offered at the beginning, and service fees will be charged after opening the market.

4. Business ideas for college students: opening a handmade embroidery shop

If you open a hand-made embroidery shop, on the one hand, you can sell your own embroidery products, and on the other hand, you can open an embroidery club to find some simple patterns for children to learn and charge appropriate fees. 

A room of 20 square meters, decorated with noble and elegant decoration, has a strong atmosphere of traditional culture.

5. Entrepreneurial Ideas for College Students: Early Delivery

Design tips for breakfast style: 
  1. Staple food: bread, steamed buns, steamed buns or other pastries; 
  2. non-staple food: pickles or other special dishes; 
  3. Drinks: morning tea, coffee, milk, gruel, or other liquid food; 
  4. Design and make breakfast A special lunch box, which combines staple food, non-staple food, and beverages in one box, which is convenient for express delivery and sales; 
  5. The early design should be formulated according to different tastes and healthy diets in different regions. 
According to the general public quantitative, the price should not be too expensive. Free delivery fee. If you can deliver breakfast for about 1,500 people in 10 units every day, and a box is 3 dollars, then the monthly income is 4,500 dollars, and half of the cost is removed, and there is still more than 2,200 dollars left.

6. Entrepreneurial ideas for college students: Refurbishment of used batteries

Lead-acid batteries have become a widely used reserve power source due to their excellent reversibility, and their designed service life can reach 10 years. However, due to sulfation, the actual life of more than 90% of ordinary lead-acid batteries is only 1 to 2 years, while the shelf life of domestic lead-acid batteries is generally only 6 to 12 months. The best small investment project. 

According to relevant data, more than 80 million lead-acid batteries are scrapped every year in my country, and tens of thousands of batteries are scrapped every year even in small and medium-sized cities. Because waste batteries pollute the environment a lot, the country's management of the outbound transportation of waste batteries is also very strict. 

The refurbishment of used batteries can not only generate income but also be conducive to environmental protection. The market is basically blank in various places, and the development prospects are very large.

Take the refurbishment of car batteries as an example. To open a used car battery refurbishment shop, you can rent a 10-square-meter site. The equipment only needs a multimeter, a hydrometer, a charger, and various chemical raw materials. The total investment is less than 1,000 dollars. 

The refurbishment cost of a 200-600 dollar waste animal battery is 3-15 dollars, and the charge is 50-100 dollars; the renovation cost of a 100-dollar waste battery is 0.3-1 dollar, and the charge is 15-30 dollars, so Profits are relatively high.

7. Business ideas for college students: handmade embroidery shop

In recent years, retro fashion has become popular, Clothing is very popular, and embroidery has also become a fashion hotspot. You can rent a 20-square-meter facade and open a handmade embroidery shop. The rent and decoration costs are controlled by 30,000 dollars, and the start-up capital is about 40,000 dollars. 

The colors of the embroidery should be rich, and trees, flowers, characters, and animals will be welcomed; in addition, the quality of after-sales service should be improved, and customers should be told how to maintain the embroidery and how to choose the embroidery that suits them, and try to repair them for free.

8. College student business idea: Men's underwear store

It is said that women's money is easy to make, and most clothing manufacturers and businesses focus their energy on the women's market, while the men's market has been neglected. And this is evident from the popularity of specialized men's underwear stores. 

The investment in men's underwear stores is not much, mainly in the pavement, decoration, and initial purchase payment. There is a certain difference in the price of pavement in various places, but generally, 50,000-100,000 dollars can be started. It is very important to choose a brand when opening a men's underwear store. 

At present, there are two main types of men's underwear that are popular with domestic men. One is the everyday type. The other type is sexy lingerie with exaggerated shapes. The location of a men's underwear store is very important.

9. Business Ideas for College Students: Baby Souvenir Store

If you want to start a business, how to find a project? According to data, the average consumption level of baby souvenirs in provincial capital cities reaches 300,500 dollars, and some families far exceed this standard. 

Popular baby souvenirs on the market include lanugo brushes, lanugo paintings, hand and foot shows, etc. The initial investment is not much, 50,000 dollars can be opened. 

Such stores are generally located next to large hospitals (especially women's and children's hospitals). Only by using high-quality and preferential services can we create a word-of-mouth effect.

10. Business ideas for college students: open an animation shop

Looking at the international animation market, animation has become an important pillar industry in the United States, Japan, Europe, and other countries and regions. 

The United States is now the world's largest animation production and animation product exporter, with an annual output value of animation and derivative products of more than 5 billion US dollars. Japan is the second-largest animation producer after the United States, and the market size of animation products in 2002 alone reached 2 trillion dollars. 

The American cartoon "The Lion King", with an investment of only $45 million, has so far made a huge income of $750 million, and it is still rising. The famous cartoon "Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" has been richly rewarded for 80 years and is enduring. 

At present, the domestic dynamic cartoon market is in its infancy and has broad prospects for development. Anime shops can handle all products related to anime.

11. Entrepreneurial ideas for college students: opening a specialty slippers store

When people go shopping, they often see a variety of shoe stores, such as leather shoe stores, travel shoe stores, sports shoe stores, and even cloth shoe stores, but have you noticed that there are only a few shoe stores. In fact, the demand market for slippers is not small, especially after most of the citizens have been accustomed to wearing slippers into the room after the decoration of their rooms. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to switch to different slippers in different seasons. For example, the slippers worn in winter should have the function of keeping warm. At present, most of the slippers on the market are "street goods", with uneven quality, no after-sales guarantee, and the same styles and colors, which are obviously out of touch with the consumers' increasing quality of life and actual needs. 

Therefore, the slippers store is still a piece to be developed. a "wasteland". Slipper operators with market vision can add some special varieties, especially they can design slippers samples, and then contact manufacturers for processing and production. 

For different places of use and different purposes, we design different slippers, such as bathroom anti-slip slippers, massage slippers, kitchen slippers, anti-beriberi slippers, etc., to achieve professional management.

12. College Student Entrepreneurship Ideas: Convenience Stores

Compared with large supermarkets, convenience stores are somewhat "pediatrics" in terms of scale, but because they mainly operate daily necessities, and have the characteristics of long business hours and convenience for residents to shop, they are more and more popular among more and more people. accept. 

Convenience stores are still in their infancy, and the market capacity of convenience stores is far from saturated in my country, and there is still a lot of room for the development of convenience stores. 

Various indications show that convenience stores with diversified services, that is, in addition to the retail of daily necessities, also run other businesses, such as laundry reception, express delivery, and other convenience services, will be the focus of the next stage of retail development in most regions of my country. , has great prospects for development.

13. Business Ideas for College Students: Nail Beauty Shop

After formal training, ordinary people can master this technology in only half a month, and the tuition fee is only about 2,000 dollars. Coupled with the 20,000-30,000 dollars of start-up capital you have prepared, a nail center that includes dry and cracked hand care, nail color stickers, color spray, hand-painted patterns, and other business projects can be successfully built. 
  1. The initial one-time investment in equipment (phototherapy, dryer, small hand basin, etc.) is about 1,200 dollars; 
  2. Monthly expenses: more than 1,000 dollars for manicure materials; 
  3. Shop rent: several thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars; 
  4. Labor: Generally, the commission is flexibly based on performance; 
  5. Monthly income: Net income generally exceeds 10,000 dollars.

14. Business ideas for college students: personalized clothing printing shop

Now the combination of transfer printing and computer technology has expanded the application field infinitely, which can be applied to blank cultural shirts, jeans, sweaters, leather bags, belts, gloves, etc. 

This technology can also bake color patterns and portrait photos on metal plates, porcelain plates, metal cores, mousepads, puzzles and necklace pendants, and other items. Simple to operate, great income, no basic computer knowledge required.

15. College Student Business Ideas: Women's Jewelry Store

Women are naturally beautiful! Girls are naturally beautiful. Ornaments can decorate the beauty of girls. Carefully embellish your own accessories to make you unique and show your unique self. 

Fashion accessories: every woman's necessities! 

There are not many jewelry chain stores in my country at present, and they have great market potential. Setting up or joining a chain of jewelry stores is a good idea, and usually offers a higher return on investment than chains with other products.

16. College student business idea: leather shoe beauty store

The market price of footwear ranging from 200-to 1000 dollars is a medium consumer commodity, and the new type of footwear machinery maintenance should make a big difference. 

The price of a domestic leather shoe repairing machine is about 8,000 dollars, plus the purchase of some related materials (sole, heel, shoe line), the total cost is about 10,000 dollars. 

Its market price is basically classified according to different shoe types and brands: 2-15 dollars for glue, 20-25 dollars for planting shoes, 15-20 dollars for filling holes, and 25-100 dollars for bottom replacement. 

Compared with traditional shoe repair methods, mechanical Although the price of repairing shoes is slightly more expensive, the repair rate is much lower. Calculated by repairing 20 pairs of shoes per day, the monthly business volume can reach 2500-3500 dollars, the profit is more than 1000 dollars, and the cost can be recovered in one year.

17. Startup Ideas for College Students: Home Goods Rental Store

There are more and more new gadgets in TV shopping, but they are hesitant to ask ordinary people to pay for them. Based on this situation, if renting instead of buying and opening a household goods rental store, its market potential is definitely not small. 

The purchase of leased goods needs to start from "small". The purchase price of the goods can be 100-300, 300-500, 500-1000 dollars, etc., and the fees are charged according to the grade. Taking the purchase of a household electric oven as an example, the purchase price is about 1,000 dollars. 

If you rent it out at the price of 12 dollars a day, if you rent it out 20 times a month, you can get 200 dollars in rent. It is estimated that the cost of a product is about 8,000 dollars. After deducting the maintenance and repair costs, there can be a profit of nearly 2,000 dollars a month.

18. Entrepreneurial Ideas for College Students: Home Economics

If you know the people in the community very well, you can combine their needs and open a domestic service agency in the community, which will definitely be very popular. 

The establishment of a domestic service agency requires less investment, less risk, and quick results. It can also arrange for laid-off workers to be re-employ and has a good development prospect. 

Your business project can be single or comprehensive, such as the establishment of elderly care homes, kindergartens, primary school students pick-up and drop-off service departments, information service centers, marriage agencies, food delivery service agencies, laundry service shops, etc. These should be considered by you.

19. Entrepreneurial Ideas for College Students: Featured Water Bars

The main body of the specialty water bar is a small shop specializing in drinks. Water bars are generally favored by many entrepreneurs because of their huge potential consumer groups and huge profits. 

The attraction of the water bar lies in the environment, so the area of the store should not be too small, but it is not about pomp and circumstance, and the focus is on creating an atmosphere.

20. College Student Entrepreneurship Ideas: Color Key Making

Compared with the preparation of an ordinary household key, the ordinary key blank is 0.2 dollars/piece, the charge is 1 dollar/piece after the match, and the gross profit is 0.8 dollars/piece; the color key blank is 3 dollars/piece, and the charge is 10 dollar after the match. dollar/ piece, gross profit 7 dollar / piece. 

To open a counter for color key preparation, the total investment (including key duplicator and 500 blanks) is within 2,500 dollars.

21. College student business ideas: green dry cleaners

The chemical content of the detergent formulated by the green process is lower than that of ordinary washing powder, which does not cause any damage to the clothes and is harmless to the human body. It is a green environmental protection process that benefits the country and the people. 

Green dry cleaners only need 3,000 dollars for a high-quality ironing machine and 800 dollars for an ordinary washing machine. Washing raw materials can be purchased in local stores for 200 dollars. The formula is simple and easy to learn, and it can be operated with a good proportion.

When operating, just soak the clothes in the washing liquid prepared by the green dry cleaning process, press the gentle setting of the washing machine, and the washing can be completed in a few minutes. The cost of washing a set of clothes is only about 2 dollars, and the fee is 10 dollars. 

The cost of refurbishing and cleaning a leather coat is 1-2 dollars, and the cost is 50-80 dollars. The daily income is more than 50 pieces, plus various difficult clothes. after deducting industrial and commercial, tax, water, electricity, rent, and other expenses, the annual profit can reach more than 80,000 dollars.

22. College students' self-employment tips: marriage agencies

The marriage introduction needs to be selected in a place with more convenient transportation. At the same time, there must be a relatively complete database. The information of the marriage seeker includes basic information, photos, etc., and the network service should be used as an extension service of the marriage introduction office.

Starting a marriage package service line is actually a promising career. In addition to matchmaking, it can teach courtship methods and provide emotional expression services, etc. The work to improve the success rate of love can be expanded. 

Matchmaking is completed, and there is a lot of work to be done in marriage. Do, wedding supplies, wedding gifts, wedding photos, wedding banquet guests, wedding bridal chambers for the homeless, and wedding cars; after a successful marriage, the family is born and can provide housekeeping training, ask the nanny to help, or help if there is a disagreement The person who solves problems and solves difficulties and sends warmth to those who have an unhappy married life. 

The wedding anniversary celebration activities will gradually become prosperous with the development of the day, and the package service should accept the service work in this area. Finally, the marriage package service business is best to have a joint venture and may wish to borrow the common practice of the tourism industry.

23. College students' self-employment tips: psychological counseling

In our society marked by competition and pressure, who can say that he has no temporary or even long-term confusion and confusion? -280,000 giants. 

According to the data released by the US Ministry of Health, there are as many as 16 million patients with various mental and mental illnesses in my country, accounting for 1.23% of the total population, and 3,000 teenagers have various mental health problems such as learning, emotional and behavioral disorders. ten thousand. 

This corresponds to the huge demand for psychological counselors, which is a serious shortage of psychological counseling professionals in our country.

In the United States, psychological counselors belong to the upper-middle class with high incomes, and the income of counselors can reach about 150 US dollars per hour.

24. College students' self-employment tips: open a car wash

The car washing industry is an industry with less investment and quick results. As long as 20,000-30,000 dollars of funds can be started, and because the technical requirements of car washing are low and the equipment is not complicated, as long as you have the spirit of hard work, you can enter the business soon. It is undoubtedly an ideal way for ordinary citizens to invest in and start businesses for laid-off workers. 

The selected business location should not be operated by the same industry. The traffic of the business location must be convenient, extending in all directions, and it should be located in an area with a high concentration of cars, such as a gas station, parking lot, medium and high-end community, etc. 

Surroundings and amenities are also important, such as the legality of the business location, source of electricity, sewer lines, fire safety, parking spaces, etc. Corresponding cleaning equipment: under normal circumstances, 2 spray guns, 2-3 people, can wash more than 20 vehicles a day, according to the car washing market, 25 dollars for a large truck, 10 dollars for a car and a van, a motorcycle 5 dollar a car, excluding rent, wages, water and equipment depreciation and other expenses, the benefits are obvious. 

The price of cleaning equipment varies greatly. The cost of an automatic car washing line is about 100,000 dollars, and the high-pressure pump water gun can be won for 3,000 dollars. As for which to buy, it depends entirely on your needs. As for the investment in dirty water and sludge treatment measures, there is also a big difference. 

You can purchase a set of sewage treatment facilities and sedimentation filtration recycling facilities for about 8,000 dollars, or you can only use a special sludge storage tool. A rough calculation shows that the minimum investment is more than 3,000 dollars, and the maximum investment should be 150,000 dollars.

25. College students' self-employment tips: bamboo charcoal products

Bamboo charcoal is a natural environmental protection and health care product. It has developed more than 100 kinds of products by using its super adsorption, which releases infrared rays, and negative ions. Bamboo charcoal is called "black diamond" in Japan and is a must-have product for home use. 

It is popular in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. After waiting for Southeast Asian countries for many years, bamboo charcoal has also been included in the Spark Program in China, and the country has a tendency to start a prairie fire. Using bamboo charcoal as fuel, the fragrance it emits can make the room fragrant and smell refreshing. 

Bamboo charcoal is not only easy to burn, but also saves amount of use. In addition to being used as fuel, bamboo charcoal can also be widely used in food cooking, baking, storage, and preservation. When cooking rice, a piece of bamboo charcoal is placed to protect its nutrients from loss, and the rice is more fragrant and delicious. 

Putting bamboo charcoal in the refrigerator can remove peculiar smell, prevent food from spoiling, and prolong the preservation period of food; when frying food, adding a little bamboo charcoal can not only save oil but also keep the oil quality unchanged; using it to cook food can make food Quick and soft.

Urban people are busy making money, family members are simple, and they don’t have time to purchase vegetables to adjust their diet. This service of delivering vegetables to the door according to the owner’s request requires little investment, not thin profits, and strong operability.

26. College students' self-employment tips: recycling computers

Whenever a new computer comes out, there is always a batch of old computers that are obsolete. 

First, pick out those machines that still have value, put them on the market again after discounting, or donate them to charities; 

second, dismantle those machines that cannot be sold again in the second-hand market, and sell cardboard, plastic, and glass. 

To scrap collection stations, sell non-precious metals to metal recyclers, precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, etc., will be shipped to precious metal refineries, and circuits can also be disassembled and useful chips attached Label for resale.

27. College students' self-employment tips: anti-theft mobile phone cases

The appearance of the x smart anti-theft mobile phone case is exactly the same as that of the ordinary mobile phone case. Before the phone is stolen, it will automatically alarm, remind the host and the surrounding people, and scare away the thieves, while the owner will not alarm when it is opened by himself. 

Functions include sound, vibration, alternating sound and vibration alarm, simultaneous alarm, music alarm, etc. The styles are casual, sharp, rounded, oiled, and folded. They are divided into two categories: pure leather series and imitation leather series, with more than 100 kinds of high, medium, and low grades.

As soon as the product came out, it immediately detonated the small commodity market, and the anti-theft mobile phone case was sold well all over the country.

28. College students' self-employment tips: technology brokers

The technology brokers we usually talk about mainly refer to the middlemen who match, contact and facilitate technology transactions between sellers and buyers in the process of technology transactions. 

How brokers discover and find clients: 
  1. Through newspapers, magazines, television, radio, etc. a lot of information and materials about guest rooms can be obtained; 
  2. Through classmates, friends, etc., make new friends and discover potential customers; 
  3. Through old introductions and recommendations of customers to meet new customers; 
  4. Participate in trade fairs, expositions, exhibitions, conferences, etc. to meet new customers; 
  5. Join relevant exchange or cooperation organizations; 
  6. Use certain means and forms to promote their brokerage activities.

29. College students' self-employment tips: insect nutrition food

Insect active protein is known as a new nutritious food for human beings in the 21st century! , anti-cancer and other effects. It can also be used as fresh feed for precious and rare birds, animals, and for special breeding, and is the main feed for artificial breeding. 

Insect manure is used as a feed ingredient, and the feeding effect is very good; insect manure is used as high-efficiency bio-organic fertilizer, which has a good market prospect.

As a new dish, insect pupa has entered the public dining table, and it will soon become a fashionable food consumption just like eating seafood. The whole growth cycle of Tenebrio Molitor is 50-65 days, and it has strong adaptability. 

It feeds on wheat bran, cornmeal, crop straw, green vegetables, and vines, and is fed once every 5-7 days. It has the characteristics of high economic benefits, wide feed sources, simple feeding facilities, easy feeding, easy management, no epidemic diseases, and can be raised by every household. 

It costs almost nothing to raise yellow worm meal with waste crop straws in rural areas, the production conditions are not high, and the annual profit is more than 160,000 dollars.

30. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Pure Natural Food Fragrance

  Rice flavoring agent is still blank in the market at present, and it is a daily consumer product. There is no difference between low and high seasons. If a medium-sized city with a million population is equivalent to 30,000 families, 10,000 households use rice flavoring agents. And 1 day with 3 subsidies, each dosage is 10 grams. 

That is 10,000 households × 30 grams/day = 3 million grams, which is 6,000 jin/day, which shows that the market is very broad. This project can be produced in a family workshop, with a daily output of 2,000 bottles: one private house; one small laboratory for extracting bacterial polysaccharides; several large pots; order a batch of graduated bottles, packaging boxes, and labels; coding machine 
  • One; worker is needed - 1 person for extracting bacterial polysaccharides, 
  • 2-3 people for mixing, 
  • 2-3 people for bottle filling, 
  • 2 people for labeling, coding, and packing, 
a total of 6-8 workers are needed, and the working capital is about It costs 2,000-3,000 dollars, so the entire project can be operated with an investment of 5,000-6,000 dollars.

31. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Study Abroad Intermediary

  Depending on the country of study, the fees of intermediaries vary greatly, the highest in the United States, and the lowest in Southeast Asian countries. The service fee charged by the intermediary generally does not include the fees for various procedures. 

Taking studying in Australia as an example, these fees generally include: 
  • visa fee: 315 Australian dollars (about 1500 dollars), 
  • medical examination fee: 1200 dollars; 
  • notary fee: 500- RMB 600; 
  • Passport processing fee: RMB 200. 
According to the most conservative estimates, for a student going abroad through an intermediary, the various expenses before going abroad are generally not less than 15,000 dollars, and in a slightly more popular country, the cost is more than 20,000 dollars. 

In this process, the direct cost that the intermediary needs to pay is the international express fee for mailing the relevant documents abroad, which is generally only a few hundred dollars, and the direct cost only accounts for a negligible part of the intermediary cost. Promotion (advertising) fees, office fees, and staff wages are the main costs of intermediary companies.

32. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Foreign Language Training

  Foreign language tutors always spend a few nights and weekends almost all day shuttling to the homes of senior high school students who worship him as a teacher. After a month, there are also several thousand dollars in the account, and more importantly, he can have a lot of time to do what he likes on weekdays. Soon he had another weekend class. 

At the end of the month, he made the calculations, deducting various expenses for night school and weekend work, and his income exceeded the 10,000 dollars mark. With the accumulation of funds, rent offices and recruit some teachers to start their own businesses. 

The business scope involves the review and sprint before the high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination, and the college entrance examination, as well as psychological counseling for the examination.

33. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Bath

  First of all, it is necessary to more accurately estimate the preparation cost of the comprehensive, then predict the possible sales revenue in the future, and then analyze the return on investment. Specific to the construction of a comprehensive complex. 

The following factors should be considered: 
  1. the geographic location of the complex; 
  2. the traffic conditions; 
  3. the surrounding environment; 
  4. the size and structure of the site. 
The comprehensive grade is slightly higher, and the decoration of the sauna is mainly the decoration of the wooden sauna. 

The external layout of the comprehensive should be very particular: 
  1. luxurious; 
  2. innovative; 
  3. gives a good feeling. 
In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, various computer-controlled massagers have appeared on the market. 

The main varieties are: 
  1. body function conditioning massager; 
  2. spa and beauty massage bed; 
  3. electric massage chair. 
There are mainly the following links in the allocation of comprehensive personnel: 
  1. personnel recruitment; 
  2. personnel training; 
  3. specific personnel positions. 
Huge comprehensive management must be done well in the management of operators, from the establishment of the organization to the service promotion strategy.

34. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Waste Disposal

  In my country, the subsidy for waste disposal in economically developed areas reaches 60-90 dollars/ton, the general subsidy in the Mainland is 20-40 dollars/ton, and the underdeveloped area can also have a subsidy of about 10 dollars/ton. 

Calculated at a subsidy of 30 dollars per ton, On average, 0.4 tons of organic fertilizer can be produced per ton of domestic waste, and a net profit of 80 dollars per ton of organic fertilizer can be obtained, which is converted into a profit of 32 dollars per ton of garbage; each ton of garbage contains 60 kilograms of plastic and a profit of 18 dollars from direct sales. 

Add up several items, and the profit is 80 dollars per ton of domestic waste. 

Profits mainly come from three aspects: 
  1. the sale of classified trash bins; 
  2. engineering costs; 
  3. a certain value created by recyclables.

35. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Recycling of Waste Plastics

  It is in the ascendant: after the waste plastics are processed into granules, they still have good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the technical requirements of film blowing, wire drawing, tube drawing, injection molding, extrusion profiles, etc., and are widely used in the production of plastic products. To establish a recycled plastic granule factory, the investment scale can be any size. 

It can start from one production line or purchase multiple sets of equipment for large-scale production at the same time. 
  1. Taking a production line as an example, the workshop is about 30 square meters, requiring water and electricity, and the material yard is about 30 square meters; 
  2. A production line only needs 2-4 workers; 
  3. The construction period only takes 5-7 days; 
  4. The working capital of a product should not be less than 5,000 dollars, and the working capital should be appropriately increased for large-scale production.

36. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Restaurants for the Elderly

  Foods for the elderly should be low in cholesterol, low in sugar, low in salt, low in calories, and have certain nourishing and therapeutic effects. Although there are many kinds of dishes in restaurants today, there are very few really suitable for the needs of the elderly. 

Therefore, opening a restaurant for the elderly that provides easy-to-digest, nourishing, preventive, and curative food will definitely be welcomed by them. 

Investment assessment: The cost of kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, tables and chairs, tableware, and equipment is about 6,000 dollars, the store rent is 1,500 dollars, the raw materials and other costs are about 2,000 dollars, the legal procedures for obtaining certificates are 300 dollars, and other expenses are 1,000 dollars. 

Income accounting: restaurants should follow the principle of small profits but quick turnover. If the operating conditions are good, the monthly profit should be more than 4,500 dollars.

37. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project for College Students: Medicine and Health Products for the Elderly

  The survey shows that medicines, health products, and health equipment for the elderly occupy an increasing share of consumption: 
  1. Medicines: monthly expenses are about 400 dollars; 
  2. Health products: nourishing and nourishing the body to enhance resistance; 
  3. Medical care Equipment: 
consumption power cannot be underestimated: 

In terms of medical and health care equipment, such as wheelchairs, toilets, blood pressure monitors, insomnia treatment instruments, etc., account for a large proportion of the medical consumption of the elderly.

38. On-campus leisure food store

  Near the campus cafeteria or next to the library, rent a house of about six square meters to sell casual snacks. When someone comes to buy, they can get the goods by collecting money, which is fast and convenient, and then do a good job of hygiene, and the profit can reach 20%. Puli is a business suitable for college students to start a business. 95% chance of success.

39. Gift agent

  Can do all kinds of holiday gifts or birthday gift agents, etc., as long as the publicity is good. Because people nowadays have a lot of headaches about choosing gifts, there is such a business, which just solves everyone's problems, making it no longer difficult to choose gifts, and the business will naturally open.

  According to this phenomenon, packaging and delivery should be carried out, and the types of gifts that each type of person needs should be well thought out. Since it is an entrepreneurial agency, it must be carefully designed to give the guests the right gifts, so that more guests will naturally be obtained.

40. Optometry glasses

  Nowadays, there are more and more cases of myopia among students. Statistics show that 80% of young people have myopia. Although college students have easy homework and increased outdoor activities, the situation of myopia is irreversible. Now there is a "family optometry" model, which can be joined for free, which is very suitable for college students to start a business.

41. Leisure errands

  Many college students live a house life in the dormitory, playing games, watching dramas, etc., and gradually they don’t want to go out, but people always have to eat, what should I do? At this time, they need someone to help with errands and meals or to buy something. 

I can earn about two dollars at a time, run ten times, and have a day's real money. There are often many people in the university who can't get the express because they don't want to go out or because they are inappropriate. They need someone to help pick up the express. 

This is another common errand. Some people look down on this job and say it's just a giveaway. They feel embarrassed and often can't afford to do it. In fact, it's nothing. No matter what kind of work, it will serve the people in the end, it's just a different form. 

This job is very easy. If you happen to be eating or going out, you can help me with the news when you see it. The time is also very flexible, and you can make money along the way. Why not do it?

42. Printing and copying services

  In fact, many schools have print shops and copy shops. It seems that the market is saturated, but in fact, there is still a lot of space. Especially in the graduation season, students have to print various reports, resumes, and other materials. 

The key to this business is to find the right location. Most of the school’s photocopying shops are located near the teaching building, canteen, and other areas. Due to the large flow of people, they are often unable to cope with it. Many students see too many people and choose to find another nearby photocopying place. 

The gate of the dormitory is a good place. Students often have to go back to the dormitory after finishing their work. Opening the door of the dormitory can not only return to the dormitory by the way but also save time. Moreover, it is also a great convenience for those who often stay in the dormitory and do not want to move around.

43. Entrepreneurial Projects for College Students: Home Gardening DIY

  "Little Flower Farmer" is a DIY product (meaning do-it-yourself). The face of home gardening DIY products in the market is relatively new, but it meets the market demand. For example, "Little Flower Farmer" looks like just a jar, but the seeds, flower mud, and flower fertilizer are already prepared in it. 

As long as it is watered regularly, the seeds will begin to germinate, grow, bloom, and bear fruit. Highlighting the "little flower farmer" makes it easy to be a gardener and enjoy the added emotional value of the great joy of creation. 

Recommending "Little Flower Farmer" as a gift to a friend is also an ingenious sales method. To ensure that the variety is as abundant as possible, and it can be well combined with the needs and characteristics of the customers where it is located.

44. Entrepreneurial project for college students: car model boutique

  A car model is to reduce a car according to a certain proportion and make it into a beautiful handicraft. There are mainly metal, wood, plastic, crystal, and other different material types. 

The location of the project should be in a prosperous commercial area, with a storefront of 20 square meters and simple interior decoration. Rent, decoration plus the first batch of purchases of 20,000 dollars, working capital of 10,000 dollars, and a total investment of about 40,000 dollars can be opened for business.

45. Entrepreneurial project suitable for college students: hangover service shop

  Market Analysis Whether it is normal or during the Spring Festival, people are unavoidable to socialize, and at the dinner table, it depends on whether the relationship is deep or not, and many people use alcohol to measure it. 

Inevitably, drunkenness will happen, and during the Spring Festival, people’s dinner table rituals are more frequent, so there will definitely be more drunkenness. 

Drunkenness will not only make people embarrassed, but more importantly, it will make mistakes. However, in the survey, it was found that most places do not provide hangover service. 

In view of this, it is suggested that aspiring entrepreneurs may seize the business opportunity to open a hangover service shop during the Spring Festival, and there will be money to be made.

46. Entrepreneurship Program for College Students: Racing Club

  Most of the people who love cars and racing cars are men. If you don't believe me, just go and see the ratio of men and women in the auto show, except of course the beautiful models. Legend has it that men's hearts die when their bodies stop moving, so they always speed up and run desperately. 

The racing club can make men feel the real excitement of driving, challenge the speed and the limit at any time, and at the same time have a kind of safety guarantee to enjoy the various fashions of the 21st century.

47. Entrepreneurship Programs for College Students: Health Industry

  For today's people, more attention and pursuit of health have begun. Not only is people's awareness of health concepts strengthened, but also the increase in life pressure and busy work will bring invisible pressure to people, and will also make people. 

People have a sense of crisis in health care, so health care stores and affordable health care methods will be loved by people, and there will definitely be more money and space.

48. Entrepreneurship Programs for College Students: Start a Blog and Make Money in Services

  The anonymous bloggers in the background have nothing to do with their own domain names. He works about 14 hours a day on weekdays and 9 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. But his hard work paid off, and his blog made enough money to support his lifestyle; back in 2008, he estimated he was making around $30,000 a year. 

But for part-time bloggers with full-time jobs, keeping up with all the demands of a profitable blog can be quite difficult. "There's a lot more work to be done than the average reader sees," he said.

  Even if a blog doesn't generate a six-figure income by itself, it can lead to other money-making opportunities, such as being a public consultant or speaker. Silicon Valley bloggers have carved out a small world of success as personal finance and technology experts in Silicon Valley on the "Digital Humanities Life Network". 

However, she said she didn't make much money for the first six months of her blogging career, when she had about 600 unique visitors a day, and it wasn't long before she received her first $100 from Google AdSense. Cheque. Now she also makes money from consulting services related to blogging.

49. Entrepreneurship Programs for College Students: Software Industry

  The game market generally shows a rapid growth trend, and there are many high-quality products. Compared with previous years, domestic game software products have made great breakthroughs, and both product types, sales volume, and sales amount have increased to a great extent. 

As soon as the domestic game "Three Kingdoms of the World" was launched, it was sold on a global consignment basis by a well-known foreign publishing company, and more than a dozen language versions were released at the same time, which made the world's counterparts look up with admiration. 

Linux software is on the rise. Although there is still a lack of large-scale applications, it has received great attention from the industry, and many IT manufacturers are full of confidence in the broad market prospects of Linux.

50. Entrepreneurship Programs for College Students: Books and Newspapers

  Books and periodicals services are mainly based on the acquisition and sales of used books and periodicals, while concurrently engaged in leasing, exchange, adjustment, and leasing on behalf of others. The investment in starting a book service agency is not too large, and it can be opened with 20,000 to 30,000 dollars. 

Generally, the facade of 2-3 rooms is required, and some three-walled bookcases from the ceiling to the ground are made to make full use of the indoor space as much as possible. The key is to choose a good address, which should be close to the school and cultural community.