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100 Best Business Ideas for Newbie Entrepreneurs

100 Best Business Ideas for Newbie Entrepreneurs. 100 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2022 .
100 Best Business Ideas to get you started as an Entrepreneur. 

Do you still dare to start a business? The 100 best entrepreneurial opportunities are here.

Entrepreneurs finally got rid of the haze brought by 2020, but they did not expect that 2021 will be a "harder year". Education and training, community group buying, e-commerce, mutual aid industries... 

According to data, as of December 2021, many companies had declared bankruptcy or shut down last year.

However, in such a "difficult" year, we can also see new things flourishing. There is no one in the investment world who doesn’t talk about hard technology these days. 

Metaverse, carbon neutrality, synthetic biology, new materials, new energy... Some investment bosses told the pencil before that, in the current market, at least 80% of the money of front-line institutions will be invested in technology, and some even 95%. 

A large number of entrepreneurs have devoted themselves to the torrent of technological entrepreneurship, and technological innovation has become the core driving force of this era.

Of course, this does not mean that the fields of consumption and the Internet have completely shut down. No matter which industry, opportunities still exist. 

Where will the wind blow? We interviewed several people in the venture capital circle, with reference to third-party databases, DATA, and other sources, to sort out the entrepreneurial tracks that may be worth paying attention to. 

Innovation creates new opportunities, and in the future, there are more new best business ideas waiting for us.

100 Best Business Ideas You Can Start 


Hard Technology

Commercial aerospace

As the global commercial aerospace competition intensifies, my country's commercial aerospace segment has great room for development in the vertical market segments, professional scientific research fields, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

Cloud service

Although the concept is always changing with each passing day, what remains unchanged is the base position of cloud computing in industrial innovation and format evolution. The discussion on how to use the cloud in traditional industries has become the focus of the industrial Internet, and the "cloud + industry" is gradually surpassing "cloud + technology" to become the focus of the information technology industry.

Synthetic organisms

In recent years, the global synthetic biology market has shown rapid growth. The global synthetic biology market will reach US$6.8 billion in 2020, and the market growth is due to the increased demand for synthetic genes and synthetic cells, with medical and scientific research accounting for the largest market size. In the future, under the trend of continuous development of the core technology of synthetic biology, its application market will gradually expand to traditional industries, such as agriculture, food, and beverages.

Brain-computer interface

In the future, as humans gradually master the encoding and decoding laws of neural signals, a two-way brain-computer interface that can interact between brain-computers is expected to come true, and advanced human-computer interaction scenarios will bring huge new growth to the brain-computer interface market...

Scientific instruments

Like high-end industrial fields such as chips and semiconductors, scientific instruments also have the problem of being "monopolized". Extremely in demand and extremely scarce, this key material can be a gift for promoting relations between countries in peacetime, but it will inevitably become the key to being restricted in times of conflict.

Carbon neutral technology

The next 30 years will be the 30 years for all mankind, a community with shared future mankind, to sprint toward carbon neutrality. This is the biggest challenge that all mankind has faced so far, but it also contains huge opportunities.

AI Pharma

In the field of pharmaceuticals, the potential of AI is gradually emerging. With the dual promotion of technology and entrepreneurs, artificial intelligence can accelerate the research and development of new drugs.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

The adoption rate of natural language processing is also increasing rapidly due to the rise in human interest in machine communication and the intensified demand for big data, computer operations, and algorithms.

Integrated circuits

The three major areas of integrated circuits and special equipment, information and communication equipment, operating systems, and industrial software are the key foundation for the development of the new generation of the information technology industry and are also the focus of competition between China and the United States in the field of information technology.

Machine Vision Applications

my country started late in the field of machine vision, but thanks to the vigorous promotion of policies and the successive influx of capital, the industry has developed rapidly. The popularity of machine vision is likely to continue, and the market segment battle will start. Due to the small market base and large space, the cost performance and growth rate of products will have the opportunity to gradually improve.

Chip semiconductors

At present, the impatient digital transformation needs of enterprises have greatly increased the requirements for computing power and storage, and chips are the most basic infrastructure.

Smart Home

Under the influence of multiple factors such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and the rapid development of the Internet home improvement market, the smart home market has shown a vigorous development trend. According to the Electronic Equipment and System Research Center of Electronics Standardization Institute, the smart home market is growing at an annual rate of 20%-30%, and the smart home industry has a huge space for development.


As the technology continues to iterate to drive the cost down, and the application scenarios of autonomous driving are gradually becoming clear, the vehicle lidar is expected to usher in the first year of mass production.

Industrial robots

The demand for production has increased significantly, requiring robots to be more flexible and efficient, and the demand for industrial robots has always been there. In addition, the revenue of leading companies is now slowly gaining momentum.

Home service robots

Looking at the world, there is a broad market space for home service robots, which has grown rapidly in recent years. In addition, home service robot companies represented by sweeping robots also have certain achievements in the secondary market.

Autonomous driving

With the gradual increase in users' demand for assisted driving/intelligent driving, domestic suppliers have the opportunity to thrive on the soil of huge consumers.

Privacy Computing

How to solve the problem of data silos on the premise of protecting data privacy? Private computing is now seen as a promising solution by many industries.

Industrial Internet

The Industrial Internet is an effective tool to help enterprises digitally upgrade and transform their industries. Moreover, the Industrial Internet is one of the seven cores of "new infrastructure" and has now entered a period of rapid development.

Machine distribution

The development of machine delivery has been slow because there is still a process of people's acceptance of technology. Compared with manual distribution, machine distribution seems to be more complicated and more expensive, but the trend of machine distribution is irreversible.

Power Battery

The transformation and electrification of the automobile industry are becoming the mainstream trend. After the whole vehicle, it is natural to seek new opportunities upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and the power battery is one of the most important links.

New materials

The innovation of new materials is related to the future, and the innovation ability of new materials will affect the overall level of the manufacturing industry in the future to a certain extent.

3D printing

3D printing is a technology that can be scaled up and used to build real things, giving it more room for imagination.

Quantum Computing

For some areas of mathematics, quantum computers can outperform any non-quantum machine, enabling fast computations in cryptography, chemistry, and finance.

Cleaning robots

Cleaning and sanitation work is a typical simple repetitive work, which is suitable for automation and unmanned transformation. At the same time, the aging of the domestic population is becoming more and more serious. Among the more than 10 million cleaning and sanitation workers, more than 70% are over 55 years old. It is difficult and expensive to recruit people, which is already restricting the development of the cleaning industry; from a technical point of view, the core algorithm of intelligent cleaning robots is becoming more and more mature, and the cost of core components is continuously reducing, making automation and unmanned operation possible at the practical level. Large-scale commercialization is possible.

Start-up projects related to 5G technology

5G deployment has been advancing rapidly, and more and more telcos around the world are also offering 5G networks on schedule. Live broadcasting, smart city construction, drone exploration, using 5G technology to power autonomous ships, etc. 5G is being applied in more and more different fields, and start-ups that can use this technology to develop will also usher in an explosion in 2021 growth.


According to IDC's forecast, the overall shipment of AR/VR will reach 66 million units, of which AR products will account for about 40% of the AR/VR market. The AR market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 69%. By 2024, the global augmented reality industry market size will reach 287.2 billion yuan.


Blockchain is the key infrastructure of the digital economy. Blockchain technology originates from the underlying framework of the Bitcoin system. It is a distributed storage solution featuring decentralization, trustlessness, collective maintenance, time-series data, programmability, and immutability. of great historical significance.

Smart City

Smart cities are in urgent need of the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence landing scenarios, which will be a good scenario. In just one month, face recognition has been upgraded to temperature measurement and mask recognition, and this progress will spawn new business opportunities and industry changes. Products that apply technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence will have more government and large enterprise units paying for them. Not only during the resumption of work but also the increased hygiene awareness of the whole people will also lead to an increase in the demand for these products, which will definitely become a long-term demand.

Intelligent Manufacturing

As the main direction of building a strong manufacturing country, the development level of intelligent manufacturing is related to the global status of my country's future manufacturing industry. It plays an important role in accelerating the development of the modern industrial system, consolidating and strengthening the foundation of the real economy, building a new development pattern, and building a digital Country.

Industrial drones

In recent years, the use of industrial drones as "productivity tools" in many fields such as surveying and mapping, electric power, security, and fire rescue... Some foreign companies, including telecom operators, have also entered the game across borders and are preparing to make a big splash.

IoT operating system

In 2021, my country's Internet of Things will usher in a new peak of industrial development. With the accelerated deployment of 5G networks, the expansion of the IoT ecosystem by giants, the remarkable effect of large-scale connections in the industry, and the initial results of the integration of IoT and new technologies, the IoT has strong industrial energy and market expectations.

Corporate Services

Metaverse Marketing

After people's understanding of the metaverse gradually deepened, more and more brave people dare to try early adopters around the metaverse and explore how the metaverse integrates with their own enterprises, and then give birth to a series of brands or products in the metaverse. Marketing methods for new traffic.

Corporate Insurance

After this epidemic, enterprises will encounter problems in the future. In the face of emergencies, business owners will consider buying some insurance, so as to avoid some unexpected risks and reduce the degree of damage to the enterprise.

Flexible employment

At present, my country has experienced a continuous decline in the labor force for nearly 10 years, and the economic growth rate has entered a new normal. The future trend will be to use technology and expertise to achieve reasonable and efficient talent demand and talent through platform-based products. The organizational form will be more flexible and lightweight, and the employment of talents will be more efficient.

Fiscal and taxation services

In recent years, the number of market players in the country has continued to grow, providing a continuous source of customers for the enterprise service market in the field of finance and taxation. With the double benefits of policy and technology, the market size is expected to keep expanding.

Application-based PaaS

Today, foreign giants such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and Salesforce have all laid out the PaaS market, indicating that the potential of this market is being further released. As of the first half of last year, Alibaba Cloud's PaaS business revenue was 3.82 billion, ahead of Tencent Cloud's 1.29 billion and Huawei Cloud's 1.05 billion, but this gap is much smaller than the IaaS public cloud market. It is foreseeable that the cloud computing giants will inevitably conduct more intense competition around the PaaS market in the coming year.

Smart Warehousing

In the process of logistics intelligence, the "warehouse" node is a node that occupies an important position. It is rude to say that in recent years, the speed-up of logistics and express delivery is inseparable from the optimization of warehouses. In 2020, the number of giant manufacturers in smart warehousing will increase, and the integration of smart warehousing system integrators will be further enhanced.


Driven by the epidemic, the telecommuting industry is booming, and there will still be huge room for growth. At present, many companies have begun to address issues such as security, and it is expected that, the business in the field of remote office tools will further grow.

Electronic signature

Electronic signatures conform to the trends of digitization, asset-light, and paperless, and are also useful in the epidemic. The call of "not gathering" is the driving force, allowing more people to choose a similar way to promote the signing process. During the epidemic, many medical companies used electronic signatures to efficiently provide identification. In fact, the electronic signature itself is a sunrise industry.

No code (low-code technology)

The report shows that the low-code (zero-code technology) market will grow from $1.7 billion in 2015 to $15.5 billion in 2020 and will grow nearly tenfold in 5 years, and more than 75% of applications will be on low/zero-code platforms. In development, this number continues to rise. At the same time, the industrial field has ushered in the Industry 4.0 era empowered by digital transformation. The huge market space is superimposed on each other, resulting in the rapid rise of related enterprises.

CEM (Customer Experience Management)

With the increasingly fragmented information dissemination, the gradual improvement of consumers' right to speak, and the rise of consumer thinking, unstructured data cannot match refined operational needs. This requires companies, especially To C brands, to pass existing user operational data through Active insights to empower business. As a result, the market space for CEM will become larger and larger.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

It is far from over that enterprises want to improve efficiency by just carrying out informatization. After the era of informatization, the era of automation will come, and those tasks with high repetition, large batches, and regularity will be gradually replaced by automation technology.

Cloud products

In the digital era, enterprises are pursuing more efficiency and convenience, and the development of large-scale enterprise products is also promoting the direction of fast delivery and convenient production, which provides a wide range of user space for cloud products. When an enterprise chooses cloud-based products, business personnel of the enterprise can be delivered quickly, resource products can be configured and deployed according to subsequent needs, reducing operating costs, and enterprise management can facilitate the management of cloud resources and the rapid growth of cloud services.


As an important field and emerging track of scientific and technological innovation, the information technology application innovation industry is ushering in a new round of development opportunities. Relevant departments, local governments, and leading enterprises are actively deploying to build localized information technology A full-cycle ecosystem to create a cluster for the development of the industry.

Overseas service

Because of the epidemic, many overseas supply chains have problems, and they are more reliant on the supply chain. Because of the epidemic, more and more entrepreneurs see another possibility to go overseas. However, although there is a vast market overseas, most domestic companies have no relevant experience, and the demand for overseas service providers has increased accordingly.

Office collaboration tools

Office application tools have always been an important driver for promoting the efficiency of information flow, organization, and storage within an enterprise. Traditional tools still use the previous file system model, resulting in a lack of connection between information and information, resulting in high maintenance costs, low efficiency, and chaotic management. It is also difficult for individuals and enterprises to maintain a real-time updated knowledge system.

Identity authentication

From the perspective of industry demand, since the birth of cloud computing, the wave of enterprise cloud adoption has swept the world. However, after a large number of enterprises go to the cloud, they continue to use the original identity system due to inertia, which makes data leaks, user system crashes, and other incidents that occur frequently around the world. According to IBM statistics, the average cost of data leakage incidents to enterprises in 2019 is 386 Ten thousand U.S. dollars.

Clothing accessories supply chain services

The accessories industry is a traditional and fragmented market, and today there are still many pain points such as low level of digitalization, lack of standardized unified standards, poor matching of upstream and downstream supply and demand, and low supply chain efficiency.

E-commerce SaaS system

live broadcast e-commerce market will double, exceeding 960 billion dollars as a whole. In the future, live broadcast delivery will become one of the mainstream formats of e-commerce, but the entire ecology is still in a very early stage, and the efficiency of the industry in all aspects still has a lot of room for improvement.

Expense control reimbursement

The trade situation continues to be tense, affected by the new crown epidemic, and under the pressure of the overall economic situation, the cash flow of companies has generally been affected. In addition, in recent years, due to the rigid demand for compliance brought about by the tightening of fiscal and taxation policies, and the popularization of electronic invoices, more and more enterprises have turned their attention to the refined management of expenses and the upgrading and reform of internal and external systems. The intelligent expense control and reimbursement system have become an indispensable choice for the digital transformation of enterprises.

Industrial procurement

The top 10 industrial procurement markets in the United States and Japan account for 40% of the market share, while in a market with a domestic industrial output value of nearly 30 trillion and industrial procurement demand exceeding one trillion.

Digital Transformation Services

As Generation Z, who pays attention to experience and emphasizes self-expression, has become the main force of consumption, the consumer market is shifting from a service economy to an experience economy. For all walks of life, this means not only the need to provide convenient facilities and services but also the need to create a customized experience and digital transformation according to consumer needs.

Retail channels

In 2021, offline retail will blossom everywhere. Compared with the previous generation of channels, the real iterative surface of the new players lies in the self-service and warehousing business model, and the core is to transfer the right to speak to consumers. Compared with brands, the benefits of retail channels are more "winner-take-all", but the risks are also higher.


Ski economy

The development momentum of the ice and snow industry in terms of ice and snow sports, ice and snow tourism, ice and snow equipment, and investment and financing of the ice and snow industry. Statistics from the State Sports General Administration show that 346 million people have participated in ice and snow sports. With the improvement of related facilities, ice and snow sports have expanded from a niche trend to all age groups and all regions. "Cold resources" brought a "hot economy", and many listed companies poured into the ice and snow industry track.

Haircare products & services

On the Internet, when it comes to topics such as hair loss and health care, netizens' comments are often ridiculed. But in fact, this part of the group is very anxious. The cry of a group must contain the needs of this group. Just Need is often a good business and has a huge market. Now, haircare brands not only have their own voices but have also achieved contrarian growth during the epidemic.

Vegetable milk

Consumers who were accustomed to soy milk and other beverages, after adapting to milk, re-recognized the value of new plant milk but needed more content education. The growth rate is fast and the volume is not small, but the number of sellers is not large and there is no obvious head. The category has learned that the growth momentum has been verified by real money, and oat milk is the main source of growth and the focus of attention, and it is ready to go.

Artificial meat

Artificial meat has been recognized as an independent category that has gradually attracted more attention, but there are still relatively few consumers and related industries who vote with money. At present, this category is still in the early stage of development. There will never be a shortage of early adopters for new categories, and whether it can provide stable and high-quality products is the key to whether it can further enter the consumer horizon.

Men's care products

The market size of men's grooming products has reached 15 billion and has maintained an annual growth rate of 17%. Some data show that in the past three years, the growth rate of men's washing and care products is higher than that of women's. In this round of consumption upgrades, consumers' self-pleasure psychology is getting stronger and stronger, and there will be more and more "exquisite pig boys". Although the base of men buying cleaning products is smaller than that of women, the loyalty of men to the brand is very high, which will contain large dividends.

RTC (pre-cooked dishes) and RTE (convenience food) markets

During the epidemic, the convenience food of Ready Eat has been catalyzed, and people are looking forward to more abundant categories, such as self-healing pots and self-heating rice. At the same time, prefabricated dishes and semi-finished products are widely used in the catering industry. The chefs of the restaurant only need to do the core things well, such as cold dishes and desserts, and hand them over to professional supply chain enterprises. Of course, these supply chain companies can also launch packaging products for C-end consumers.

New healthcare brand

At present, the post-90s and post-95s are facing all kinds of pressures, resulting in a deep sense of anxiety, which intensifies with age. At the same time, self-pleasure consumption is a new rigid or semi-rigid need at the moment, and healthcare products with placebo effects have become an anxiety reliever. of new consumer goods. At present, there are relatively few choices of healthcare product brands on the market, but the diverse needs of users require the supply of more new solutions.

One person eats

The pressure on modern people is very high, and at the same time, people's independence has gradually improved, and there is no anxiety about being alone. Therefore, one-person food is becoming more and more popular, and more consumers are beginning to enjoy independence in diet, advocating the "single consumption philosophy". Data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs show that in 2018, the single adult population exceeded 200 million, and the number of adults living alone exceeded 77 million. The loneliness economy was born to adapt to changes in the population. Now that there are more single people, a loneliness economy will be formed. One-person food is undoubtedly one of the good cuts.

Agricultural products of origin

In the past two or three years, agricultural products have also been on the rise, mainly because people's pursuit of healthy food has risen. At the same time, this has also broadened the employment and entrepreneurship of college students. Tens of millions of new farmers have driven local agricultural development. This is very important A good direction and a safe desktop is also the pursuit of many people.

Pet Supplies Brands

Under the loneliness economy, some young people who refuse to marry put the plan to keep pets on the agenda, and the bloggers of "Cloud Sucking Cats and Dogs" are also very popular. With the further increase in the proportion of household pets, the pet owners' demand for pet care will increase, and the sales of pet supplies will also increase.

Functional pet food

In order to improve the function of pets in some aspects, so as to achieve the purpose of pet health and protection from diseases, more and more pet owners have begun to pay attention to pet formulas, and raw materials, and choose functional pet food.

Functional snacks

Health preservation is the rigid demand of the current young consumer groups, and it is also one of the major trends in global food consumption. Today, there is a consensus on food consumption: whoever cooks healthy and delicious will win consumers. Creating new user minds through the concept of health is an opportunity for new consumption. Healthy snack products and functional products are considered to be major breakthroughs in food consumption.

Offline coffee

Offline coffee has a market size of 100 billion, but chain coffee stores are mostly located in first-tier cities. In some second-tier cities and third- and fourth-tier cities, the proportion of coffee consumption is not high, and the penetration rate of standardized coffee can be improved.

Expired food

Recently, expiring food has become a hot word among young people. However, the popularity of online still belongs to the niche, and the combination of offline food discount stores, large and small, can transform temporary food from a niche group into the focus of public attention. In addition, from the perspective of scale, the brand of imminent food has not yet been nationalized, and it is still in the early stage of brand development.

Small shop catering brand

Although the popularity of catering has subsided by the end of 2021, after the epidemic, the trend of catering consumption has changed significantly, the public just needs more attention, and staple food and snack categories have exploded. Convenience, cost-effectiveness, and uniqueness have become new "entry coupons". These categories are easier to replicate quickly and are also in line with the logic of investors to quickly scale up and then go public and exit. It is foreseeable that, brands with sufficient financing will quickly open stores in the national market, accelerating the improvement of chain and industry concentration.

Clothing & two-dimensional clothing

When all walks of life are still going bankrupt and saving themselves, the niche track of two-dimensional clothing seems to be quietly crazy. Not only is the scale of this industry reaching 16.957 billion dollars in 2020 but in recent years, the two-dimensional clothing track has even been regarded by the outside world as a pie that fell from the sky, for fear of entering the game later, this pie will be eaten up.

Silver consumer brands

The huge new generation of retirees is also gradually forming a new consumption pattern. In addition to expenses such as illness, health preservation, and daily life, more and more retirees are willing to spend their time and money on travel, learning painting, photography, dancing, and clothing. match etc. In the future, hobby products and silver-haired tourism based on social entertainment may become new growth points.

Member store

In the past 2021, the retail industry was slightly "lonely" under the new normal of the epidemic, but there was a sub-segment that became popular - membership stores. The "soil" for the development of membership stores is basically formed in the first- and second-tier and strong third-tier markets, which is catalyzed by Costco's popularity in the market. This year, retail companies will accelerate the layout of membership stores.

Small kitchen appliances

At present, the attention to small kitchen appliances is not limited to young people, and middle-aged people aged 30-40 are also developing into its users. This young segment begins to face the dilemma of having to cook at home while being busy at work and is just in need of finding convenient small kitchen appliances.

Baby care products

The category of baby care is separated from the larger personal care field. As a sub-category of consumption upgrades, both the scale and the growth rate are relatively acceptable.

Medical Health

Oral correction and nursing

Advances in orthodontic technology have made teeth a very hot topic for startups this year. The original orthodontics or dental maintenance is medical grade, but due to the promotion of technology, it is getting closer and closer to the consumer level, which has created many entrepreneurial opportunities for segments such as dental care and orthodontics. Coupled with the fact that there are more than 100 million people with potential needs for dental care and correction, more and more capital is beginning to pay attention to dental-related businesses.

Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a new generation of precision therapy following small-molecule and macromolecule-targeted therapy. It provides new treatment concepts and means for tumors, rare diseases, chronic diseases, and other intractable diseases, and has the potential to be unattainable by ordinary drugs. Long-term, curative effect. It is precise because of the unique advantages of gene therapy that since 2015, the development of the global gene therapy industry has accelerated, and industry financing has continued to heat up.

Surgical robot

The number of high-quality doctors is limited, but once the public is hospitalized for surgery, they want to be treated by experienced doctors. In fact, an average doctor can achieve better results if he uses robot-assisted operations. At present, robots may be more suitable for minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery is more instrument-dependent. If there is robot assistance, it can be recognized according to the established procedures, and it is not limited by experience. Moreover, the accuracy of the robot's handling of precision instruments will definitely make the doctor's hand more stable, so I am more optimistic about this direction.

Pet Hospital

From the preference of shopping channels. Pet hospitals have become the second-largest channel for pet owners to purchase staple food, with a preference of 25.8%. From the perspective of a more segmented population, Gen Z has a higher preference for pet hospitals when purchasing snacks and nutritional products. When people over 60 years old buy pet nutrition products, pet hospitals have become the preferred channel.

Tumor diagnosis and treatment

Tumor diagnosis and treatment have now become a hot spot for investment in the medical and health field. Breakthrough innovative diagnosis and treatment products allow industrial capital to see huge dividends and imagination.

Home fitness products

An obvious phenomenon is that some die-hard gym users did not stop exercising during the epidemic, and some even bought home fitness equipment. In addition to some treadmills and spinning bikes, there is also IoT fitness equipment such as smart dumbbells.

Some people have found through these devices that they can also achieve good exercise effects at home. Such a choice will naturally produce fission. While promoting the popularity of home fitness equipment, it may become resistance for some gyms to resume business after the epidemic.

Digital health services

It is the general trend to comprehensively improve the level of medical services, and in this process, digital medical care is becoming the most important starting point.

Civil medical equipment

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and the intelligent hardware industry, the data collection of mobile medical and personal health management has become more and more convenient. In addition to the upgrade of consumption structure, the relevant market has the premise of explosion.

Mental health treatment

Mental health is a core issue that people need to face in a new era, and the demand for mental health is also increasing rapidly.

Medical infrastructure enterprises

Every country has been enjoying a demographic dividend and extensive GDP-led growth. A lot of money is invested in infrastructure, which is the locomotive of global infrastructure. But with the outbreak, we found that the healthcare sector is also calling for infrastructure. It is conceivable that companies in this area will have a lot of room for development. When the healthcare infrastructure is perfected, it must also reflect the speed of every country.

Traditional Medicine

In recent years, natural bezoar has risen sharply from 50,000 to 100,000 to 200,000 to 300,000, and the prices of good medicinal materials have risen significantly. On the one hand, the market demand has greatly increased; with Insufficient supply. Therefore, in the future, authentic herbal medicines and medicine health management will usher in good development opportunities.

Online medical treatment

In fact, our online consultation is not too technically difficult. The key is that people's education is not yet mature, and people still like to go to the hospital to learn about the situation in person with the doctor. However, during this epidemic, medical resources are relatively tight, and many people have to use the form of online consultation to check their own situation, which will not only effectively reduce the pressure on hospitals, but also eliminate some of the threats of cross-infection. Therefore, there are still more opportunities for online medical care, especially in some poor and backward local resources that lack good medical standards, and there is a great need for remote "support education".

Sleep Technology

The report shows that the global "sleep economy" has a market size of more than 432 billion US dollars, and is still growing at a rate of more than 6% per year; and "lightweight sleep products", which are mainly bedding, mattresses, pillows, and pajamas, are accountable for more than $300 billion. Consumption upgrades and recurring epidemics have driven the boom in overseas online household consumption.

Assisted reproduction

In recent years, with the increase in the proportion of infertile people, the later shift of childbearing age, and the improvement of residents' economic level, the assisted reproduction industry has ushered in a golden period of development. Moreover, infertility patients have changed from a simple need for fertility to a need for eugenics to have a healthier baby, such as pre-pregnancy screening, infertility screening, pre-implantation genetic screening, diagnosis, etc. This series of improved technical levels and wide applications have also brought more choices to the clinic and the majority of patients.

Health service OMO

Compared with many industries such as wine travel, travel, etc., the degree of Internetization and standardization in the health care and physiotherapy industry is far from enough, and it is difficult to meet consumers' increasing demand for professional services, especially with the rise of the consumption demand of new middle-class families. and even with the entry of the new generation of consumers born in the 90s and 00s, this deficiency is even more obvious. Many factors began to force the store to upgrade.

Domestic services

Smart Elderly Care Service Platform

Changes in the age structure of the population have driven the development of many industries, one of which is the elderly care industry. The more aging a country is, the more likely it is that the elderly care industry will usher in rapid growth. At present, under the background of my country's old-age care model with home-based care as the main body, community as the support, and institutions as the supplement, smart old-age care can create an information-based care service system from the perspectives of remote monitoring, real-time positioning, and unified platform information interaction through technical means. , to meet the modern, scientific, and humanized pension needs of the elderly and their families.

Smart parking solutions

The scale of intelligent hardware equipment is about 10 billion per year; the service fee of remote direct management and SaaS system is estimated to be 20 billion per year; the national commercial and operating fee-based parking lot should have a parking fee income of over one trillion per year; in addition, parking this High-frequency scenario can become the traffic entrance of the aftermarket.

Internet Recruitment for Housekeeping

There are more than 740,000 domestic enterprises in our country with nearly 40 million employees, and the market size of the domestic service industry is close to one trillion. In particular, the aging population and the stimulus of the two-child policy have led to a serious imbalance between supply and demand in the industry. At present, the employment gap in the housekeeping industry has reached 17 million, and the industry has huge room for growth.

Services related to garbage classification

After the epidemic, everyone will have a stronger awareness of hygiene, and the popularization of garbage sorting will be smoother than before. Frankly speaking, garbage classification is increasing the burden on residents, but if some companies can launch related services to share the troubles of garbage classification, they may be able to achieve new success.


Childcare can follow scientific parenting, let them develop physically and mentally, and at the same time, cultivate children's good habits, be polite, improve communication skills, and so on. At present, this market is in great demand.

Middle-aged and elderly marriage

The number of middle-aged and elderly people is increasing, and more and more middle-aged and elderly people are divorced and widowed. So far, acquaintance introduction is the channel with the highest success rate for middle-aged and elderly people to remarry, and this channel is hidden under the Internet and has not been scaled and systemized by the market.

Accompanying service

Under the loneliness economy, companionship has become a professional industry. Online chats, good night wake-up calls, postgraduate entrance exams, and supervised learning are available online; offline companions include running, driving, and patients seeing a doctor.

Cultural Entertainment

Virtual idols and virtual companions

Virtual idols and virtual partners have emerged in an endless stream in the past two years.

Metaverse Content Construction

The Metaverse claims to be a virtual world parallel to reality, but at present, its content applications are mostly in the entertainment fields such as game audio and video, and the content serving the Metaverse needs to be constructed urgently.

Cultural and creative IP derivatives

The brand effect of the Forbidden City IP has already set a good example for cultural and creative IP products. Coupled with the "national tide" that has been blowing in recent years, the market has also found popular elements that young consumer groups pay attention to.


Vocational education

With the strategic adjustment of my country's economic structure and the acceleration of industrial digital transformation, the demand for skilled talents will become more diverse and stronger. The structural contradiction between supply and demand in the technical and skilled personnel market is prominent. Although there are more than 200 million skilled laborers, they only meet 26% of the total employment.

Quality Education

In the past, subject to the squeeze of exam-oriented education, the rigid demand for quality education was far less than that for subject training. At present, the country is also continuously promoting quality education, promulgating policy guidance, and gradually incorporating physical education and aesthetic education into the high school entrance examination system to further enhance the rigid demand for quality education.

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