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13 Types of Content that will Drive More Traffic

13 Types of Content that will Drive More Traffic, Content Marketing: What type of content gets the most traffic?
Content Marketing: What type of content gets the most traffic? 

The article "13 Types of Content that Will Drive More Traffic" will tell you about blogs, websites, independent trade stations, and all writing formats related to content. Before starting, you are also welcome to pay attention to the top 10 Google SEO ranking factors.

Content marketing is not just about writing blogs and articles, there are many ways to do it.

If you are just starting to contact content marketing, first you should build a website yourself or use an existing platform (refer to "The Ultimate Guide to Blog Promotion", "How to build a WordPress website on SiteGround" and "Teach You to build a WordPress website on GreenGeeks that pay for knowledge and monetizes content." "These three articles) began to write articles for marketing.

If your own blog has been in business for several years and you publish some content regularly, it is estimated that there will be some new visitors and new readers every day. Your blog traffic should not be below, and the SEO effect should not be below. Difference.

Before this article starts, you need to know the following: 
  • No need to try all types of content. Different brands use different content types. If a certain content style doesn't suit you, it doesn't matter.
  • Don't be afraid to try new things. Many people are afraid to try to write something new, because it may be time-consuming and difficult. But no matter what, I suggest you try something new. If you want to use video for marketing and promotion, you don't actually need to understand editing software, and you don't need a high-standard camera. Just use your own mobile phone. Posting videos on Youtube and other platforms can also make a little money slowly.
  • Produce content regularly. The most important thing about content marketing is the need to produce content on a regular basis. As a content producer, you can make a general plan for the next month, list the general theme and outline, and then create it.
  • The content listed in this article is not complete and detailed enough. When conceiving content, I don’t recommend that you focus on the type of content. You put more attention on the content itself. The content is the main content, and the form is supplemented. First, conceive the main idea, and then consider the content format and layout. On this basis, you can create content that suits your own style.

Next, enter today's focus- What types of content help you get more traffic? 

13 Types of Blog Content to Help Drive More Traffic to Your Site

The information chart of the content

Infographics are the visualization of information or data. The name of the information chart is an infographic, info refers to information, and graphics refers to graphics and images.

The number of sharing and viewing infographics is relatively large. Compared with other types of content, readers are keener to read this kind of infographics. 

After all, compared with the content in text form, graphics, and images are more vivid and vivid. Research data on Slideshare shows that the number of sharing graphic images on social media is more than three times that of other content.

How to start?

If you know someone who has a graphic designer, you can contact them to help you make an infographic. There are many people who are good at doing this kind of information chart, in fact, there is this kind of function in Excel. If you have a limited budget, you can try the Visually website.

When to use it?

In fact, the scope of use of infographics is relatively wide, and it is suitable for most situations. All kinds of data, research, statistics, and conclusions can be represented by infographics.

  • The cost of infographics may be a bit higher. In foreign countries, the price of $1,000 is almost the standard price.
  • When infographics were less used before, many people ranked their blogs ahead of Google through infographics. But now because there are too many people using it unless you do your own infographics very well and others are willing to share them, you will be competitive.
  • Make a dynamic picture by hand. Although the dynamic chart uses the information chart mode, it adds dynamic effects. This is more vivid than a pure static image. You can refer to this article on quick sprout- how Google works.

Content spoof pictures

You must have seen all kinds of spoof pictures, this kind of picture is simple to make, more fun, and the spread effect is also very good.


One of the advantages of spoofing pictures is that they are full of humor. Readers like those funny things, and they will share them with other friends.

How to start?
  • Spoofing pictures does not require knowledge of image design. Both Meme Generator and Quick Meme can directly enter text on popular pictures.
  • Spoof pictures may not be suitable for posting on your blog, but they are still very popular on major social media. The spoof pictures on Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr (especially Tumblr) are very popular.
  • If one of your emotions is touched, or a very funny idea suddenly comes to mind, you might as well use a spoof picture.

  • Spoofing pictures is more flexible. The advantage of spoofing pictures is that they can be edited arbitrarily and then used for content in sub-industries.
  • Don't overuse spoof pictures. If you use spoof pictures improperly, it may damage your message or brand awareness.

Content Video

There are many types of videos, but regardless of the style of video, as long as it can impress people who browse the video concisely and quickly in a short period of time, it is a good video. Videos with high clicks and views can generate up to tens of thousands of dollars in revenue each month.

How to start?
  • Whether it is an explanatory video or a music video, at least there must be a script. Because a video is not just a moving frame, the most important thing is the content delivered by the video itself.
  • Upload the video to Youtube, Vimeo, and other platforms. This kind of video website can achieve the effect of rapid drainage, especially in the part of the website outside the chain, the video is more intuitive than the text.

  • It's not cheap to make a good video. It is better if there are professional video editors. If financial resources are limited, it is estimated that a lot of time and energy will be invested in making videos.
  • It’s not good that the video is too long. The length of 2 to 3 minutes is just right.

Guide content

Guide articles are generally more detailed and longer in length. In terms of length and style, the guide content generally exceeds the average blog post.

How to start?

To write a guide-like article well, the author's requirements are relatively high. Authors need to pay attention to what methods are used to attract readers. Maybe a PDF file will work.

  • Articles of a guideline nature are convenient for drainage. For example, when writing a blog, you can add the sentence "Follow me for more exciting guides" at the end of the article.
  • To make a guide-type article well, it is necessary to design the content and appearance in an all-around way.

Content of product reviews

Good product reviews and product shopping guide articles can form a kind of appeal in the industry and establish a certain kind of authority. Each industry has its own unique products, software, and services. If you can interact with developers, manufacturers, and service providers, you can gain recognition and respect in the industry. What needs to be done is to share your experience with the product, and give your own suggestions, so that you can also become an online shopping guide.

If you earn commissions mainly through affiliate marketing, then establishing your own authority in the industry is essential. Later, I will post on how to create a professional website for product comparison, product evaluation, and price comparison. At that time, I hope everyone will pay attention.

How to start?

Product reviews mainly include the following types:
  • product description
  • Manufacturer introduction
  • Product Description
  • List product advantages
  • Name the product shortcomings
  • Give your own opinion
  • Add a one-click redirection function (applicable to affiliate marketing content)


If the product is a real product, you can make some videos to compare and evaluate the products. The content generally includes price, performance, horizontal comparison with other similar products, coupons, etc.

There are many such examples. You can follow a Youtube video called National Kitchenware Test, and you can check out their product reviews.

Good product reviews should include the following:
  • Product Examples
  • Test Results
  • The comparison result is clear

The first step is the question of product selection. 

This step is relatively simple, just pay attention to the product with the largest number of purchasers. If other users ask which product is the best, you have to be able to give a clear answer.

The second step is also a very important step, buying products by yourself

The main reason why the rankings of many product evaluation articles are not high or reliable is that the person who wrote the article has never used the product evaluated by himself. Many people will consider that the cost of buying physical objects will increase. But the content produced after the personal experience is more convincing, and it can also increase traffic and sales at the same time.

The third part considers how to present it to the audience. 

Taking a juicer as an example, if the content displayed is how to turn iced fruits and vegetables into a milkshake, it needs to show the time required for juice extraction and the completeness of the juice extraction.

The fourth step is to quantify the results. 

Many people will say "According to the product specifications and parameters, I think X is the best product" at the end of the product evaluation. But this persuasiveness is not enough.

Perhaps it is more convincing to give results in the form of result graphs, star reviews, or scoring. As shown below:


Tutorial Content

The advantage of tutorial articles is that industry stakeholders often use long-tail keywords to search for information. The input method is also very simple. It usually starts with "how..." or "how should...".

How to start?

First, we first clarify some content and then propose a solution.
  • Import issues
  • Introducing the solution
  • Discuss every step of the solution
  • Summary discussion
  • get conclusion

  • First find a segmented industry, and segmented market, and find the right entry point. Then conceive the theme. Then began the handwriting tutorial. For example, you can write an article titled "How to reply to emails in 1 minute or less", or you can write an article titled "How to optimize the robots.txt file".
  • The more detailed the tutorial, the better. Charts, videos, and pictures can quickly improve the ranking of tutorial articles in search engines.

Enumerated Content

Listed articles are very popular in search engines. If you search on Google, you will see a lot of articles ranked in front of Google that is similar to "5 types of security risks to know" or "17 ways to improve Google rankings in a month".

In fact, from ancient times to the present, articles on this subject matter are very popular, and even TV shows are so named. For example, the "Top Ten XX" World Football. Of course, webmasters cannot miss articles on this subject.

How to start?
  • Choose a topic, choose a number. Then carefully conceive the topic and content of the article you want to write.
  • When writing enumeration articles, it is best to use this simple format- introduce topics, enumerate examples, and draw conclusions.

  • The more detailed information listed, the better.
  • The more content the better.
  • Various numbers have the same effect and can be used.

Linked Pages

Link pages are mainly the kind of article content that contains multiple links. The advantage of this type of page is to link your own page with other sites to enhance the authority and SEO effect of your website. If it operates for a long time, it may become a leader in the industry.

How to start?

The link page is to integrate various links together, which is a list of links. The content can include article titles, hyperlinks, and numbers.


In the process of writing this type of article, you can put a link to your own website.

Case Analysis Content

In terms of ranking of blogs, case analysis content is also very popular with search engines, and the SEO effect is not bad. Generally speaking, case analysis content mainly explains a certain product and a certain type of service, and also involves how to make it more convenient for customers.

How to start?

If you want to write a case analysis article, you can follow the following pattern:
  • Write a summary of the case analysis and related conclusions.
  • Explain the challenges that must be overcome or the problems the customer encountered.
  • List the solutions and explain the steps in detail.
  • Discuss the final result and the methods that led to it.

  • When writing case analysis articles, you cannot use pure marketing methods.
  • Write the case study as a story. The word "case analysis" sounds particularly boring, and a good case analysis is usually a success story.

Podcast Content

The so-called podcast is audio content. And it’s easier to create a podcast. Many people listen to some audio on the way to and from get off work and during exercise. If you use the form of a podcast, it is better than mere text.

How to start?

The creation of a podcast is relatively simple, and it only requires a good-quality headset and some technology.


Nowadays, there are all kinds of content, including text, pictures, video, and audio, which are all content categories. So don’t forget the podcast format.

You can post some previews on your website to predict the content of the next stage. In addition, it can also produce text synchronized with podcasts, which is very helpful to increase the SEO effect.

Interview Content

There are leaders in each field. If you have the opportunity to interview leaders in the industry, you can gain recognition from others in the same field. Not to mention, attract traffic in the segmented area. The format of the interview is unique because you have information that no one else has.

How to start?

First of all, you have to make an appointment with the person being interviewed and arrange an interview time. After the time is set, the interview can be conducted according to the following pattern:
  • Guide the party being interviewed, and express excitement and expectations.
  • Ask questions, and then the interviewee answers.
  • Do a question and answer until you reach a conclusion. If other questions arise temporarily during the interview, you can continue to ask questions about these new questions.
  • Summarize. At the same time as summarizing, be sure to express gratitude to the interviewee, and at the same time find ways to maintain interaction with your fans.


If the entire interview process is in the form of audio or video, be sure to provide a text version of the interview content.

Data and Research Content

Today's articles often include the terminology of cutting-edge technologies such as big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Big data generally refers to the integration and analysis of massive amounts of data.

For marketers, if a large amount of data is analyzed and judged, it may also be regarded as a big data category. Regarding writing some SEO articles, the author can include some keywords in the content. 

But many research results require the analysis of massive amounts of data, which requires some programming skills. In other words, marketers in this area are scarce.

We can take a look at one of the correlation studies:


In general, it can be seen from the picture above that the longer the space, the more sharing times. The average number of shares for articles with a length of about 3000-10000 words is 8859 times.

We can also learn from the picture above that most people are unwilling to produce in-depth articles, and they probably don't want to invest more time and energy. This means that if the content you produce can have more words and more in-depth ideas than ordinary articles, then the number of shares should not be less.

Some large companies that use big data are also aware of the impact of big data on content marketing, such as BuzzSumo. If you cooperate with this type of company now, you will definitely get benefits in the future.

Free Tools for Content

The last very practical way is to provide free tools. Of course, in this article, I also classify these free tools as content.

There is a well-known blogger in the SEO field abroad called Neil Patel. He and his team have developed a free tool called Ubersuggest. All webmasters can visit their personal websites, conduct keyword analyses, obtain article genres, and article content suggestions, and analyze the keywords of competitors. You can imagine how big his website traffic is.


There are still many personal webmasters and self-media practitioners who want to monetize content. The biggest problem they encounter is that their website has no traffic, or is limited on a platform with a lot of traffic, and it is more difficult to open self-media income.

And now 12 (click on the left 12 known registered account, the first step at the beginning of the contents of realized) this company in Hunan give content creators provide paid content, pay-Q, and reward functions. Their slogan is " Let webmasters earn more, focusing on content monetization tool platform ".

How to start?
  • Tools are used to solve problems. Therefore, you may wish to start with the problem and use reverse thinking to trace the root cause to find the pain point.
  • Create tools. The most difficult part is the creation of this tool because it requires technology to support it. If you don't have the relevant skills, you can hire one. There are many freelance platforms abroad, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and others platforms.

In this case, you need to consider the cost and budget. There are many things worth considering.
  • Promote this tool. Conventional promotion is relatively rare, but it is relatively easy to promote a small tool. Forums, social media, small programs, etc. are all good platforms.


For people engaged in content marketing, how to make their content stand out and rank first in search engine results has always been a university question. If your website already has a lot of traffic, you can consider these 15 ways to monetize your website.

In fact, no matter what form the content appears in, its ultimate goal is to be accepted and loved by readers and audiences. In turn, your content audience will also share, learn, and transform the content.

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Finally, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you like this article, you can also subscribe to the content on the website. Share and forward this article.