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14 Best Small business startups ideas to make money

14 Best Small business startups ideas to make money. What are the low-cost investment and best small business startup ideas?

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What are the low-cost investment and best small business startup ideas? 

What can a low-cost startup do? Want to invest but don't know what to do, what are some good low-cost investment projects? 

The editor has compiled a small article on entrepreneurial projects to share with you, and you will understand after reading it!

Low-Cost Investment and business startup ideas. How to Small Entrepreneurship Make Money.

Business Idea: How to Run a Small Business 

To be successful in starting a business, in addition to background factors such as time, location, and people, it is necessary to continuously absorb the experience of successful people in the past, especially to be full of their own creativity. 

In the early stage of starting a business, the details that entrepreneurs should plan include:

Pay attention to and evaluate their own financial capabilities.

Enterprises are composed of talents, products, and funds. Insufficient self-owned funds will often lead to excessive interest burdens on entrepreneurs who will not be able to meet their needs. cause. 

Therefore, young entrepreneurs should have the concept of "doing as many things as they have strength", and not an over-leverage business; enterprises should be "bigger" rather than "bigger", "bigger" is to gradually expand after making a profit, 

On the other hand, it is trying to borrow money, only empty shells have no reality, and they will inevitably fail when encountering risks.

Carefully choose an industry.

To start a business, you should choose a business that you are familiar with and specialize in. In the early stage, you can run a small business or find shareholders to cooperate, with and gradually expand according to the business plan.

There must be a long-term plan

for the development of the enterprise. "Stable" is always more important than "growth". Therefore, it is necessary to have the endurance and preparation to run a marathon and follow the steps step by step.


first Enterprises should seek survival first and then seek development, lay a solid foundation, not be lofty, greedy for performance, and disregard risks. They must pay attention to their operating physique, take every step, and then seek to create profits, and then expand their operations.

The elite attack

The initial scale of the company must be streamlined, efficient, and substantial. Don't blindly pursue superficial glitz, so as not to increase costs.

There must be willpower 

If you have an annual plan, goals, and ideals, you must have strong patience and willpower to implement them. The more setbacks you are, the more courageous you will be.

Strategic alliances

Entrepreneurship requires strategy, and small businesses need to form alliances with their peers, that is, in addition to their own products, they also sell other related products. Combining related industries in the form of a "strategic alliance" can not only improve the attractiveness of products and meet the needs of customers but also increase their competitiveness and profits.


Whether a company has good technology to build its own products is very critical, and it is also a key point for companies to maintain their competitiveness. Must have its own technology, which is also the key to the survival of enterprises in the market.

Building brand 

Only companies that have made their own brands can survive in the market, and only brands can make consumers more loyal to choose products, which is also a manifestation of strength. Be good at building brands.

Forward-looking planning

The business philosophy, business policy, and business strategy need to be carefully planned, combined with wisdom and strength, to lay a solid foundation for the enterprise. 

All in all, before starting a business, you should adjust your psychology, do a good job of self-assessment, and know whether you are suitable for starting a business. 

Once you embark on the road to starting a business, you should work hard and master the principles of starting a business. I will be a successful and happy entrepreneur.

There are more and more people shopping online, which has become a rising trend, and more and more people are opening online stores. 

It is most suitable for novice shoppers, those who want to start a business, and those who want to work part-time. , small investment, fast return, no risk.

14 Best Small Business Startups Ideas for Newbie Entrepreneurs

1. Best Small business startups ideas: beauty and cosmetics store

  Women's "beauty industry" has great opportunities to make money. Women who may care about a dollar or two when shopping for food are willing to spend money in order to make themselves more beautiful. Especially in recent years, concepts such as makeup care, slimming, and beauty has been vigorously promoted by the mass media, which has almost aroused publicity. Every woman's natural desire to love beauty has also stimulated the rise of the female beauty industry.

  Projects suitable for women's entrepreneurship According to statistics from industry associations, the current beauty industry market is about 300 billion dollars per year, and the beauty economy of projects suitable for women's entrepreneurship is increasing at an average rate of 15% per year, and the growth rate far exceeds the growth rate of GDP.

  High profits, a huge market, and countless new beauty products, high-tech nursing equipment, high-tech slimming equipment, etc. come out every year, bringing huge business opportunities to the beauty industry. "Beauty Economy Annual Report " pointed out that the "beauty economy" is becoming the "fifth-largest consumption hotspot " for residents after real estate, automobiles, electronic communications, and tourism.

2. Best Small business startups ideas: Dream Candlelight Store

  Women all pay attention to romance. With people's living conditions, romance has become the theme in the city. It is so romantic to have a candlelight dinner with a loved one on a quiet night with classical music next to it.

Business at Candlelight Store, a project suitable for women's entrepreneurship, is unexpectedly good. I think this is probably the reason why people pay more and more attention to the quality of life and spiritual enjoyment. There are all kinds of candles in my store, and almost every customer who comes will spend a long time watching them, and they will always buy the one they like the most in the end. 

The key to opening a candlelight store lies in the design and layout of the storefront, and the atmosphere inside should be able to motivate customers to purchase. 

Secondly, it is best to sell candles that can form some series: such as birthday series, newlywed series, dating series, celebration series, etc., to meet the needs of different people.

3. Best Small business startups ideas: Stylist

  "Styling design" is not limited by age, gender, qualification, or educational level, but it is more suitable for women. It only requires people who love the business, have a good aesthetic concept, are not afraid of hardships, and can endure irregular work mobility. 

The initial learning process is a hard and long process for every learner. From shampooing, manicuring, blow-drying, and hair-cutting...to the overall collocation, the effort spent in the process is something that office workers can appreciate. 

However, with their interest and dedication to this job, learners can find The sky where they can play. It takes about a year and a half to have a more comprehensive understanding of styling design, but only by continuing to work hard to accumulate experience can you become more skilled and recognized by others.

4. Best Small business startups ideas: patient food service company

  The address is suitable to be selected near large and medium-sized hospitals, and menus are listed separately according to the different conditions of various patient groups. 

In terms of operation, special attention should be paid to the hygiene of the kitchen, which cannot be as simple as that of ordinary restaurants and food delivery companies. In the early stage, reasonable recipes should be formulated according to the different symptoms of patients. 

When customers come to the door, they should ask about the symptoms, physical conditions, and psychological states of the patients, so as to facilitate better service. The initial investment is mainly about rent, purchase of stoves, and other expenses, about 20,000 dollars.

5. Best Small business startups ideas: Books and Newspapers

  Books and periodical services are mainly based on the acquisition and sales of used books and periodicals, while concurrently engaged in leasing, exchange, adjustment, and leasing on behalf of others. 

The investment in starting a book service agency is not too large, and it can be opened with 20,000 to 30,000 dollars. 

Generally, the facade of 2-3 rooms is required, and some three-wall three-dimensional bookcases from the ceiling to the ground are made to make full use of the indoor space as much as possible. 

The key is to choose a good address, which should be close to the school and cultural community.

6. Best Small business startups ideas: massage company

  One of my friends first worked in a sauna center. After one month of training, she was hired. Because of her flexible and powerful hands, she quickly became a masseuse that customers were eager to book. 

Later, she used her lunch break to provide fast and effective health messages for workers who have been sitting in office buildings for a long time and have sore waists and necks, 20 dollars per 15 minutes. This price should be acceptable to workers. 

Later, there were more regular customers, and some could make appointments in the afternoon or at other times, and earn more and more money. Later, she established a massage company, which has now begun to take shape.

7. Best Small business startups ideas: spinning bar, a new fashion for leisure and entertainment

  • Rent a set of facade rooms of about 100-200 square meters in the prosperous residential area of ​​the city or in the amusement and leisure gathering place;  
  • The storefront decoration does not need to be too luxurious, but the characteristics of "textile" should be highlighted, revealing a strong folk customs atmosphere ; 
  • Multiple single rooms can be set up according to the characteristics of textiles and different customer requirements, and give these single rooms have poetic or modern names;  
  • Purchase a small number of old large wooden frame looms, hand-spinning wheels, and other tools from the private sector, Purchase some handmade fabrics from all over the country;  
  • Counting various investments, 30,000-50,000 dollars can be opened for business.

8. Best Small business startups ideas: bedding disinfection service agency

  Bedding breeds bacteria after long-term continuous use. Generally, households clean it by washing and drying it, which cannot meet the scientific disinfection requirements. The project provides family-oriented healthcare services for this situation. 

The franchise store has a newly developed ozone sterilizer, which is easy to operate and can be used to sterilize daily bedding and various types of sofas, effectively killing all kinds of bacteria. 

The initial investment of this project is mainly about rent, decoration, machine purchase, franchise, and other expenses, about 60,000 dollars.

9. Best Small business startups ideas: crystal tooth jewelry store

  Crystal dental ornaments are the most popular in the current dental beauty. To invest in this project, it is necessary to rent a facade of about 10 square meters, purchase-related dentures, dental cleaning equipment, and appliances purchase some crystal dental ornaments, and adhesives, and apply for relevant business licenses and permits to make some necessary facades Decoration, etc., the entire initial investment is about 20,000 dollars. The charges are based on the different colors and diameters of the teeth.

10. Best Small business startups ideas: unicycles and emerging sports have good prospects

  In the near future, unicycle sports will be popular all over the country as an entertainment project with both fun, entertainment, and fitness.  
  • A unicycle does not require a dedicated venue;  
  • The unicycle is a combination of shock, danger, oddity, ingenuity, and beauty;  
  • Long-term riding on a unicycle can exercise balance and nerve reflex ability so that shoulders, ridges, legs, feet, and wrists can be fully exercised. Exercise to enhance physical flexibility and skills. 
From the market perspective, unicycle sports have the following characteristics:  
  • Interesting;  
  • The technology is simple and easy to learn;  
  • Economical. Each unicycle costs about 200 yuan, and the normal service life is more than 5 years;  
  • The training is safe and non-hazardous: as soon as the foot stops pedaling, the bicycle will stop immediately;  
  • The body is small, light, and portable;  
  • The site requirements are not high. If you invest to start a unicycle club, you only need to have a cement site of 60-80 square meters, buy a batch of unicycles, install a telephone, and have 2 staff open.

11. Best Small business startups ideas: women's jewelry store

  Women are naturally beautiful! Girls are naturally beautiful. Ornaments can decorate the beauty of girls. Carefully embellish your own accessories to make you unique and show your unique self. 

Fashion accessories: every woman's necessities! There are not many jewelry chain stores in my country at present, and they have great market potential. Setting up or joining a chain of jewelry stores is a good idea, and usually offers a higher return on investment than chains with other products. 

For example, a beautiful carved stone is still the temptation zone for men and women! So how can we make money? Let us carefully analyze the market prospects and other aspects of jewelry chain stores.

12. Best Small business startups ideas: handmade embroidery shop

  In recent years, retro fashion has become popular, clothing is very popular, and embroidery has also become a fashion hotspot. You can rent a 20-square-meter facade and open a handmade embroidery shop. 

The rent and decoration costs are controlled by 30,000 dollars, and the start-up capital is about 40,000 dollars. The colors of the embroidery should be rich, and trees, flowers, characters, and animals will be welcomed. 

in addition, the quality of after-sales service should be improved, and customers should be told how to maintain the embroidery and how to choose the embroidery that suits them and try to repair them for free.

13. Best Small business startups ideas: community kitchen

  Rent a facade room of more than 30 square meters in the living area, the monthly rent is about 2,500 dollars, and the purchase of stoves, cooking utensils, and other items will cost about 5,000 dollars, and the initial investment of about 20,000 dollars can be opened. 

Community kitchens are different from ordinary restaurants. They are mainly aimed at residents of a certain community and provide some home-cooked dishes. 

in addition, customers can provide raw materials, and the small kitchens help with processing. The processing cost is calculated according to the number of materials provided by the guests. To ensure service quality.

14. Best Small business startups ideas: Children's Education Center

  The investment in children's education is getting bigger and bigger, and the time is getting earlier. Parents often say, don't let your children lose at the starting line. At present, the 0-year-old education that appears in the market is also catering to the needs of parents who start at the age of 0. 

At present, this industry is still a new industry in the country. There are only a few education centers in some cities, and due to the lack of awareness of the new industry, it has huge development potential and broad investment prospects. 

Mode of operation: independent operation or in the form of chain and franchise stores. Rent 5 to 10 classrooms (or more, as the case may be) and 2 childcare workers, and 1 cleaner. The monthly salary is 1000 dollars, 800 dollars, and 500 dollars respectively.

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